Giveaway! TESTING THE BOSS by Mallory Crowe

Giveaway! TESTING THE BOSS by Mallory Crowe

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Billionaire Luke Devereaux gets what he wants and what he wants right now is to bring down the shady organization threatening his family. Teaming up with the FBI is his only option–even if that option comes in the sultry Evelyn Price, the ice-princess who’s all business.

Refusing to be distracted by the sexy, rich playboy, Evelyn forces herself to stay focused on the case, gearing up for the criminal takedown of her entire career. As the enemy closes in with Evelyn as its next target, it’s up to Luke to keep them out of danger. The more they work to protect each other, and fight for control, the harder it is to resist their undeniable attraction.

And the one thing Evelyn has learned from working with him is that Luke Devereaux gets what he wants.


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Luke shook his head. “Come on. Screw that. Let’s do some real training.”

He approached her and she was fascinated by the ripple of his muscles as he moved. “Real training?” she murmured.

“Like you wouldn’t want a chance to kick my ass?” He stopped just a foot away.

Her eyes widened as she finally got a hold of her libido and realized what he was saying. “You want to fight me?” she asked incredulously.

“No. I want you to teach me how you fight. I’ve had a bit of training and would like to see how I stack up next to a trained cop.”

“Agent,” she corrected. “And you know I can wipe the floor with you, right?”

He shrugged. “Maybe. But I am bigger. And probably stronger.”

“But not smarter.” She smirked. Seriously, if he thought he could take her, he was out of his mind. Even with a leg that wasn’t up to par, she had been training to take down guys bigger and stronger than her from before she even entered the academy.

“I’ve gotten into one or two brawls, Evelyn. And I played football in the South. That shit gets intense.”

She let out a laugh. “High school football! I’ve taken down cartel leaders, murderers, and gangsters. Not exactly the same thing. I can take you in a heartbeat.”

He raised a brow. “Then prove it.”

A surge of adrenaline shot through Evelyn as she stared down Luke. “Fine. Move the weight bench and try not to break your head open when I knock you on your ass.”

He smiled in a way that told her that he wasn’t going to go down easy and she held her ground while he moved the bench. Probably the first time he actually did what she told him to. Once it was moved, they at least had a little room to move around. The ground wasn’t padded like she was used to while training, but a few bruises would do Luke some good. But she would give him one consolation. Holding onto her weight rack for support, she flipped off her tennis shoes and Luke followed suit.

The tension swirled in the air and she could tell Luke was probably just as excited about this as she was.

Once everything was moved out of the way, Luke stood a few feet away from her and she stood with her feet shoulder width apart, as they eyed each other cautiously. “How do we do this?” He shifted his weight.

She smiled confidently at him. “Come at me.”

A flash of uncertainty crossed his face. “What if I hurt you?”

She snorted. “You’re not going to hurt me.”

“You sound pretty sure of that.”

“I’m one hundred percent sure of that,” she warned. “If anyone is in danger, it’s you. Now, are you going to come at me or are you going to get on the treadmill to do a normal workout?”

He growled low in his throat at her threat and she knew that she’d pushed him enough. She tensed and narrowed her eyes as she looked for any sign that he was about to come at her.

And it wasn’t long before he lunged.



Tell us about your Love Affair with Writing


Love Affair is a great term to describe my relationship with writing. Because it’s an all encompassing part of my life that takes me away from my husband constantly….


I think of my relationship with writing in multiple phases: Daydreaming, doing what everyone told me to do and Career.


Daydreaming was my life until after college. I became a frantic reader around the time I was 12, and the constant flow of books fueled the stories going on in my head. I had a thought about going to school for creative writing, but my family, rightfully concerned for my future, convinced me to go to school for business so I’d always have something to fall back on that made money. So I went off to college and kept on reading while taking heavy course loads. It was only after I became a CPA that I realized I was in a good spot financially and could start taking risks.


Doing What Everyone Told Me To Do: I never really wrote as a hobby. I started right out of the gate knowing I wanted to write something I could sell. When I first started writing, I genre hopped constantly. Because I wanted to sell my work and what the publishing houses wanted was changing constantly. One year I had a vampire book, the next year a romantic suspense. This was all very frustrating at the time, but delving into these different worlds and story structures was the best writing school I could’ve asked for. But then I stumbled into the world of self-publishing. Something I never thought I could do. And from there the direction I should take became much clearer…


Career: Once I decided that I was going to make this happen, I was all in. My business background became a huge asset as I made a plan for the entire Billionaires In The City series. I threw myself into the series, for the first time not feeling constrained to meet anyone’s standards but mine and, hopefully, my future readers.


Now that writing is such an ingrained part of my life, I feel so blessed. It’s been a whirlwind ride and it’s great to have a career where, even though it’s the hardest job I’ve ever had, it doesn’t feel like I’m working. And I’m grateful for every day of this strange journey.





Teaching the Boss (Billionaires in the City #1)


Business-school student April Morgan is ready to graduate–from school, from the secretary pool, and from never-gonna-happen fantasies involving Sam Hunt, her hunky billionaire boss. But when Sam’s girlfriend of the week pushes her too far, April finds herself quitting on the spot with only a mountain of student loan debt to keep her company. In steps Sam’s worst enemy, his father, with a job offer she can’t refuse.

Sam was born into privilege, but refused to live life with a silver spoon in his mouth. After a decade of hard work, he’s on the verge of taking his business public and proving to his tyrannical family that he can make it without their help. When he finds out that April is working for his father, he knows she’s been turned into a pawn in his father’s twisted games.

Despite Sam’s warnings, April is determined to prove she doesn’t need him to make in New York City. But when she finds documents that could lead to Sam losing everything he’s worked for, April realizes that she and Sam have to work together to save the empire they’ve both worked to build.

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Teasing the Boss (Billionaires in the City #2)


Premier business consultant Simon West can turn around any struggling billion dollar corporation in New York City, but he can’t get what he wants most: revenge against Mark DuFord. The slick investment banker’s shady dealing led to Simon’s best friend’s suicide. Wealthy, and well-protected by the political influence he’s been able to purchase, DuFord has become untouchable—or so he thinks. But when DuFord’s former girlfriend asks Simon for help, he knows that Grace Bell is the weapon he needs to finally destroy his enemy completely. All Simon has to do is pretend to love her.

Grace Bell knows that approaching hot-shot Simon West to save her business is a long shot, but she’s desperate. After growing up with a family that expected her to be a happy housewife, she’d proved them all wrong when she became the go-to event-coordinator in New York City. But after the tabloids took a completely innocent picture of her with a married senator and misinterpreted the situation, she’s losing clients left and right. When she approaches Simon and begs for his help to resuscitate the business she put her heart and soul into, she never expects him to agree. Or that the payment would be posing as his lover as an excuse to get close to her ex.

Simon knows if he goes forward with his plan, it’s only a matter of time before Mark realizes what they’re up to and Mark’s enemies have a way ending up broke, in jail or six feet under. As Simon and Grace grow closer, Simon must decide if putting her in the line of fire is worth avenging the past.


Tempting the Boss (Billionaires in the City #3)


As the CEO of a multi-billion dollar retail chain, Victoria Green isn’t used to asking for help, especially not from too attractive for their own good repairmen like Dean Carey. After Victoria is attacked at her own party and Dean fights off the culprit, she’s forced to tell him her secret: Victoria’s father is on his deathbed, and her brother, who nearly ran the company into the ground, might be willing to do anything to make sure controlling interest goes to him.

Dean wants nothing to do with the ice princess CEO, even if he can’t keep his eyes off certain… assets of hers. He’s got enough on his plate between trying to get enough work to pay the bills and raising his little sister who’s growing up much too fast for his liking. Despite his misgivings, when Victoria offers him a blank check if he will keep his mouth shut about what he saw and shadow her until she can hire a more qualified bodyguard, he can’t bring himself to turn down that kind of cash.

Over the next few days, Dean learns Victoria isn’t as cold as he first thought and Victoria realizes that Dean is so much more than a handyman. But someone wants her dead and if they don’t figure out who and stop them, they might never get their happily ever after.


Trusting The Boss (Billionaires in the City, #4) 


Billionaire heiress Emma Devaroux has been living a safe-yet-mundane existence in Georgia for too long, but when she learns her sister, Joslyn, has been arrested, she heads to New York City to find out what really happened. Unfortunately, as an unemployed debutante, she’s not exactly qualified to be leading an investigation. But help is at hand in the form of the handsome, former military man Jace Lance who happens to be the one who got her sister arrested in the first place.

Jace thinks Emma is crazy for even considering working with him since he’s the one who stopped Joslyn from killing his former client. However, he can’t deny that the sexy southerner is in over her head when her tycoon cousins try to hire him to make sure Emma doesn’t find out the truth about what really caused her sister’s murderous actions.

As they begin to uncover the truth together –and get to know each other intimately – it becomes clear that the more answers they get, the more danger Emma is in. Jace is determined to protect her, but how can he keep her safe when her whole family is in on the conspiracy?
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Touching The Boss (Billionaires in the City, #5) 

He’s tall.
He’s sexy.
He’s a criminal.
And he’s her boss.

Lacking enough evidence to go the police and not enough money in her bank account to quit on a moral basis, Lori Briggs is stuck, and it’s quite clear that her boss, the criminal mastermind, intends to start mixing business with pleasure.

Michael Devereaux will do anything to protect his family’s interests–even if it means posing as a criminal for an undercover FBI operation. He’s got to keep Lori close, and his enemies closer. But when the intimacy with Lori deepens, Michael must decide what’s more important: his family or his heart?


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Mallory Crowe has lived in Michigan her whole life and has been in love with romance ever since she’d skip to the end of every novel, just to make sure the hero and heroine survived and ended up together. She lives with her husband and three dogs. When she’s not writing, she’s spending too much time in front of the TV, hiking, or working with various animal rescues.



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