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SPOTLIGHT! HIS TO CLAIM by Sierra Cartwright

SPOTLIGHT! HIS TO CLAIM by Sierra Cartwright


It was only supposed to be a weekend fling…but what will she do when he demands forever?

After a broken heart, Hannah Mills vowed never to offer more than her body to any Dom, but when she volunteers to be the prize at a slave auction benefitting charity, mysterious philanthropist and notorious playboy Mason Sullivan tests her resolve. The moment he sees Hannah, he’s captivated and determined to have her—at least for a weekend.

For Hannah, being claimed by Master Mason is both a dream and a nightmare. He’s devastatingly sexy, far more complicated than she imagined—and relentless when it comes to scaling the walls around her heart. No matter how she resists, layer by layer, he manages to peel her open.

When their time together draws to a close, Hannah must choose between saving her soul or risking her heart.

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About Sierra Cartwright

USA Today Best-Selling Author, Winner of the 2015 Best BDSM Book of the year (Bind), 2015 Reader’s Choice Best Erotic Romance (Bind), 2015 Golden Flogger (Crave), 2014 LASR Book of the Year award (In The Den), 2013 Best BDSM Book of the Year award (Over The Line), Golden Flogger Award 2015 nominee for her books Command, Bind, and Brand, Sierra was born in Manchester, England where she spent her early years traipsing through castles. After living in Denver for a number of years, the internationally acclaimed author now resides in Galveston, Texas. She loves the way history blends with Southern manners (being called “sugar” is an experience unto itself).

She invites you to join her on a sensual journey where the limits are explored and expanded.

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She’s all the wolf he’ll ever need


When SWAT Officer Max Lowry meets Lana Mason, he falls fast and hard. He’s positive she’s The One. And Max’s favorite part? Lana’s a wolf shifter too, so they can skip the awkward reveal and head straight to the happily ever after. There’s just one problem: Lana doesn’t know that she’s a werewolf.


To make matters worse, hunters with intent to kill have tracked Lana to Dallas. Max has to figure out how to keep Lana safe, show her who and what she really is—and just how much she means to him.


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“Speaking of award ceremonies,” she said to Max, “I didn’t see you on the stage getting a commendation, so I’m guessing you must be here to support someone who did?”


He nodded. “Yeah. Some of the members of my team got recognized today. How about you? Your boyfriend getting a commendation?”


Max thought he was being pretty damn smooth, but the smile tugging at Lana’s lips told him she saw right through his deception.


“Nope, no boyfriend,” she said. “Actually, it was my dad. Brandy took forever getting dressed. Then we got stuck in traffic. We barely made it here in time to see him get the award. I had to watch from the back of the auditorium.”


That explained why Max hadn’t picked up Lana’s luscious scent earlier. And while he was relieved she didn’t have a boyfriend, it made him wonder which of his fellow cops getting a commendation this afternoon could possibly have a daughter this smokin’ hot.


Max opened his mouth to ask her who her father was when another DPD officer walked by with a plate filled with a collection of various hors d’oeuvres. While Max wasn’t impressed with the selection of food, Lana looked at the appetizers longingly, even though she still had the ones her friend had given her. Maybe she wasn’t big on squash blossoms. He didn’t blame her.


“Would you like me to get you something else to eat?” he asked.


She glanced down at her plate, then shook her head. “Thanks, but unfortunately, the spinach puffs were the only thing remotely edible, which is probably why they’re all gone. I can’t believe they’re trying to pass this stuff off as food.”


He grinned. “I was just thinking the same thing a little while ago. I’m planning to head out as soon as this thing is over so I can get some real food.”


She leaned in close and gave him a conspiratorial wink. “Maybe we can slip out now while no one is looking. I can drop my car keys off with Brandy and we can disappear into the night. I’d just about kill for a slice of pizza.”


Any other time, Max would have been stoked to hear that. In his opinion, there wasn’t anything sexier than a woman who loved pizza. But right then, all he could think about was how his body was reacting to Lana’s nearness. Not only was his pulse racing, but his claws and fangs were dangerously close to coming out. He only hoped his eyes weren’t turning gold.


On the upside, at least he now knew for sure she was a werewolf. He could smell it in her pheromones. That was probably why they hit it off so well. Well, there was another reason, but he wasn’t about to go there—even if a little wolf voice in the back of his head whispered maybe he should.


Lana was telling him about an awesome pizza place that wasn’t too far away, wondering if he’d be interested in checking it out, but instead of answering her, he went in a completely different direction.


“It’s so cool finding another of our kind here,” he said. “I totally didn’t expect it.”


She didn’t seem to mind that he’d changed the subject, but she looked a bit confused. “Another of our kind? Are you a pescatarian, too?”


Max chuckled. That body and those looks combined with a wicked sense of humor? It was like she was made for him. A werewolf who didn’t eat meat? Now, that was epically funny.


Unless it was true, in which case it was a little strange.


Before he could say anything, Lana leaned over to look at something behind him, her lips curving into a smile. Max turned to see who she was looking at and was a little surprised to find Deputy Chief Hal Mason. The deputy chief was in charge of the police department’s specialized Tactical Division, which included the mounted police, canine unit, helicopter support, EOD, and SWAT. As a high-ranking officer in the department, Mason had to attend every award ceremony, but this time he’d been recognized for his commitment to developing his entire division, especially SWAT.


“Hey, Dad.” Lana stepped around Max to give Mason a hug. “I was looking for you and Mom earlier, but you were deep in conversation with some people and I didn’t want to interrupt.”


Max picked his jaw up from the floor and shoved it back into place. Lana was the deputy chief’s daughter?

Paige Tyler is the USA Today bestselling author of sexy, romantic fiction. She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their adorable fur baby (also known as their dog). Paige graduated with a degree in education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kickbutt heroines who fall in love with them.


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Twitter: @PaigeTyler

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BECAUSE OF MISS BRIDGERTONBecause of Miss Bridgerton Series: Rokesbys #1
Published by Avon Genres: Historical
Source: Publisher


Billie Bridgerton has long known she would likely marry a Rokesby brother.  After all, the Bridgertons and Rokesbys are more family than neighbors and she grew up running wild with Edward, Andrew, and Mary Rokesby.  But when a feral feline rescue goes wrong, it’s George Rokesby, the heir to the earldom, who Billie finds herself stranded with.  George is the one Rokesby Billie cannot abide.  And the feeling is mutual; the two of them are always sniping at each other.


Except…something strange seems to be happening.  Billie feels like she’s truly seeing George for the first time.  And he her.  She couldn’t possibly be falling in love with her favorite nemesis…could she?


Because of Miss Bridgerton is bright, engaging, and utterly charming.  As a longtime fan of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series, I was delighted to get a chance to revisit the beloved family, even if in a prequel series.  The titular Miss Bridgerton in this tale is the aunt of the eight beloved siblings, and the clever, competitive, and endearing apples don’t fall too far from the tree.  Billie is the oldest of the Bridgerton siblings, and as there’s such an age gap between her and her younger brother, for a longtime she was raised almost like a boy.  At twenty-three she runs her family estate, taking an interest in agriculture that would surely scandalize society, and she has no interest in settling down.  Billie assumes she’ll one day marry Edward or Andrew Rokesby, and as they are more like brothers to her she’s in no rush to wed.  George is the one Rokesby who drives her mad.  He seems staid and serious and they constantly needle one another.  George complements Billie perfectly.  Yes, he’s quieter than the rest and has been raised never to forget he will inherit an earldom one day.  But George can match Billie jab-for-jab and when they’re not bickering things get surprisingly heated.


Billie and George have a wonderful slow-burn romance and it was fantastic to watch them unwittingly fall in love with one another.  I loved that George not only accepted Billie for the unusual woman that she was, but adored that about her.  And Billie never pressures George to change, but rather comes to admire and love him for his true nature.  They’re both fairly well-adjusted characters, but in falling in love they come fully into who they’re meant to be and it was lovely to watch.


As I previously mentioned, Because of Miss Bridgerton is a prequel of sorts to the beloved Bridgerton series.  It easily stands on its own, but there are some incredibly fun callbacks to the Bridgerton series.  From the Mallet of Death to the appearance of a couple of jovial (if slightly dim) Berbrookes to the behavior of the wonderful Bridgerton and Rokesby siblings, there’s enough in Because of Miss Bridgerton to satisfy Brigerton fans while not overtaking the story.  All in all, I had a blast reading Billie and George’s book – it’s bright, fun, and has all the charm I’ve come to expect from Ms. Quinn’s writing.  I devoured Because of Miss Bridgerton in one sitting and my only complaint is that I have to wait to read the next Rokesbys book, The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband.


FTC Disclosure: The publisher, author, book tour company has provided me with a copy of this book for review or I have purchased it with my own funds. The opinions I share are mine and not influenced by the publisher, author, or book tour company if received for review.

SWAYING THE MARINE’S LOYALTY by Charlie RichardsSwaying the Marine's Loyalty by Charlie Richards
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Sergeant Armand Zeroni had barely been back to base forty-eight hours after a grueling deployment before the strangest thing happened.  Armand awoke in a bed he didn’t recognize, in a room he didn’t know.  Even crazier was finding General Jackson Parker tied to a chair in another room down the hall.  Releasing his superior the two quietly made their way out of the house and spent a cold night in the forest before coming across Zakhar Kuznetsov, who points them toward the trailhead and freedom.


Believing they’ve successfully evaded their captors Armand and the General are furious when they are recaptured and quickly separated.  It’s disconcerting to realize Zakhar played them and the story Armand is told can’t possibly be true.


It’s a lot for the steady, down to earth marine to swallow.  Stories of shifters, vampires, and secret labs seem too farfetched to be real, yet there must be some truth in the whole thing because Armand has never felt such a powerful desire for another.  If Zakhar is being honest with Armand about their bond maybe the rest of his crazy talk is real as well.


Author Charlie Richards continues to breathe fresh life into her popular long running Wolves of Stone Ridge series.  The thirty-sixth installment is Swaying The Marine’s Loyalty.  Characters deal with another twist in the war between paranormals and scientists bent on their destruction.  This time out Armand Zeroni, a solid marine is brought into their world by way of his beloved Zakhar, a vampire.  Embrace Swaying the Marine’s Loyalty where love and honor actually mean something.



Award Winning Author Cyndi Faria is releasing the next book in her Whisper Cove series, SPIRIT FREED on Valentine’s Day!  She’s excited to share with you Dane and Abigail’s quest for happily-ever-after. The Whisper Cove series is sexy paranormal fantasy with a twist of magic. SPIRIT FREED is an excellent romance to cuddle up with this Valentine’s Day. If you need assurance that undying love is possible…this is the book for you!


Author Cyndi Faria is hosting a SPIRIT FREED Release Day Facebook Party on Valentine’s Day from 4 P.M. – 7 P. M. PST.  Joining her will be various authors including Virna DePaul, Tawny Weber, Rochelle French, Kristen Miller, Anna Stewart, Suzanne Vince, Grace Conley, Marie Boothf, Tina Gower & more. There will be lots of prizes up for grabs including a $50 Amazon eGift Card, autographed books, swag & more! Cyndi would love to see you there!Continue Reading

Giveaway! THE KING’S FATE by Rissa Blakeley

Giveaway! THE KING’S FATE by Rissa Blakeley

Book Title: The King’s Fate Author: Rissa Blakeley Genre: Paranormal Romance,Erotic (M/M & M/F/M) Release Date: June 7, 2016 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions In a world where Fae and Vampire will forever be at odds, a Vampire wins the crown, ruling the Fae Realm for the first time in history. An Incubus, Leolin Kyffin,Continue ReadingContinue Reading

WHISKERS OF A CHANCE by Tempeste O’Riley

The Glacier Rim Tribe of lynx shifters is run by an autocratic Alpha whose ruthless, arrogant leadership style has driven his own grown children away.  Keith Skyler, his widowed sister Taylor, and her son moved to a house on the opposite end of Seattle using the distance to their jobs as the reason.   ButtingContinue Reading

CLAIMED BY THE MATE by Kate Douglas & A.C. Arthur

Feral Passions by Kate Douglas   Dr. Chereza Dubios, known as Cherry, reluctantly agreed to join her younger sister and her best friend on a last minute, for her, vacation at a place called Feral Passions.  It’s a place marketed to be all about women and is run by a group of really, really handsomeContinue Reading

Happy Release! LOVE ON A SUMMER NIGHT by Zoe York

by Zoe York

  Title: Love On A Summer Night Series: Pine Harbour Author: Zoe York Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Day Blitz: November 24 Hosted by: S.B.B. Promotions Never say never. Especially not to a determined bad boy. Zander Minelli is exactly the wrong kind of man. He’s dark, dangerous, and knows far too much about sawed-off shotguns.Continue ReadingContinue Reading


by Virna DePaul

New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Virna DePaul welcomes readers Home to Green Valley! Home to Green Valley marks the beginning of a remarkable contemporary romance series rich with emotion and memorable characters.  Prepare to fall in love with the five Irish O’Neill brothers as they journey to their mother’s birthplace and discover WhatContinue ReadingContinue Reading


Tabitha didn’t want to go to her office holiday party, her instincts told her to miss this one however to be a team player she appeared at it.  When her boss attacks her in the restroom, Tabitha fears the worse until she is saved by two sexy men she noticed in the main room.  Continue Reading


Kat Ramsey is a hard working veterinarian, and she also enjoys ballroom dancing competitions with a great friend.  Kat is beginning to wonder about her sanity, because she has always seemed to appear in a place that isn’t quite home. When in college, she might have even put a curse on a guy who treatedContinue Reading


Tamara Mejia is a human seer.  She’s seen her own murder foretold with a vision of crows.  For that reason Tamara lives each day to its fullest, embracing all that life offers.  Since her teenage years she’s been best friends with Selena Ramos, always knowing that her BFF is something special.   After Selena wasContinue Reading

INFERNAL ICE by Joceline Farrah

INFERNAL ICE by Joceline Farrah

Beneath the sun kissed skies and the glamour of South Beach, Stygians and mortals co-exist under an uneasy alliance. Governed by strict rules known as Stygian protocol, they live by one most sacred and cardinal rule: Never comingle with mortals. Grief stricken, caseworker Jessa Belle Jones loses herself in her job, after the love ofContinue Reading

Featured: FALLING OR FLYING by R. G. Alexander

Featured: FALLING OR FLYING by R. G. Alexander

  Joely knows the island of Eden and its moods better than most. Apilot for itsexclusive clientele and the eyes and ears of Eden’s reclusive Master, she’s finally found a place where she truly belongs. Though kink is as common as coconuts in Eden, she’s not about to risk her position—or her heart—by indulging herContinue Reading

Before We Kiss by Susan Mallery

Before We Kiss by Susan Mallery

Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

EVENING STARS by Susan Mallery

EVENING STARS by Susan Mallery

RISING ASSETS by Rebecca Zanetti

RISING ASSETS by Rebecca Zanetti

WHEN WE MET by Susan Mallery

WHEN WE MET by Susan Mallery

Head to Fool’s Gold with Author Susan Mallery in her latest romance When We Met!

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