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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.



Joyfully Reviewed is thrilled to welcome Author Lorelei James’ UNRAVELED!


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by Lauren Layne!


The Trouble With Love_Layne


As Lauren Layne’s salacious Sex, Love & Stiletto series returns, a jaded columnist discovers a steamy way to get over an old flame: falling for him all over again.


As Stiletto magazine’s authority on all things breakup-and-heartache, Emma Sinclair writes from personal experience. Five years ago, Emma was Charlotte, North Carolina’s darling debutante and a blushing bride-to-be. Now she’s the ice queen of the Manhattan dating scene. Emma left her sultry Southern drawl behind, but not even her closest friends know that with it she left her heart. Now Emma’s latest article forces her to face her demons—namely, the devilishly sexy guy who ditched her at the altar.


After giving up everything for a pro-soccer career, Alex Cassidy watches his dreams crumble as a knee injury sidelines him for good. Now he’s hanging up his cleats and giving journalism a shot. It’s just a coincidence that he happens to pick a job in the same field, and the same city, as his former fiancée . . . right? But when Emma moves in next door, it’s no accident. It’s research. And Alex can’t help wondering what might have been. Unlike the innocent girl he remembers, this Emma is chic, sophisticated, and assertive—and she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. The trouble is, Alex has never wanted her more.

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Giveaway! HONG KONG HEAT by Raven McAllan

Giveaway! HONG KONG HEAT by Raven McAllan


Hong Kong Heat by +Raven McAllan
Erotic Romance, Contemporary


Debra Scotburn never thought of herself as a cougar, until
she fell in lust at first sight with a much younger man.
Daniel Van Meister, a trouble-shooter for the Simply Five
Star Hotel chain doesn’t do commitment, until the older, curvy, vivacious
brunette robs him off his ability to control a certain body part.
Unable to keep their hands off each other, they embark on a passion-filled
holiday fling.
Surely that is all it can ever be? Daniel’s work takes him
all around the world at a moment’s notice, and Debra is on the last leg of her
middle-aged-crisis induced gap year.


When misunderstandings tear them apart, can they both admit
their love and find the trust needed to make this more than just a fling?

Available for early download via Totally Bound

Out on general release on eBook and Print: March 27th




In one swift movement the lady pushed off the side, kissed him hard on the lips
and turned to swim away. He was too fast for her. Braam held her by the
shoulders, tread water and kissed her back.
She groaned deep into his mouth and let her tongue swirl with his. Her body floated
next to his and her breasts teased his chest. The thin lace that covered her
was no barrier to hide how her nipples stood out. Braam slid one leg between
hers and moved one hand to hold her ass and push her tight against him.
She wriggled and ground her pussy on his cock. Yet again, the few scraps of lace
she wore were negligible. Even so it took immense control not to rip them away
and have nothing between them. Instead he held her close, let her rub herself
on him and savoured the moment. Braam swam them backwards a few feet until he
could rest on a ledge a foot or so underwater and sit his lady on his knees
with her legs either side and her pussy open to his cock. It was teasing, tantalising
and downright enjoyable. Judging by the shivers and mewls she made as he
nibbled her ear and scattered kisses over her face and mouth, she agreed. Her
hands played with his nipples.
Until his cock gave notice that a few more seconds’ play and they’d need to clean the
pool out. He was so close to coming it hurt.
Braam pulled back and she moaned in protest.
“Honey, I’m so close to coming it’s painful. We need to get out and find somewhere more
suitable.” He towed her to the roman steps at one end of the pool and glanced
around the area. Not even a sunbed had been left out.
His lady looked dazed and her eyes were misty.
“We can’t come in the pool. Well, I can’t. We need to… Holy hell and fuck.”
She sat up, half out of the water, and rubbed her face. “That sounds rude and hold
on, we need to fuck? Who says?”
“Well, you didn’t say we didn’t a few minutes ago,” Braam said. “But we need condoms.
I don’t suppose you have one with you?”
Argh, shit and fuck. No, strangely I don’t. They’re not something I feel I need
when I go for a walk at midnight.” She sounded horrified. “Even if it does
include an illicit swim. You?”
He shook his head. “Sadly no. I mean where would I carry it?
She got out of the pool and looked around her. “Apart from that, I don’t make a
habit of screwing with strangers, even with a condom. Where’s a towel? Blame it
on the moon, oh, I don’t know, temporary insanity or jet lag or something. Pure
fucking stupidity. Look, if you try anything, I’ve got a black belt in karate.
So, towels?”
“Locked away. Along with sunbeds, robes and all things needed to fuck.” He paused. “Or
dry off.”
She shut her eyes and sighed. “Figures. Oh, Lord, what have I done?”
“Nothing yet, and in the future? Up to you, but let me say, I seem to have been
inflicted by the same bout of insanity if that’s any consolation.”
“It isn’t. I guess I’ll have to do the walk of shame in a dress sticking to my wet
“Or we could make love and dry off that way?” Braam suggested. He could have bitten his tongue out. Do I have a death wish? When will I learn to keep my mouth shut?
“Or not. Sorry. But I don’t even know your name. Isn’t it at least polite to be
introduced or something?”
She shivered and Braam stood up and left the pool to grab his shirt.
“Here, use this to dry off.” He handed her the shirt and walked to the other side of
the pool where his jacket and trousers were. “My name is Abraham,” he said as
he used his jacket to soak up the bulk of the moisture on him. It looked like
even the dry cleaners wouldn’t save it. “Braam to my friends.”
There was silence from the other side of the pool.
“And you?”

 His answer was to hear the faint noise of the lift descending.


I’m growing old disgracefully and loving it.
Dh and I live on the edge of a Scottish
forest, and rattle around in a house much too big for us.
Our kids have grown up and flown the nest,
but roll back up when they want to take a deep breath and smell the daisies so to speak.
I write in my study, which overlooks the
garden and the lane. I’m often seen procrastinating, by checking out the wild
life, looking—only looking—at the ironing basket and assuring tourists that
indeed, I’m not the bed and breakfast. That would mean cooking fried eggs
without breaking the yolks, and disturbing the dust bunnies as they procreate
under the beds. Not to be thought of.
Being able to do what I love, and knowing
people get pleasure from my writing is fantastic. Long may it last.


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NC_love refocused_banner

Joyfully Reviewed is happy to welcome Author Nancy Corrigan

and her latest release LOVE REFOCUSED!

NC_love refocused_coverin

Love Refocused

By: Nancy Corrigan

Sander’s Valley, 2

Wyn Sander is surprised when his brother Kyle asks him to be best man at his wedding. Wyn’s even more shocked to learn the woman who later walks into his garage is Ronnie’s half-sister, Iona. He’s instantly attracted to her. She’s sophisticated, beautiful, and confident. At least she is until Wyn stands up. She flinches and a look of terror passes over her face. It bothers him to see. Luckily, desire replaces it, but it doesn’t stop Wyn’s curiosity. For the first time in his life, he wants to find out what made Iona fearful and fix it.


Iona can’t believe her luck. The man she lusts after is her new sister’s soon to be brother-in-law. The kiss they share shatters her, but her attempt to stop any involvement with him ends up with her agreeing to three dates. She decides Wyn is unlike any man she’s ever known, and it’s unfortunate she can’t enjoy him. She isn’t in the market for a boyfriend. All she wants is sex. The only problem is—she doesn’t think Wyn sees things her way.

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THE ITALIAN’S DEAL FOR I DO by Jennifer Hayward

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Source: Publisher
This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
THE ITALIAN’S DEAL FOR I DO by Jennifer HaywardThe Italian's Deal For I Do by Jennifer Hayward
Published by Harlequin Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by Vanessa

Rocco Mondelli is shocked to discover that his late grandfather didn’t leave him a controlling interest in the family’s business.  He is also disheartened to learn that his grandfather had been keeping a mistress young enough to be his granddaughter!  However, Rocco soon finds that the young woman is super-model Olivia Fitzgerald, and she doesn’t want anyone to know who she is or why she skipped out on a very lucrative contract.  Olivia Fitzgerald has her own demons to ward off and fighting an attraction to the handsome playboy isn’t helping things.  Wanting only to realize her dreams and seeing that she doesn’t have another option, she agrees to the proposal that Rocco presents her with at the risk of losing herself.  Will Rocco and Olivia find that sometimes the price of fulfilling their dreams is too great, or will they push on to achieve their goals?


The Italian’s Deal for I Do is an emotional tale that pushes the protagonists to work through their issues and truly trust each other before attainting their HEA.


Rocco was the typical jump-to-conclusions Hero, but he wasn’t too prideful to issue that apology when it was called for in The Italian’s Deal for I Do.  Olivia was amusing when she teased Rocco about things that he completely denied.  Placing him in the hot seat just added to the foreplay between the two of them in The Italian’s Deal for I Do.  The troubles that Olivia went through seemed quite plausible, and I felt that Rocco was truly there to hold her hand as she navigated her way through them.  Rocco and Olivia learned quite a lot on their road to HEA in The Italian’s Deal for I Do, and it was gratifying when they completed their tasks.  I found that there was some symmetry in both Rocco’s and Olivia’s tasks, as well.  Hindrances were placed in both their paths, but they had to choose what was more important in order to see things through.  They seemed to realize that sometimes they would have to give up things in order to move forward in The Italian’s Deal for I Do, and this seemed to fully evolve their characters, too.

GIVEAWAY! Happy Release Day! KIRA’S WARRIORS by Elle Boon!

GIVEAWAY! Happy Release Day!

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.Joyfully Reviewed is so happy to welcome Author Elle Boon back with her latest RAVENS OF WAR novel Kira’s Warriors!   Kira lived the life of a pampered princess of aContinue ReadingContinue Reading

EPIC $500 GIVEAWAY!  SLOW BURN by K. Bromberg!

SLOW BURN by K. Bromberg!

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence. Meet Becks & Haddie in SLOW BURN – the newest stand alone in the Driven Series by K. Bromberg! NOW AVAILABLE Amazon US: Amazon UK: Nook: Kobo:Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Double Cover Reveal with Author Corinne Michaels!

Double Cover Reveal with Author Corinne Michaels!

Author: Corinne Michaels Genre: Contemporary Romance Cover Design: Okay Creations Photographer: Perrywinkle Photography Release Date: March 18th ✦ Pre Order on iBooks ➙ ✦ Add to your TBR here ➛ Liam wasn’t supposed to be my happily ever after. He wasn’t even on my radar. He was my husband’s best friend—forbidden. But myContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Release Blitz! ink & iron: OBSESSION by Eden Bradley!

Release Blitz! ink & iron: OBSESSION by Eden Bradley!

Happy Release Day to New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Eden Bradley! INK & IRON: OBSESSION He could have it all… but all he wants is her.   Ink & Iron, Book 1   During his soaring career as the lead singer of indie-rock band Ink & Iron, Cole Kennrick has been throughContinue ReadingContinue Reading



A hot and spicy, sizzling contemporary foodie romance from Fated Desires Publishing’s new “Give Me a Taste” special line, releasing 2/24/15. Available for pre-order now!   Derek Dunne is a Cordon Bleu-trained food critic for the prestigious New York Monitor, whose scathing review of a popular Italian bistro has driven away all but the most loyalContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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