Releasing today! Maxon’s New Moon by USA Today Best Selling Author Cyndi Faria is the first book in her new Timber Cove Wolves series and her first foray into the world of Bad Alpha Dads.

USA Today’s Best-Selling Author Cyndi Faria, introduces book one of her new series, Maxon’s New Moon, Timber Cove Wolves MC Series (Bad Alpha Dads)


One kiss started a war.


Breed or Die.


Thanks to my biological clock racing toward twenty-seven, the year life ends for us she-wolves if we don’t reproduce, I risked war to have a child. But my precious baby isn’t safe with me. There’s only one Alpha wolf who can protect her—her ruthless and scarred father, Maxon Salvador.


Kill or Claim.


As Executioner for the Timber Cove Wolves MC, my pack master ordered me to kill Naomi Sloan, but instead I set her free. He doesn’t know she’s the mother of the squalling baby left abandoned on my doorstep—my child. I have to find Naomi, but when I do, if I’m not strong enough to return the child and walk away, it could spell the death of us all.


If you like searing passion, pumping action, and unbreakable pack bonds, like those created in Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten (The Other World Series) or Carrie Ann Ryan’s Tattered Loyalties (Talon Pack Series), then you’ll devour USA Today’s Best-Selling Author Cyndi Faria’s Timber Cove Wolves MC series.


Join the pack, where alpha wolves and fearsome females rise up against evil to protect those they love, when you scroll up and one click today.


Chapter 1

Nine months earlier…


The rumble of motorcycles draws me to the raging bonfire clawing at the canopy of the pines. I should be anywhere but on Timber Cove wolves’ property, trespassing, but here I am, checking out two members. They might spot me through the rising ash and curl of smoke, and my heart races as I approach the clearing in my full wolf-shifter form. I slither under the brush in lieu of stalking the two upright, praying neither of the remaining men I snuck through to get here sense my presence. I have only one shot at saving my life, as well as my twin sister, Alina’s.

I inch forward, doing my best to minimize the crunch of leaves and twigs beneath my pads as I spy on Maxon Salvador. He’s the hot alpha wolf I’ve set my sights on. The males of my pack are sterile, but there’s a nasty twist. If I’m not with child by my twenty-seventh year—the age all she-wolves must imprint and breed with their mate—I’m as good as dead.

I’m hoping the man I’ve come to know as Maxon’s pack leader, Acheron, heatedly discussing something next to the snapping flames, heads out soon, so I can finally approach Maxon face-to-face.

His coffee-colored hair skims the side of his head, made slick from his recent shift. Even his body shimmers like he’s made of polished bronze. My belly flutters, and that’s not all. My core quivers with need for Maxon.

Never has my promised mate, Tavin Ruslor, aroused me when he binds me within his greedy clutches. Still, I’m reminded by my desire toward Maxon how much I’m betraying my own pack, but I press onward.

Maxon swivels his head in my direction, puffing his breath, which forms white clouds quickly carried away by the brisk night sky.

Every muscle in my body turns to rock, I’m so tense, as I hold onto my wolf form. I dart behind a twisted oak tree large enough to hide my human form. I need to avoid discovery a little longer, until Acheron departs. Downwind, I summon my change. As my human form spills onto the damp moss at my feet, I grit through the stab of pain until my skin reflects the moonlight.

Head raised, Maxon scents the air, trying to get a bead on my location. A second later, Acheron raises his cell to his mouth. “Check the perimeter for a breach. Female. Find her and bring her to me.”

Both men hunt their surroundings, crouching, each step plotted and calculated so they don’t miss a thing.

I make myself so very small in an effort to stay concealed, but I know I can’t and won’t evade their search forever. I change tactics and decide to delve headlong into my plan, even though most likely, it will get me killed.

My suddenly slippery nerves are doing their damnedest to escape, but I stubbornly rein them in. This is what I’ve risked everything that matters to me for.

Naked, and praying my needing scent reels both men in, I slink around first one tree, then another. I position myself where I have a chance of escaping if this backfires before revealing myself. I scrape my hip on the rough bark of a rather large pine and bite back the hiss of pain that threatens to escape.

My nerves beg me to bolt once again, but I refuse to give up and die like my older sister did her twenty-seventh year. There is hope. I fully intend to prove it, providing I survive this night and succeed with Maxon. Not only is Alina depending on me, so is every female of my pack. The males too, whether they realize it yet or not.

I dart my gaze from one man to the other, but my wolf compels me back to Maxon. He’s holding an ax mid-body, and the wood handle has a bold curve, as does the black-faced blade with the glistening silver tip. He’s the executioner of his pack. He could kill me with his hands. I believe he would, if his pack master ordered him to. Traitors aren’t tolerated, and I’ve committed the ultimate crime, punishable by death, by leaving Tavin. I’m about to break a decades-old treaty that could rekindle pack war between rivals, once I make myself known.

Inhaling deeply and steeling myself, I step into the clearing. Losing my sister and my pack aren’t an option. I have to do this.

Maxon doesn’t know it yet, but his acceptance of me could save our species, even if I question his ability to be a good dad. But here goes nothing.

I clear my throat, try to look alluring and sexy when I know I’m a far cry from resembling a runway model, and emerge from the shadows. “Looking for me?”

The powerful male spins to face me. He pumps his chest and draws out his arms, crouching slightly as if readying himself to pounce. The rumble from his throat makes me squirm.

I imagine a strong jaw hidden behind his thick, triangular beard. I can’t tell the color of his eyes from where I’m standing, but they reflect golden firelight, he’s so close to the fire.

Mesmerized, I trip over a low lying branch that snags my toe, and the ground disappears from under me. I fan out my arms, grabbing at the air as I roll out from the shadows, naked and ass up.

Embarrassment rushes through me, but I refuse to have my mission thwarted by my sudden onset of klutziness. I am going to convince Maxon to mate with me or die trying. At least if I die, I won’t have to watch helplessly as my twin does.

Maxon’s on me quicker than I could’ve ever predicted, curling over me and sending my senses into overdrive. Suddenly, he’s all I can see and hear. My mouth salivates, eager to taste his gleaming skin. My fingers tingle in anticipation of exploring every male inch of this alpha wolf. Fear and arousal beat through my veins with every thump of my excessively beating heart, the combination intoxicating. It isn’t until Acheron clears his throat that I’m brought back to my senses, remembering we’re not alone.

Desire fills Maxon’s eyes as they meet mine, but it’s warring with his sense of duty to his pack leader—and the rest of his pack, I suspect.

Unsure whether he’ll choose to chase desire or honor his duties, I open my mouth to speak but am quickly cut off when he pushes his stout finger against my parted lips.

“Don’t speak,” he orders, which immediately raises my hackles, or would if I was in my wolf form.

I bat away his hand. “I’ll speak when I want, how I want. No man controls me.”

My temper sparks and we begin circling each other, turning me on even more than I could’ve ever believed possible. His massive size over my petite one adds to the sense of foreplay for me. I know he senses my need for him, but he doesn’t back down for a second.

I feel the undeniable chemistry flowing between us and begin to wonder just how strong my calling to him really is. “I have no choice but to be here. I need you, and whether you want to admit it or not, you need me too. Our species needs us for its survival.”

We continue stamping a round path into the tender grasses, desire building like an inferno. “I’ve felt the wolf in you calling to me. I’m answering your call. Claim what’s yours,” I chide.

He winds his fingers in my hair, drawing me to him and impaling me with his hungry gaze. “When I claim you, little wolf, it’ll be on my terms, and you’ll know it.”

His intensity renders me speechless, and he suddenly breaks our stare. He drags me over to where Acheron is watching astutely.

Unable to focus on Acheron with Maxon’s hand in my hair, I notice when he slides his gaze toward the fire where a charred leg and foot stick out. I can’t tell if it’s human or one of our kind, male or female. I fight against a fear-filled tremor.

Acheron grips my chin, forcing my attention on him. Instantly, when I see the dominance of the leader’s glare, I realize the severity of my mistake by not waiting for him to leave before approaching Maxon.

“I apologize for trespassing. If you allow me to leave, I promise I won’t do so again.” Hopelessness rises inside me as Acheron tilts his lips in amusement as I direct my statement toward Maxon.

“Maxon doesn’t make the rules, I do.” Even though it’s night, as soon as the wolf lowers his dark glasses, I glimpse Acheron’s mismatched eyes—one black, one clouded white like the smoke rising from the fire. The Blind Leader.

“She’s my responsibility, since my guards allowed her to slip through our borders. I’ll return her to her pack and they can deal with her.” Maxon jabs a thumb in the direction of Silver Bend, as if he knows exactly where I’ve come from. Maybe he does.

I swivel my head over my shoulder and sniff myself. Can he smell the wild lilacs, the manzanita grove, the mock orange flowers that blanket the hills in white where I’m from, which I rolled in to mask my scent so Tavin’s lackeys couldn’t track me?

I jerk free, asserting myself the best I can. No wussing out now. “I’m a lone wolf. I belong to no one,” I snap out. “I’ll be on my way—”

“Not a chance.” In a bruising hold, Acheron sinks his fingers into my arm.

His assessment gives me a moment to conjure up ideas. I can’t let on that I’m from Silver Bend and have broken the treaty between the rivals, putting my sister in further danger if I don’t return before she experiences her final needing period. “I’m sure we can work out a civilized agreement.”

Acheron encroaches into my space, no more than six inches from my face. He pulls back his lips, revealing pointed canines.

There’s a fleck of what looks like red algae wedged between two teeth. I’m certain it’s raw flesh. The hairs behind my neck prickle, looking for a place to hide.

“I don’t barter, and neither does Maxon. He takes orders and sees them carried out.” Acheron crowds Maxon, asserting his supremacy.

Maxon flares his nostrils and scowls. “She smells of our enemies. Why have you left your pack? Why are you nosing around on our lands?”

I can’t tell if his displeasure is because of me or the one dominating him. Either way, with their ability to pick up on my fertility, both men have to know why I’m here.

Acheron folds his arms and turns away from me, as if hiding something. “No one’s claimed her. We can’t allow her to leave and risk her divulging what’s come to light here tonight. Plus, her time is near the end. Best we put her out of her misery before it begins. You know what must be done.”

Acheron’s unfinished sentence strikes me cold, and I fill in what he left off. Our numbers are dwindling. I’m next if I don’t mate soon. I wonder if Timber Cove males are as sterile as Silver Bends,’ and the last of their line, like the pack to the north of Silver Bend, but I don’t dare ask.

My thoughts take an awkward turn from my current predicament. For the first time, I gaze into Maxon’s eyes, which no longer capture the firelight’s reflective glow. His eyes are the color of the forest when the early-morning mist softens the hunter-green tones to look like dreamy clouds. I want to believe his soul is as peace-filled as the brush of his hand that he floats down to the small of my back as he finally releases my hair and pulls my body toward his. I imagine him as my mate, my husband, and the father of our future child.

The wolf in me has never trusted anyone, but suddenly, she is rising up and begging to submit to Maxon in a way she never wanted to with Tavin. “I saw nothing, only you two conversing. I couldn’t hear what you were saying from twenty feet away.”

The elder swipes his hand through the air, sentencing me with a nod, while I try my damnedest not to look at the burning leg.

Maxon grips my arm, pinching off the blood flow through my skin. His eyes are fire, but I’m not exactly able to read his thoughts through them, which excites and terrifies me all at once.

Once, I was the daughter of our pack leader. I’m obligated to save my pack when no one else will. I cock out a hip, daring Maxon to choose. “There are always choices. I can offer you something valuable: my womb. My ability to produce young. I know your pack has had less and less pregnancies, the same as mine.”

Acheron raises his head and briefly sniffs the air that’s thick with smoke from the bonfire, as if he’s validating my fertility. I’m certain he knows what’s going on, and Maxon’s already clued in.

“I suspect she’s a half-breed. Best you kill her now. We don’t want her watering down our bloodlines.”

A hurt and startled gasp escapes my lips before I can prevent it. Doubt begins to cloak me, dousing my arousal and killing my confidence that I’ll succeed with my mission. Am I that damaged? Undesirable? Repulsive? Tavin doesn’t seem to feel those things toward me, but maybe he’s the exception and more accepting of our forced union than I am. Lost in my thoughts, I miss what passes between Maxon and Acheron until I hear Maxon speak up.

“I’ll make it quick.”

I wilt beside him, I’m so hurt. Even though my acute hearing picks up Maxon’s quickening heartbeat, my libido further nosedives as Acheron waves us off.

Without a debate, Maxon tosses the ax over his shoulder, like an obedient executioner. I stumble along beside him until we both breach the wall of manzanita and deer brush. Once we’re deep into the forest, he loosens his grip a bit and pins me against the smooth bark of the nearest alder tree. “I told you not to engage.”

“That’s not who I am. I’m Naomi, once a pack master’s daughter.”

He slides his thick fingers and hardened palm into mine, as if my reveal means more to him than I intended.

I pause, glancing up at him as he settles his heated gaze on mine. Maybe it’s my imagination or my hormones or the lure of possibilities, but I suddenly no longer see a killer. Maybe he sees a future in our bond?

The ax lands on the ground with a thud. His muscles quiver as we share the magic sparking between us. “You won’t die tonight, and I won’t force you to return to your pack. I have another plan.”

He grips my hand, and I hold on as he leads me deeper into the shadowed forest, deeper into something else altogether.

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