Featured Interview with Author Serena Fairfax

Featured Interview with Author Serena Fairfax

The JR Bunnies are happy to welcome Author Serena Fairfax!

Current work and inspiration?


My latest release is SPARKS, which is published as an e-book by Siren Bookstrand. The link is www.bookstrand.com/sparks-fairfax.  It’ll be available from Amazon in four weeks time. It’s a sizzling, erotic romance and here’s a tempting snippet about it.


Crave sexcitement? Satisfaction is just a tap away. When dreams of marriage and children are dashed, auctioneer Felicity Hume recklessly plays a dangerously different dating game. Little does she suspect that the one-night -stand with red-hot tycoon Seth Duggan will not only prove unforgettable but will zing her life into the fast lane and turn her humdrum existence upside down. As Seth lays down new rules and demands a lot, the emotional tension between them reaches tipping point. The biological clock is counting down and, desperate to take charge of her life, Felicity embarks on the fraught path of freezing her eggs. After a business deal turns sour, Felicity’s new world, divided between London and the mysterious Mediterranean island of Malta, looks as fragile as ever, just as Seth’s touch still taunts her. But losing’s never an option for Seth. Has Felicity met her match?


I’d been on vacation to Malta and thought it would make a different and romantic backdrop for Seth and Felicity. They certainly have some highly charged spicy moments together there.


What inspired you to write in your genre? Is this the genre you started writing in or have you morphed into this one?


I like challenges so set myself a test to see if I could write erotic fiction. I must have succeeded because Siren Bookstrand signed me up and have published all five of my erotic romances (LOVING THAT FEELING, ALCHEMY, TANGO, KISMET and SPARKS) so I expect I’m doing something right. Erotic romance was not the genre I started out with. My first two novels are what is now called “sweet romances” – pretty chaste- then I wrote WHERE THE BULBUL SINGS, a mainstream, multi-generational with a romantic theme. IN THE PINK  which is wry and quirky then followed and since that’s difficult to pigeonhole it into any particular genre, I describe it as an “entertainment.”


Name one thing that your readers would be surprised to know about you.


I can’t abide household chores, who does? but I make a virtue out of a necessity by turning it into fitness routine. In other words, I don’t need to leave the house to do strength, cardio and endurance exercises. I slip on trainers, tune into jazzy music and pick up the pace, racing up and down the stairs, then arm-toning by lifting the laundry basket to a 90 degree angle and doing stretches and split lunges as I hoover the carpets.


Do you have a guilty pleasure?


I have many!  One’s  a nut obsession. I love eating all kinds: peanuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, brazil nuts, pine nuts, roasted chestnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, etc.  Whenever I go on vacation abroad, I love to try out indigenous nuts. For instance in Australia, the red bopple nut is regarded as bush food and in Papua New Guinea, the karuka nut is widely eaten, and who can resist the flesh and juice of an Indian coconut?  Then there’re pili nuts that have been   harvested in the Philippines for many hundreds of years.


How old were you when you read your first romance book?


I think I must have been about 15. The author was Barbara Cartland, a prolific writer of romances who wrote 700 titles that sold in excess of 1000 million and they invariably featured dashing, wealthy heroes, pretty and submissive heroines and, of course, a happy ever after ending.


What TV shows are you addicted to?


The Great British Bake Off that features lots of scrumptious, high calorie cakes and pastries and Downton Abbey in respect of which I can’t wait to view series 6.


Do you have a favorite movie you have seen in the last few months and an all-time favorite?


“The Theory of Everything” ticks all the boxes – Eddie Redmayne won an Oscar for best actor – and an all-time favorite is Disney’s “The Jungle Book.” I love the soundtrack, in particular the song “ The Bare Necessities.” In fact, I’m humming that now.


Where can readers find you?


Here’s where they’ll catch me:-


Website        http://www.serenafairfax.com/

Blog             http://www.serenafairfax.com/serena_fairfax_author_blog/

Email           info@serenafairfax.com

LinkedIn       http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/serena-fairfax/4a/852/a67

Twitter          http://klout.com/user/Sefairfax?n=tw&v=connect_twitter

Facebook     http://www.facebook.com/serenafairfax




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