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Interview & GIVEAWAY with RUSH Author Gina Gordon

Interview & GIVEAWAY with RUSH
Author Gina Gordon

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Joyfully Reviewed Welcomes Author Gina Gordon and her latest release, RUSH!

RUSH (1)


In this edgy, sizzling romance for fans of Monica Murphy and Abbi Glines, a bad boy shows a straitlaced law student how to slow down and savor the good things.


Everly Parker is about to graduate from law school, always busy, and can’t stop rushing through life. Her late grandmother left her a bucket list of meaningful, can’t-miss experiences, but she hasn’t completed a single one. Then searing-hot Max Levin bursts into her world. As a casting director for a porn production company, Max is loaded, cocky, and all wrong for Everly. Still, she’s tempted enough to cross the first item off her list: Go out with someone you’d never give the time of day.


Inheriting a porn empire isn’t every guy’s dream (well, actually, it probably is), but Max isn’t complaining. It’s just that until he meets Everly, he has no idea what he’s been missing. As the pressure mounts to take over the family business, Max can’t help wondering what would happen if he chose Everly instead. So far, his life has been a wild ride, but only Everly promises the greatest rush of all: love.

Buy Links:  Amazon | B & N | iTunes | Kobo | Publisher



A loud bang sounded to my right and I turned my attention to the aisle, where a sweet- looking girl blew a heavy breath out the side of her mouth. It caused her unkempt black hair to flutter around her face. She bent, reaching to pick up the stack of books that had fallen to the ground, giving a spectacular view of a tight, round bottom covered in black fabric.


Who knew yoga pants were so damn sexy? Hers were sloppily tucked into a pair of beige Uggs.


I scrambled from my seat and crouched beside her, picking up one of her books and holding it out. “You dropped something,” I said, my senses kicking up at the sweet scent surrounding me.


She snorted, a cute little laugh, and grabbed the book from my hand. “Sounds like something I would do.”


She finally looked up and her soft blue eyes locked on mine. Her lips were plump and naked. She didn’t need lipstick. They were the perfect shade of raspberry. Her pale skin was luminous and it took all of my willpower not to lean in and scent her, running my nose up her dainty neck. My cock twitched in my pants. An unexpected twitch. One I hadn’t felt upon first sight of a woman in a long damn time.


Getting rid of that book so soon might have been a bad idea. I needed it to cover the semi that had just popped up in my pants.


I did a quick survey of her body, which didn’t stand out, in yoga pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt. She was the exact opposite of the women I saw on a daily basis. She was as plain as vanilla ice cream, but something grabbed me—grabbed my cock, was more like it.


“I’m sorry to interrupt.” Her face knitted with guilt as her eyes settled on something behind me.


“We’re on an interview,” Stella said from the table.


This woman knew the escorts. Did that mean she, too, was . . . A grinned curved up at the side of my mouth. Oh, yeah, I could definitely see her making a lot of money playing the uptight librarian fantasy.


“At my favorite café?”


“Public space, and all,” Jade said with a shrug.


Smart girl. Just the kind of girl White Lace wanted.


When the last book had been picked up, the woman straightened, and I followed suit. She flipped her hair and when her sea-blue eyes locked on mine, I suddenly felt like I’d just run the New York Marathon. Winded, achy, but high on something I just couldn’t put my finger on.


“Thank goodness.” She struggled to gather the books against her chest. “I thought I

interrupted your dates.”


I struggled to lift my arm to help her, but it was caught on something invisible. Sort of like my tongue, which didn’t want to cooperate.


She shuffled away and placed her books on a table three down from where we sat.


When she returned, she eyed me with . . . disinterest.


“I’m Max Levin.” This time my arm cooperated. “Are you an associate of these lovely



She brought her hand up to cover her chest. “You think . . . Oh, no.” She laughed, a sweet little giggle that forced a smile to my face. “I’m not a . . .” A blush fell across her cheeks.


Innocent. Unassuming. With a little lip gloss, maybe . . . I shook off the thought. This girl wasn’t porn material. But for the first time in years, I actually wanted to test the merchandise to find out.



Please tell us a bit about your latest release.

Rush is about Max Levin, the heir to a porn empire and should be living every man’s fantasy. Everly Parker is only weeks away from finishing her law degree. They have one thing in common…neither of them are happy about the direction their life is headed, but they are stuck based on guilt and obligation. Rush is about learning not to judge a book by its cover and two characters who are searching for happiness and fulfillment, and find it in each other.

Are you attending any conventions in 2015? If so, what are the top three reasons as to why you like/choose them?

Unfortunately, I won’t be attending any conferences in 2015 and I am unsure about my schedule for next year.

What is your favorite romance genre and what author makes you absolutely swoon?

My favorite romance genre is contemporary and the author who never fails to make me swoon is Lorelei James. Her Rough Riders series is my absolute favorite and with each and every book she has managed to elicit that contented sigh just before I swipe the last page.

What is your dream vacation spot?

I’d love to visit an exotic island like Bora Bora or Bali.

What do you think has been the most important moment or event of your life so far? And why do you feel that way?

The day I picked up a pen and decided to write not just for fun but to pursue my dream of being published. I had hid from writing for a long time afraid of failure. Not to mention life just gets busy and you make excuses. I truly believe that was the day I became “me”, the person I was always supposed to be but afraid to acknowledge.


Favorite Couples

  1. Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl
  2. Chandler Bing and Monica Geller – Friends
  3. Melanie Meyers and Greyson King – Rogue by Katy Evans
  4. Cord McKay and A.J. Foster – Cowgirl Up and Ride by Lorelei James
  5. Mia Anderson and Tray “Fox” Knox – Shadowboxer by Cari Quinn
  6. Hook and Emma – Once Upon a Time
  7. Gunnar Scott and Scarlett O’Conner – Nashville
  8. Brenda Walsh and Dylan McKay – Beverly Hills, 90210
  9. Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mikaelson – The Vampire Diaries
  10. Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton – The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks


Boxers or Brief – boxer briefs

Manscape or Not – depends on the area LOL upstairs I’m easy, downstairs, hell yes!

Lights On or Lights Off – off

Summer or Winter – summer

Peanuts or Chocolate – chocolate

Batman or Superman – batman

The Voice or American Idol – I don’t watch either show L

Christmas or Birthday – birthday

Heels or Flats – heels

Talk or Text – text

Action Movie or Comedy – comedy

Facebook or Twitter – twitter


Gina (1)

When her dream of becoming a mafia princess didn’t pan out, Gina Gordon went after her second dream: becoming a writer. And she hasn’t looked back. A self-proclaimed happily-ever-after junkie and cupcake connoisseur, Gordon loves spinning contemporary tales of knee-bending first kisses, unconditional love, and super-hot sex. She lives in Milton, Ontario, with her husband and their lovable dog.


Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads



Loveswept Mug, Flirt Mug and Select Title Ebook Bundle

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by Katee Robert

FallingbadgeKRJoyfully Reviewed Welcomes Author Katee Robert and her latest release,


When Avery Yeung decides to stop waiting around for life to align to get pregnant, her best friend Drew convinces her that he’s the only man for the job. Fans of Nicolette Day’s No Strings Attached or Maisey Yates’s Unexpected, will devour the sexy addition to the Out of Uniform series by NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Katee Robert.



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Giveaway! KNIGHTS OF OCEAN AVENUE by Tara Lain

Giveaway! KNIGHTS OF OCEAN AVENUE by Tara Lain

Knight Of Ocean Avenue
By Tara Lain


How can you be twenty-five and not know you’re gay? Billy Ballew runs from that question. A high school dropout, barely able to read until he taught himself, Billy’s life is driven by his need to help support his parents as a construction worker, put his sisters through college, coach his Little League team, and not think about being a three-time loser in the engagement department. Being terrified of taking tests keeps Billy from getting the contractor’s license he so desires, and fear of his mother’s judgement blinds Billy to what could make him truly happy.

Then, in preparation for his sister’s big wedding, Billy meets Shaz—Chase Phillips—a rising star, celebrity stylist who defines the word gay. To Shaz, Billy embodies everything he’s ever wanted—stalwart, honest, brave—but even if Billy turns out to be gay, he could never endure the censure he’d get for being with a queen like Shaz. How can two men with so little in common find a way to be together? Can the Stylist of the Year end up with the Knight of Ocean Avenue?

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Giveaway & Review! SALVATION by Robin Covington

Giveaway & Review!
SALVATION by Robin Covington

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.



Joyfully Reviewed Welcomes Author Robin Covington and her latest Nashville Nights release,

SALVATION!  Barclay Publicity along with Author Robin Covington have a

sexy excerpt and sweet giveaway today and I will throw in a review as well! Enjoy!




Letting go never felt so good.

Carlisle Queen is dying and no one knows it.

Burying the pain of losing her friends and her professional swimming career in a terrorist attack, America’s former sweetheart dulls her pain with drugs, pills and parties. The bomb left her with more than nightmares; shrapnel is lodged in her back and inching closer to her spinal cord. When the doctors tell her paralysis is inevitable, she decides to take her own life rather than face a lifetime in a wheelchair.


Mateo Butler isn’t anyone’s hero.


Reeling from the death of his little sister and his own cowardice, he spends his nights partying and his days ignoring the medical school acceptance letters and his parents’ concerned phone calls. Just a couple of months from graduation, he’s facing a future filled with shame and regret. The last thing he needs is to meet the woman who compels him to be a better man.


Can they save each other?


When Carlisle and Mateo meet, the chemistry between them is combustible. They play, party and hide their true selves until one night turns their lust into something more…something real. As secrets are revealed and walls collapse, what they were and what they might become doesn’t matter as much as who they are together. When the choice comes down to life or death, can love be their salvation?

See where it all began with book 1 of the Nashville Nights series, Temptation.


Get More information at: Goodreads  | AmazonBarnes & Noble | iTunes



His phone vibrates in his hand and we both look down at the screen. Zane has responded and Mateo quickly presses the screen, both of us relieved to move on from the awkwardness that was creeping into our night.

Zane’s sent a selfie, the stage with the current performers in the background of the picture. “Ariel! Glad you could make it even if you have to hang out with that loser. I’ll come find you after the show and rescue you.”

“He calls me Ariel?” I ask.

Mateo glances at me, his expression a little bit confused. “Yeah. You know the whole red hair and mermaid thing. The swimming¼” His words drift off when I don’t respond, his expression telling me that he’s worried about my taking offense. I let the silence drag out a little bit longer before I let him off the hook and smile. His obvious relief makes me laugh out loud.

“Newsflash braintrust, you two aren’t the first to think that up.” I gesture towards the phone. “Hand it over.”

I type onto the screen. “If we fuck, you’ll write a song about me. It will go viral. I will have to listen to it for the rest of my life. No thanks. Ariel.”

I hand the phone back to Mateo, noticing for the first time the dark expression on his face. Not anger. Something deeper. Carnal. Something that gets me wet and makes my body flash hot all over.

“I rescind my offer of a threesome. You know this, right?” Mateo pulls me in tight against him, his breath hot against my cheek. “There’s no fucking way I can share you with anybody. There would be bloodshed. Prison for me.” He punctuates the next few words with a series of small nips against the skin of my neck.  “Very. Bad. Idea.”

“Well, then you better make my sacrifice worth it. ” I snake my hand backwards between us, touching as much of his hard abdomen and even harder crotch as I can from my awkward angle.

“You already know I’m worth it. I bet you’re already wet for me. Dying for it.” He keeps one arm looped around my waist ensuring that I stay where he wants me while the other wanders, skimming over my bare thighs and then inching up under the hem of my denim skirt to trace the bottom curve of an ass cheek. He groans against my ear. “Fuck, I love the fact that you hate underwear.”

I lick my lips. “I don’t like anything to get in between me and what I want.”

He laughs, the sound dark and sensual and the perfect thing to crank me up one notch higher.

“Well, you can’t have what you want right now.” The tips of his fingers trace the curve of my ass and I hold my breath as he makes a shallow dip into the wet, slick place between my legs. My body sags but he holds me in place in the right spot for him to make me crazy with that dirty mouth. “If you’re a good girl and enjoy Zane’s set, later tonight I’ll bury my cock in your pussy as deep as you want, for as long as you want, as often as you want. Sound good?”



This is not my first trip to Nashville considering I’ve lived around it my entire life but it is the first time I’ve read Author Robin Covington’s Nashville Nights series.  I can tell you now that I will be revisiting Covington’s series as much as possible.  Salvation is an intense and powerful novel that gripped me from page one and played with my emotions until the very end. AND when I say that Ms. Covington played with my emotions I mean it in a totally wicked hot and sassy sweet type of way.

If you read the synopsis you know the subject matter of Salvation is serious.  Carlisle Queen was an Olympic athlete before bombers took away her hope for the future as she watched the man she loved die.  She was left severely injured with a diagnosis that would leave her in a wheelchair or dead. As the novel begins Carlisle has planned to commit suicide before the left over shrapnel does it for her.  Her love interest Mateo is also dealing with loss and a life-altering decision.

Carlisle and Mateo have an undeniable chemistry! Their relationship is so far past hot and the burn is so good.  If I thought I would find my Mateo I would run downtown now! Carlisle thinks Mateo is going to be a one-night-stand but he wants so much more.  As they both get to know each other and share the secrets they hold deep they are forced to reevaluate their thinking. This is a couple that I would stand up and cheer for.  There is only one thing that kept me from making Salvation a recommended read. Nope, I’m not sharing that part because it is a small thing.

Salvation is a fantastic read! So fantastic that I couldn’t stop reading once I began. I am officially attached to all of the secondary characters as well. Especially, Carlisle’s saucy friend Livvie, she is hysterical and Zane the panty-collecting musician.  I hope to read more about them in the future!

Salvation means preservation or deliverance from harm. Robin Covington’s Salvation delivers her characters to their rightful place on the page; where they can evoke hope and love among readers.  If you love romance look no further than Salvation.




Please tell us a bit about your latest release.

It is about a young woman who has decided that her life is over because she faces living her life with a disability and the guy she meets who challenges her decision about what her future can be.

Are you attending any conventions in 2015? If so, what are the top three reasons as to why you like/choose them?

Yes! I will be at the Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together in Ohio (June 5-7); the Romance Writers of America Conference in NYC (July 20-24); and the Baltimore Book Festival (September).

I love to go to them because 1) I am an extrovert and this is a solitary profession, so I dig it when I get to see real people and talk books; 2) They have the best SWAG. I hoard fans, bottle openers, bookmarks, koozies. Love them!; 3) I discover new books. I’m a reader too and I love books.

What is your favorite romance sub-genre?

It has to be a toss up between romantic suspense (Shannon McKenna is my fave) and male/male romance (too many choose from!)

What is your dream vacation spot?

There is a naked beach in the Caribbean I enjoy quite a bit . . .

What do you think has been the most important moment or event of your life so far? And why do you feel that way?

I don’t know if I can choose one. I have events have shaped me in big and small ways: my first love, losing my virginity, meeting my husband, getting married, becoming a mother, passing the bar exam, losing my mother and my grandparents.  All of them have made me stronger and happier and wiser . .

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

Gosh – I am addicted to Haribo Gummi Bears.  Best. Candy. Ever.




Boxers or Briefs boxer briefs

Manscape or Not  only the pubes if you look like Chewbacca– leave the chest hair alone

Lights On or Lights OffON!

Summer or Wintersummer

Peanuts or Chocolatechocolate (white or milk)

Batman or SupermanSuperman

The Voice or American IdolThe Voice

Christmas or BirthdayChristmas

Heels or Flats barefoot

Talk or Texttalk

Action Movie or Comedy  – action

Facebook or Twitter Facebook



Title: Temptation

Author: Robin Covington

Series: Nashville Nights #1

Genre: New Adult Romance

Release Date: May 11, 2015


She needs to be good. 

At sixteen, Kit ditched her crappy life and moved to Nashville with only $200, her guitar, and a notebook full of songs. She hit it big, but five years of living like a rock star plus a stint in rehab has killed any good will she had with her label. The suits have ordered Kit to shape up or ship out of the limelight. The last thing she needs is a hot, sexy distraction with a sinful smile.

He doesn’t know the meaning of the word.
Max Butler is as far from a celebrity as you can get and he likes it that way. A Nashville firefighter, he’s living the single life with a revolving door of parties, friends, and a different woman in his bed every night. When his normal life suddenly collides with the girl on his favorite Rolling Stone cover, he sees the perfect chance to fulfill his ultimate fantasy and see just how bad Kit can be.

Sometimes bad is so very good.
With three weeks until Kit leaves for her big tour, Max promises to give her a break from being the good



Title: Redemption

Author: Robin Covington

Series: Nashville Nights #3

Genre: New Adult Romance

Release Date: June 15, 2015

Publisher: Burning Up the Sheets, LLC



Emory Cabell is leaving the lies behind her.

Finding out that huge chunk of your life has been a lie and that you’re the half-sister to America’s country music queen is game changer. Determined to meet the sibling she never knew and compelled to pursue the music career she’s always wanted, Emory leaves her small town and heads to Nashville. Thrown by the bustle of Music City and the cutthroat dealing of the business, she finds unexpected shelter in a musical partnership with country music’s baddest bad boy.

Zane has his eyes set on the prize.

Known as a man who never stays the night, Zane is reliable only when it comes to his music. Years of paying his dues has gained him the coveted lead guitarist spot on the “must see” music tour of the year. Hoping this gig will lead to his own single recording contract, he agrees to write a few songs with Emory but he’s blown away by the sexual chemistry sizzling between them and leveled by his feelings for this quiet woman with the beautiful soul.

Can love be more than just a line in a song?

Darkness and light…they should not work. But one night in her bed proves they’re hotter than the number one single they wrote together. When the spotlight sheds light on all of Zane’s past sins, Emory struggles with trusting him with her heart.  When a duo-only recording contract threatens everything Zane has worked towards and challenges everything he thought he knew about himself, he recklessly betrays her trust. With his life at a crossroads, will he choose the music or the future with a woman whose love might just be his redemption?

Get More information at: Goodreads  | AmazonBarnes & Noble | iTunes





Robin Covington loves to explore the theme of fooling around and falling in love in her bestselling books. A Night of Southern Comfort, her debut novel was nominated for the RT Book Reviewers Choice Awards for Small Press and was touted by RT Book Reviews as bringing a “fresh, modern feel to the genre while still sticking to the things that get our adrenaline pumping — sex and danger”. Her books were also nominated for the Bookseller’s Best Award and the National Reader’s Choice Awards.

When she’s not writing sexy, sizzling romance she’s collecting tasty man candy, indulging in a little comic book geek love, and stalking Joe Manganiello. You can find Robin at her website (, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Don’t send chocolate . . . send eye candy!

Robin lives in Maryland with her hilarious husband, brilliant children (they get it from her, of course!) and her beloved furbabies.

Connect with Robin at: Website | Facebook | Twitter |GoodReads | Instagram | Pinterest|



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Giveaway! ESCAPING FROM HIM by Liam Livings

Giveaway! ESCAPING FROM HIM by Liam Livings

Joyfully Reviewed Welcomes Author Liam Livings and his latest release,



Darryl’s on the run – from controlling boyfriend Chris, an air-conditioner called Dave (deceased), an intolerable, claustrophobic situation and a person he just can’t be any more. The trouble is, he doesn’t have a plan – or any money – and all he knows is he needs to get away from everything. That’s where a lucky lift to Glasgow comes in, which turns out to be just the beginning of a whole new life …
Can you ever really escape your past?



Please tell us a bit about your latest release.


Escaping From Him by Liam Livings

Darryl’s on the run – from controlling boyfriend Chris, an air-conditioner called Dave (deceased), an intolerable, claustrophobic situation and a person he just can’t be any more. The trouble is, he doesn’t have a plan – or any money – and all he knows is he needs to get away from everything. That’s where a lucky lift to Glasgow comes in, which turns out to be just the beginning of a whole new life …


Things start looking up for Darryl once Darryl gets to Glasgow, where he meets someone, and it has a happy ever after ending of course.


Escaping From Him is available from and


Are you attending any conventions in 2015? If so, what are the top three reasons as to why you like/choose them?

I’m attending the Manifold Press event in May in Oxford, to help as the master of ceremonies. I was so honoured to be asked by one of my publishers to help with this event. It will be great to meet other mm romance authors in person again. I’m also attending the RNA’s annual conference in London in July. This is a great opportunity to meet other romance authors wider than the mm genre. It’s a great conference for networking and learning about writing romance, in its broadest sense. I love the opportunity the RNA gives me to learn about romance first, and to put the mm / gay element second for a while. And of course, last but not least, I’m attending UK Meet 2015 in Bristol. I’m one of the organisers, and it’s lovely to have an author / reader / blogger event where everyone can mix and talk GLBTQ fiction without having to explain why you write that genre.


What is your favorite romance sub-genre?

I prefer contemporary romance. This is the same with films TV everything. I find it hard to suspend my disbelief for fantasy / sci fi / paranormal. I like to see the drama, the interest, the wonder in the every day of life.


What is your dream vacation spot?

Somewhere with a pool, dappled shade and somewhere I can sit reading. We go to the BF’s parents’ home in France every year as they retired there from Essex. Basically my favourite sort of holiday is a fly and flop. Life tends to be pretty busy so when I’m off, I like to relax, eat, read, see friends and family.


What do you think has been the most important moment or event of your life so far? And why do you feel that way?

Losing Dad in a light aircraft crash. It’s made me want to strive to do things he’d be proud of. It’s also taught me life is precious, it ends, so to do your best to make the most of it, do what you love and hold on tight to your dream. Dad’s dream, ironically was to own a light aircraft and fly it, just like his dad had done before him. The sadness of this loss is never far from the surface. I can go months without even thinking about it, but re-reading that blog post just made me cry, and took me right back to when I’d lost him. The thing about grief, I believe, is you don’t ever fully get over losing someone you love, you just learn to live with it, to muddle on in your life. And that’s the thing about life, it does go on, and so must you with it. I’ve had a lot of grief in my life, and each time you relive the previous losses, and each time you have to feel the sadness, the grief, when it washes over you, wherever you are. And then go on. Always going on with your life.


Boxers or Brief – H&M fitted trunks, a sort of half way house between the two.

Manscape or Not – oh yes of course, it’s compulsory nowadays isn’t it! But not to shave everything off, oh no, that’s very unsexy, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping things tidy.

Summer or Winter – summer, I love the light, the heat, the everything. During winter I usually get a bit of SAD. But I do enjoy the fact we get four proper seasons in the UK, and there’s elements of winter I enjoy too: casseroles, log fires, Christmas, curling up inside with a film. But overall, on balance, summer wins.

Peanuts or Chocolate – chocolate. I have a chocolate crate in my under the stairs cupboard, it’s always stocked with a good amount of various chocolates.

Batman or Superman – Wonder woman, for camp value alone.

The Voice or American Idol –  I find these endless talent shows on TV leave me ultimately unsatisfied at the end. I’d much prefer to watch a film instead, it takes you on a narrative journey in a way the other shows don’t, I’ve found. I know lots of people love them, but they’re not for me.

Christmas or Birthday – Christmas. It’s a time for family, presents, doing things together, a bright shiny light in the middle of a dark cold winter. Birthdays, unless they’re big ones, are a bit meh, I think, and are generally smaller affairs.

Heels or Flats – I wear trainers / sneakers most of the time, but I do enjoy the look, the glamour of a high heel on a woman or a female impersonator. I do like the sound a high heel makes on a marble floor, oh yes.

Talk or Text – talk in person, seeing someone face to face is wonderful. Text to arrange seeing someone to check in on someone.

Action Movie or Comedy – comedy. Preferably a rom-com to be honest. If it’s got Katherine Heigl, Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette I’m there, right at the front of the queue, waiting to see it.

Facebook or Twitter – depends. Twitter is more content driven I’ve found. I follow writers on twitter, but facebook is more picture, driven, and I seem to get more interaction with readers on facebook.




Social Media: Help or Hindrance?

It’s a wonderful way to engage with, ‘meet’ authors, readers and bloggers around the world. This is a definite benefit, especially since so much of writing is just me sitting in my house with my laptop. I am an extrovert so I love how social media gives me the outlet for extrovert sharing, engaging, and means I can do it all over the world. That, is some kind of wonderful.




It can, if you let it, sort of take over everything, your life, your writing, your time. I have twitter and facebook, and good reads as Liam Livings, I also blog as Liam Livings. Keeping up with these channels takes a lot of time – but it is wonderful, see first paragraph – however it has meant I’ve completely stepped away from my ‘real name’ facebook account, which means I’m missing things from a separate group of friends, and my family.


I also find it’s best to use social media once I’ve written some words, or I can easily end up disappearing into a commenting, retweeting, liking, replying loop and suddenly forty minutes has passed and not a word has been written on my work in progress. And the irony of this is, the whole reason I’m engaging, chatting, interacting on social media is about writing / books, yet it takes time away from actually, you know, writing the books. Is that irony, I’m not sure, but it’s definitely a challenge. A challenge I try to balance every single day.


Social media is also part of a wider NOW approach of how we live our lives now, in terms of always being contactable, reachable, and connected. This is great, see first paragraph, but it’s important to 1) be in charge of it, not it being in charge of you – so I try to limit the time on social media to bursts of different activity between other things, rather than being on it all day every day. I wouldn’t talk to my friends in person all day every day, so why should I expect to do that on social media?

2) take some quiet time away from being connected, to write. I find it impossible to write with the internet beeping, flashing, poking me in the background. When I write I have no internet, often no sound, and I concentrate on doing one thing.


There’s a third caveat too for social media. It’s also part of the whole multitasking thing we tell ourselves we all do so well nowadays. I disagree with this. Multitasking is a lie. Because unless you’re doing two things one of which his passive and the other active (listening to music – passive and writing – active) you can’t physically DO more than one thing at once. Really, actually doing two things at once. Imagine you’re making dinner, while paying some utility bills and doing some ironing. Sound familiar? But physically you can’t stir a pot or cut an onion at the same time as writing a cheque or taking an electricity meter reading at the same time as ironing a shirt. Unless you have six arms. Do you have six arms? What you actually do is you do a bit of ironing, then you take the electricity meter reading, then you go back and chop the onion. Each time between tasks you lose focus and time as you refocus on the new task in front of you.


Like you can’t really watch a film and write. You can’t listen to a podcast, take in what it’s about, and write. If you’re writing, you’re doing that, then you switch to the internet to reply to an email, say something on social media, then you switch back to writing. You can’t physically write something AT THE SAME TIME as engaging on social media. And it’s this switching between tasks where I think you lose time, concentration and therefore productivity.


For this reason, I try to start one task, work on that and only that for say 30minutes, then have a break, of 5mins, then do something else for another 30mins, or come back to the first task, until it is finished. Then move onto a new task. This way you actually use proper blocks of concentrated time on one task. It also means you can complete things, tick them off your to do list. Which is wonderful isn’t it?


So in summary, social media is amazing, connecting, colourful, engaging way to ‘meet’ people all over the world and stay in touch with people you’ve physically met already, and for that I’ll always be grateful for social media.


However, there’s three caveats I have:

  • As with everything you should be in charge of it, not it being in charge of you.
  • It’s important to have quiet time in life too.
  • You should make time for it, in blocks of time, with other things you fit into your life, and not feel as if you should be social media-ing all the time.



Favorite TV Shows – in no particular order and there’s more than 10! – Dawson’s Creek, Gilmore Girls, Brothers and Sisters, The Golden Girls, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Sex And The City, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, Pulling, Absolutely Fabulous, Gavin and Stacey, The Secret Life Of Us, The Good Life, Nighty Night, Kath and Kim, Nashville, Footballers’ Wives.


What do readers think about my answers to the questions and my thoughts on social media? I’d love to hear from you…

Liam Livings xxx


Liam Livings lives where east London ends and becomes Essex. He shares his house with his boyfriend and cat. He enjoys baking, cooking, classic cars and socialising with friends. He escapes from real life with a guilty pleasure book, cries at a sad, funny and camp film – and he’s been known to watch an awful lot of Gilmore Girls in the name of writing ‘research’.

He has written since he was a teenager, started writing with the hope of publication in 2011. His writing focuses on friendships, British humour, romance with plenty of sparkle.

You can connect with Liam

Twitter @LiamLivings





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