Joyfully Reviewed is doing the Holiday Season up good!  

We are giving away a YEAR of FREE Ads!

Our Contest will be running from November 13th 2016 thru January 1st 2017!  For every ad you buy during this time period you will gain an entry into our YEAR OF FREE ADS contest.  This is a great opportunity to buy ad space ahead of your upcoming releases or events.  When you buy an ad you decide what month you would like to use the space.

The WINNER will be entitled to a YEAR of FREE Ads on the Joyfully Reviewed site.  Each month the winner can have two Joyfully Spotlighted spaces worth $30 each and one Featured Banner worth $60! The total worth of the prize is $1,440!

Below you will find information about our Ads.

If you have any questions please email

The Featured Slider only uses static images and dimensions are 770×400 Pixels at $60 each.

The Joyfully Spotlighted ads can be animated (ie. Gifs) with dimensions of 200×300 pixels at $30 each.

All Ads purchased will stay visible on the site for 30 days regardless of the day the ad goes up. Our ads usually go up on the first but if you purchase one a few days after that’s okay you will still get your 30 days.

Our In House Designer is Miranda Grissom (yep that’s me 😉 ) from MADE Publicity & Design. If you would like me to design something for you like a Featured Slider its $10 extra.  If you would like a animated Gif created for the Joyfully Spotlighted Ad positions on the right that is $5 extra.

All of us at Joyfully Reviewed wish you a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

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