Beautiful GIVEAWAY from Eden Bradley!  SANCTUARY (San Francisco Doms)

Beautiful GIVEAWAY from Eden Bradley!
SANCTUARY (San Francisco Doms)




She trusts him with her body…but can he trust himself with her heart?

San Francisco Doms, Book 1

Devin Delaney has never described herself as kinky, despite a rich fantasy life filled with submission scenarios—until her best friend takes her to the Ring, a San Francisco BDSM club, and her senses hum with awakened urges.

One pro Dom in particular works scenes that leave her breathless, and when he unexpectedly invites her on a journey to the darker side of sex—right then, right there—she sinks readily into the sting of addictive desire.

Shaye’s past makes him wary of getting involved with any woman, but when Devin willingly gives herself over to him, something inside him opens up. And he finds himself breaking his own rules to keep her in his arms all night.

When Shaye takes Devin to an exclusive club named Sanctuary, leading her deeper into the BDSM world, Devin’s kinkiest fantasies—and emotions—shift into overdrive. The experience brings them both to the edge of an inner darkness that could seal their bond—or permanently tear it apart.

This book has been previously published and has been revised from its original release.

Product Warnings

An irresistible alpha Dom who’s into flogging, spanking, pinching, hair pulling, and orgasm denial before driving his sub to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. Contains extreme kink. You might want to bring a blindfold…and pack an extra pair of panties.


Shaye Vincent. The ultimate Dominant. The ultimate bad-boy-gone-very, very good.


Shaye is a bit of a conundrum. He’s beautiful yet utterly masculine. Wealthy and sophisticated but street smart. Completely Dominant-he won’t let you forget that for one single second-and yet he has a soft side that comes out when you need it most. He is the perfect combination of wickedness and tenderness. The kind of man who will spank you until you cry, then kiss your tears away. And he is modeled after the one who got away…


Here is a list of 10 of his favorite things, in no particular order:

~1. The scent of a woman’s skin, especially when she’s aroused. Pheromones!

~2. A good cup of strong coffee-one of life’s necessities.

~3. San Francisco, an ever-changing city of progressive thinkers and some of the best food to be found anywhere.

~4. The Pacific Ocean, whether sunny or foggy-always beautiful. Even better when seen from the Golden Gate Bridge.

~5. The smell of leather.

~6. A fast car.

~7. A faster motorcycle.

~8 Everything about Devin, but especially her gorgeous, long auburn hair and that sensual curve at her waist where his hand fits perfectly.

~9. The lovely blush of Devin’s ass after a spanking.

~10. That moment right before he’s ready to drift off to sleep after a night of amazing kinky sex when they’re both worn out in the best way possible, and she’s curled in his arms…pausing to really breathe her in as his eyes close…



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New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Eden Bradley has appeared regularly on Playboy Radio and conducts workshops on writing craft and writing about sex, with an emphasis on kink. She is a strong believer in positive female sexuality and the power of love!

When not writing you can find her wandering museums, getting tattooed, buying shoes and too much lip gloss (really-does any woman need 6 or 8 shades in her purse at any given time??) and spoiling her beloved Boston Terrier puppy Voodoo.




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