Interview! LINGERING TOUCH by Cassandra Chandler

by Cassandra Chandler

Lingering Touch

The memory of his touch has never left her heart. . .or her body.

The Summer Park Psychics, Book 3

Finn Connelly can see the past by touching objects, even read people’s thoughts. This power allows him to be the best private investigator in Summer Park. Until his abilities spiral out of control, leaving his thoughts and emotions inextricably entangled with those of others.

The only one who can help him regain control is the last person he trusts. Jazz Zhou, the woman who broke his heart.

Jazz is still reeling from nearly losing her closest friends to a serial killer-a man she brought into their lives. When she learns Finn is psychically bound to the ghost of one of the killer’s victims, she grabs the chance to atone for past mistakes.

As their investigation takes them to the killer’s hometown, they realize the threat to Jazz’s friends isn’t over-and neither is their relationship. But the more Finn uses his powers, the more he loses himself. And soon even Jazz’s touch might not be enough to help him claw his way out of a murderer’s memories.

Warning: Contains a heroine with a take-no-prisoners attitude and a hunky private eye with a touch that will leave you begging for more. And alligators. Lots of alligators.


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Please tell us about your novel.

Lingering Touch is a second-chance romance between Jazz Zhou, a self-made career woman who runs a successful art gallery, and Finn Connelly, a psychic private investigator who can read the history of objects—and also peoples’ thoughts—through touch. When Finn’s psychic powers go haywire, Finn and Jazz end up working together to figure out what’s wrong and how it relates to the serial killer, Michael Angelo—an artist who displayed his works in Jazz’s gallery. Their investigation leads them through many shocking twists and turns, and ultimately teaches them that they aren’t as over each other as they both thought.

Lingering Touch is the third book in The Summer Park Psychics series and takes place at the same time as the events of the second book, Whispering Hearts. Both titles stand on their own.


How did you research your novel, if applicable?

It was really interesting to research this one. I had to find out what would have happened to the body of the serial killer who was killed in the first book, Wandering Soul (it’s great having a friend who’s a mortuary science library clerk). Then there was the research into how fast alligators can run on land (fast, but not as fast as I thought). I also needed to know how long it would take someone to wake up after being knocked out through head trauma. My browser history is…interesting, to say the least.


Where can readers find you online?

Here’s my web site:

I also have a newsletter:

I’m on Twitter (my favorite!):

And, of course, Facebook:

I’m also on Pinterest:

And Google+:

I have an author page on Goodreads and love to hear from readers through their reviews:


When you are stuck on something, what is your go to cure?

Pacing. I do a lot of pacing while writing and editing. I jump up, wring my hands, walk around, come back to the screen and look at it, walk away and pace some more. Sometimes I even talk to myself. This is one reason that I never write in front of other people! If that doesn’t work, I’ll open a fresh document, and write a behind-the-scenes scene where I, the author, interview the character who’s causing the problem. That almost always works to get me past the hurdle.  My characters are usually very forthcoming when I go to these lengths, even though they don’t always say what I want them to.


Do you have a real life hero? If so, can you tell us who and why?

Nora Roberts. She treats writing like a job, and she’s damn good at it. (Can I say “damn” here?) I admire her professionalism and her productivity.


Who is your favorite literary hero and heroine?

This is going to sound weird, but Bacchus and Philemon. I’ve loved that pair since I first read their story. It’s a view into the actual HEA instead of the “getting there” part. They’re best friends, they’ve lived a long and happy life together and are genuinely good people. I love seeing that goodness rewarded, and the simple, yet resonating wish they share—to never be parted, even by death. They just want more of being together. It’s powerful. That’s my kind of story.


Are you character or plot driven? Why?

Character. Absolutely. Give me an interesting enough character, and I’ll watch them eat soup. But it’s more interesting if I can throw some huge plot curve balls at them and see what they do.


How do you feel about social media? Is it a help or hindrance to you?

Social media is a double-edged sword. I love the connections I’ve made through it. It’s great to support and be supported by other writers. And I also love that readers have this conduit to ask me about my books. I just have to be sure the siren call of Twitter isn’t so loud that I spend more time there than writing my stories.


What are the first five titles on your kindle?

A Valiant Heart, by Elizabeth Asheford (aka my bestie A.E. Ash); Shadows Strike by Dianne Duvall, Sole Possession by Bryn Donovan, Dancing with Billy the Kid by Terri Meeker, and Eros Element by Cecilia Dominic.


Where do you see yourself and your writing in the next five years?

I’m diving in deep to my latest series—a Scifi romance full of paranormal elements. I hope to have the first four books out within the next couple of years, along with the web content I plan to develop for it. I’ll also be making progress on a new paranormal series, which has a six-book story arc. And I’ll be keeping up with my Department of Homeworld Security novellas, because those are just so fun to write. I also have some ideas for more Summer Park Psychics books. So, basically, my writing is just getting started!


How many books do you own and what does your bookshelf look like?

Heheheheheheh. *ahem* A lot. Like a LOT. My bookshelves (there are many) are packed solid, with books shelved two or even three layers deep. You can fit a lot of mass-market paperbacks onto a single shelf. I want to say I have hundreds, but I might need to add a zero onto the end of that estimate. <3


If you are published traditionally and independently, which do you prefer and why?

I am a hybrid author, but the two methods are sort of apples and oranges. I love the creative control of publishing independently, though my traditional publisher, Samhain Publishing, gives me tons of input at every stage of the process. It’s great to have a support base of professionals guiding me along with the traditional, and having people to squee with. And with the Indie titles, it’s great to be able to do things on my own timeline. There are good points to both, really. Hybrid all the way!


What advice do you have for people that are trying indie publishing right out of the gate?

Wait. Be patient. If it’s your first book, it probably isn’t ready yet. Get objective input before you publish, and make sure your craft is where it needs to be to go public. The first book I published (Wandering Soul—through Samhain Publishing) was the seventh book I’d written. Each novel I finished made my writing stronger, and I can see how I’ve grown with the ones that have come after Wandering Soul. It’s an amazing feat to finish a book, and so much work. I know. But if you’re going for a writing career, you need to be sure you’re getting off on the right foot.


What do you find inspiring?

Optimism. It’s hard work to stay positive in such an uncertain industry. I love seeing people keeping their focus on what they want to accomplish and always moving forward. It helps me to stay positive as well.


Do you have a favorite charity?

Anything that helps kids. I love being part of hands-on projects that bring tangible benefits to families. It might be brightening a small corner of the world, but sometimes that’s the only place we can start.


Your family is safe and sound. You have 24 hours to live and have been given the ability to do anything in the world, what do you do?

Honestly, I’d do the same thing I do every day. Spend time with my family. Go to the park and snuggle on the couch. Have some chocolate and coffee. Give my loved ones tons of hugs. And once everyone is tucked away in bed, write.

Cassandra Chandler

Cassandra Chandler has studied folklore and mythology for her entire life and been accused of taking fairy tales a bit too seriously. Raised in a household where tarot readings and viewing auras were considered mundane, she spends her time writing and trying to appear normal. At least the writing is working out.

Her romances range from sweet to scorching, set in extraordinary worlds and driven by characters searching for a deep and lasting love. She has always seen the starry sky as a destination rather than a matte painting, though her primary residence is on earth.

You can follow her thoughts on writing, life, and mostly writing at (updates every Wednesday!) or see her real-time ramblings on Twitter (@casschandler). She loves to hear from readers through email at!

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