GIVEAWAY! WHICH BEAST WILL YOU CHARM?Kingdom of Exiles by Maxym M. Martineau

Kingdom of Exiles by Maxym M. Martineau

There are a plethora of beasts with fantastic powers and unique personalities in Maxym M. Martineau’s debut Kingdom of Exiles. And while Charmers, the magical beast tamers of this world, can catch ‘em all (teehee), we’re here to find out which one would BEST suit you! 

Take the quiz below to find out which beast you would charm!

All of us at Joyfully Reviewed are so excited to reveal one of the five beasts you might charm from Maxym M. Martineau’s debut Kingdom of Exiles! Introducing…

The Nezbit


Pronunciation: nez-bit

Rank: C-Class

Description: Nezbits are small, have rabbit-like builds with brown fur, and are coated with teal feathers. Exceptionally rare, they’re near impossible to find because of their low numbers and their preference for living underground. They form small colonies and create large networks beneath the soil, only poking their wing-like ears up once every few days to absorb nutrients from the sun. Their ears can hear sounds from miles away, and they track reverberations in the earth to avoid danger. When tamed, they’re used to listen to people’s hearts and determine lies from truth. Their opal eyes flash green for truth and red for lies.

Taming: As they live underground, the Nezbits have no known preferred environment. Finding a colony involves luck and careful examination of the earth, because Nezbits leave behind small mounds after sticking their ears up from the ground. Once a possible mound has been sighted, the Charmer should remain still for several days until the ears appear. The Charmer should then quickly yank the beast up from the dirt and immediately initiate charm. It’s import­ant to note that the mounds in question are extremely similar to those left by prairie dogs, and because of that, reports of colonies are often inaccurate.

Charmed the Nezbit?You’re a great listener, and you’ve got a knack for always knowing what’s in someone’s heart. People come to you with their problems, and you have little patience for liars.

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Title:Kingdom of Exiles

Author: Maxym M. Martineau

Series: The Beast Charmer #1

Pub Date:June 25, 2019


Assassin’s Creedmeets Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Themin this gripping, epic fantasy romance trilogy.

My heart wasn’t part of the deal when I bargained for my life,

But assassins so rarely keep their word.

Exiled Charmer Leena Edenfrell is running out of time. Empty pockets forced her to sell her beloved magical beasts—an offense punishable by death—and now there’s a price on her head. With the realm’s most talented murderer-for-hire nipping at her heels, Leena makes Noc an offer he can’t refuse: powerful mythical creatures in exchange for her life.

Plagued by a curse that kills everyone he loves, Noc agrees to Leena’s terms in hopes of finding a cure. Never mind that the dark magic binding the assassin’s oath will eventually force him to choose between Leena’s continued survival…and his own.

Maxym M. Martineau is an article and social media writer by day and a fantasy romance author by night. When she’s not getting heated over broken hearts, she enjoys playing video games, sipping a well-made margarita, competing in just about any sport, and of course, reading. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Arizona State University and lives with her husband and fur babies in Arizona. Connect with her at or through Twitter and Instagram @maxymmckay.

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AmazonBarnes & NobleiBooksIndieboundBooks-a-Million

Do you want to win a print copy of Maxym M. Martineau’s Kingdom of Exiles? Take the quiz and tell us which beast you would charm in the comment section or show us on Instagram! We will pick a winner on July 4th, 2019! Open to US/Canada only.

Kingdom of Exiles by Maxym M. Martineau

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