Cover Reveal GIVEAWAY! RYAN by Elena Russiello

Cover Reveal GIVEAWAY! RYAN by Elena Russiello

Love needs trust. Sometimes it’s unbearable, becoming too persistent…

Life doesn’t always take the direction we might hope for. Suddenly, everything we’ve always wished to be is not what we want anymore: Ryan Evans knows it all too well. When his ex-coach asks him to train the new football team of the campus and Leila, an enigmatic, unhibited girl, shows up and wreaks havoc on his life, his whole existence turns up-side down.
Hope Lee is straightforward, temperamental and never asks for help, despite her tendency to offer it to others uncondi-tionally. She learned too soon to face life’s difficulties. Will-ing to prove to the world — and most importantly to herself — that she’s more than capable to make it on her own, she cuts ties with her difficult past and leaves behind the wom-an that represented her whole family in the latest years.

Forced to learn how to coexist with each other, Ryan and Hope will realize that they spent too much time apart, seek-ing and desiring one another. It is now time to stop. What they don’t know, however, is that the past can come rushing back: if they stand apart, destruction will be swift and inevi-table.
Nothing is like it seems. The truth is hidden beneath lies, failures and subterfuges. All the secrets they discover will be turned into stakes and driven between them, trying to break them apart forever… and resisting the darkness in their heart will be a real struggle.

Attraction born from indifference is a double edged sword. Sex among fate-touched lovers is quick to turn into devotion, and the more you try to convince your heart to let it go, the more shaken and frail it becomes, closing the distances and giving up the fight.

The novel is self-contained.


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Elena Russiello was born in Rome, where she still lives, in 1988. Since small reading and writing were her greatest passions. In 2015 she decides to put her thoughts on paper and finds herself creating her first novel, which she then decides to publish in self-publishing.. Her italian novels are: Live-Il co-raggio di amare ancora (republished and revised in 2018), Un principe quasi azzurro, Ti porto nel mio cuore, Non m’innamorerò mai di te, Inciso sulla pelle, Questo è il nostro tempo e Tra le tue braccia. 

In May 2017 publishes with the Butterfly editions the novel Una vacanza per amare ancora. 

In addition to reading and writing is passionate about movies and TV series, together are for her a way to escape from everyday life.


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