Contemporary Romance author Jane Galaxy returns to her Super Stars series with a sexy new title fans of Sariah Wilson’s #Starstruck will swoon over. Sophie Markes just landed the ultimate gig: turning her award-wining superhero comic into a screenplay. But her dream job quickly turns into a nightmare when the studio makes her story unrecognizable. When she learns the truth behind her butchered script, she’ll need the help of gorgeous British actor Tristan Eccleston to set everything right.

SOPHIE MARKES just landed the ultimate writing gig–turning her award-winning superhero comic ‘Shadows of the Imperium’ into a screenplay for Card One Studios.


TRISTAN ECCLESTON just landed the ultimate acting role–playing the icy, brooding Lucius in Card One Studios’ newest blockbuster.


Sophie’s dream job quickly becomes a nightmare. Card One has completely changed her story, rendering it unrecognizable. Salvaging the script means plenty of on-set time… particularly with one unbearably gorgeous British actor.


Tristan’s dream role is more precarious than ever. His father, British acting royalty, and his scheming ex-girlfriend are determined to sabotage his “frivolous” gig. Avoiding them and their snobbish expectations means spending more and more time with the quiet, nerdy, and irresistible Sophie.


But when Sophie learns the truth behind her butchered script–when Tristan learns the truth behind Sophie’s icy facade–it’ll take more than the might of the Imperium to thaw their hearts.

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Jane Galaxy


“But what you’re really saying is that we don’t have to go see anybody’s parents, least of all our own.”

“Nope,” said Sophie cheerfully, “All we really have to do is film you in a wig, and make out lots.”

“Ah ha,” said Tristan quietly, and leaned forward to kiss her and make that happen. She chuckled through the kiss, but he deepened it, and pretty soon she’d forgotten what she was doing at all.

It wasn’t like the other times he’d kissed her. This felt definitive, as though he had a clear sense of what he wanted, and was curious if she did, too.

And then Tristan’s tongue brushed very lightly over her bottom lip, and Sophie’s lips parted all on their own, as if her brain couldn’t quite catch up to what was happening. She pressed closer to him before she knew what she was doing, closer to that warmth and hint of cologne, replaced with the overwhelming smell of him, of the deeply unique way he smelled as a person. Not as a celebrity or a gifset or a character.

Just Tristan. As a human being.

It was exactly the right level of closeness to him“, as though everything they’d been doing up until this point was just acting. They’d just been pretending and hoping that maybe it would resolve itself, or the filming would finally end and she could go home and look back on it like a funny story.

Tristan moved his fingertips over Sophie’s throat, and she realized that had never been in the cards anyway.

“As he moved to run his—fantastic, she thought—open mouth over the spot he’d caressed, she leaned against his jaw and breathed, bringing it all together.

“Do you want—”

Which one of them had said that? Maybe she’d thought it and somehow he’d said it out loud. Or was it both of them at the same time? Sophie could feel her body keyed up, warming quickly to the way his fingers had brushed aside her hair so he could concentrate in the one spot that had made her toes curl and her breath catch.

He pulled back, but only slightly, and Sophie could feel the tips of his long eyelashes brushing against her as gently as his hands had.

He would be very gentle, she thought, but up for whatever she asked for.

Sophie looked up at him, gazing down at her with the strangest look. It was a combination of saintly patience and intrigue, as though he was sizing her up without being arrogant or measuring how far he could get away with pushing her.

But she could also see the way his pupils were dilated against the cornflower blue of his eyes. Kindness, yes, but lust too. That was evident from the way his voice had dropped at least an octave.

“We’ve never talked about this,” she said. “We never negotiated this part of the fake relationship.”

Tristan raised his eyebrows just a touch and said,

“Are we negotiating now?”

She began to fidget, but the position of his hips and the fact that Tristan had wound one of her curls around his finger told Sophie that this was all flirtation now.

“Hmm,” she said with a growing smile, and tucked her hair back to pull it out of his reach. “I suppose so. How do people in Hollywood negotiate their sex lives?”

“Usually with a couple of lawyers in the room,” he said, and then cringed. “That was a bad joke, sorry.”

Sophie found herself chuckling anyway.

“We could make some calls, draw up some contracts, have everyone sign in triplicate or whatever the standard procedure is, and maybe in four-to-six business weeks we could proceed with formalities.”

“Or,” said Tristan, ambling right up to Sophie and looking down at her with an intensity that surprised her with its suddenness, “We could just throw caution to the wind.”

Her breath caught in her chest again.

“And skip the notarization process? Hot,” she said, just before Tristan leaned forward and kissed her, his lips burning against her like a consuming fire. Somehow in the midst of getting handsy, they wound up at the foot of her bed. Sophie hadn’t even remembered walking into the room of her own accord. Maybe he’d picked her up while wrapping her in his long lean arms.

Sophie brushed her hand over his jaw as they sank back onto her bed. Tristan slid out of her view, leaving her staring up into the ceiling as the edge of her dress came up and that mouth, that mouth moved over the bottom edge of her navel.

And then he was there, she was exposed and he was there, circling and Sophie felt everything build so quickly that it was more of a shock than the fact that they were doing this, he was running his flat tongue over her and then twisting her between his thumb and fingertip, bolder than she’d been expecting but not unwelcome—

And Sophie let go until the feeling of her own blood roaring in her ears was loud enough to bring her back to him.

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Jane Galaxy has the heart of a romantic and a brain full of pop culture knowledge. She loves to escape into the world of super-powered heroes and heroines with awesome abs who punch stuff, but putting them through their paces when it comes to the hard work of emotions and true love is even better.

You can usually find her pining over gifs from ComicCon and coming up with the perfect song for a hot guy to play in the background of his latest angst-riddled workout session.

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