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Avery Grant has been through a rough patch, she gave up her career to move home to help take care of her ailing parents. She married a man that she did not love and he almost bankrupted her family’s farm. Now she is going to get what she wants and for over twenty years she has wanted Kade Martin.

Kade has been attracted to his sister’s best friend for twenty years. In the beginning Avery was too innocent, then she was married and he was busy working hard and playing harder.

The plan is simple.

After tonight’s party for their godson’s engagement, Avery is going home with Kade. One night of sex with no strings.

That’s the plan.



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This domineering side of Kade was the man she had fantasized about being with. Avery moistened her lips as she prepared her answer, “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Oh God,” his lips continue teasing her sensitive neck. It was so hard to form words, lost in the feeling. “I, uhm, I like this. I like your hands on me.” She tilted her head further so that he would have better access to her sensitive skin.

Kade chuckled, “Very good, Avery. For the record, I’ve wanted you for a long time. Christ, you were still a shy teenager when I wanted you the first time. I remember watching you spread suntan lotion on your body, your oil covered hands touching your skin. I was home on leave, but back then you were too innocent for me. So I stayed away, I knew it wasn’t the right time. I’ve been waiting for that time to come. I won’t stay away tonight.”




-Please Tell us about your novel

Avery and Kade have known each other for over 20 years. Kade’s sister was Avery’s college roommate and her best friend. There has always been attraction between the two, but neither has acted upon it. When they are invited to their godson’s engagement party, they decide to give the couple a joint gift and then those talks become more frequent. They find that they like each other and the pull of the attraction is strong. Neither is involved in a relationship so they agree that after they will hook-up. One night of hot sex after all of these years, but things don’t always go as planned.

-Where can readers find you online?, Melanie Jayne, Author on Facebook, @mjsmut on twitter and Goodreads

-When you are stuck on something, what is your cure?

I nap. I process a lot in my sleeping state. I go to sleep with a problem and usually wake up with a solution. Plus I like to nap, so it is a great excuse.

-Do you have a real life hero?

My mom, Betty Jayne Hill. By nature she wasn’t a brave person but she overcame so many hurdles in her life. She always hoped for the best and thought the best of people. She had me at age 36, her only child, and raised me to believe in myself and to always move forward. I watched her battle cancer bravely and without complaint. She knew that she was dying, she weighed 84 pounds, yet she helped me plan my wedding and she wrote out words of advice that would help me in life. She had many friends and touched many lives because she was a good person, always ready to help with a huge smile and an open heart.

-Who is your favorite literary hero and heroine?  This is really difficult, I am going to list the first to pop into my head. Hero- Lord Peter Winsey from the mystery series by Dorothy L. Sayers. Post WW1 London, a brilliant Lord who carries mental scars from the war. He has beautiful manners, many contacts and the ever faithful servant, Bunter. Peter isn’t the typical handsome hero, but after quite a chase, he wins the woman of his dreams. Heroine- Keely McKay Donohue from the Rough Riders Series by Lorelei James. A head-strong cowgirl, sexy, smart and hard working. I want to hang out with Keely, maybe even have her back in a bar fight. She lives life to the fullest and loves with her entire heart.

-Are you character or plot driven and why?

I’m plot driven. The way my brain works is that the entire story comes to me relatively complete. I have the basic characters and their traits but as I write, their personalities become much clearer.

-How do you feel about social media? Is it a help or a hindrance?

Keep in mind that I am 51 years old, so I grew up in a time when, if you wanted to talk to your friend in another city, you wrote a letter- by hand. My dad had me convinced that a long distance phone call was really expensive so I never considered calling. Today, I love that I can talk to friends anywhere and almost anytime. BUT, I waste so much time. I need a lock on my computer because I can get involved with a thread and lose and hour. Right now, I don’t have time to waste.

-What are the first five titles on your Kindle?

I’ve been re-reading some favorites. I just finished a new release. Earlier today, I moved the final book in a series that I have put off reading because the books always scare me in a good way.

Rock Chick Reckoning by Kristen Ashley

Beyond Control by Kit Rocha

Chasin’ Eight by Lorelei James

The Master by Kresley Cole

Dust to Dust by Karin Halle

-Where do you see yourself and your writing in the next five years?

I hope to still be happily working away. I have an aggressive plan for the next 15 months, including a paranormal series that I have outlined, for early 2016, if only to get it out of my head. I love writing and I hope to improve my skills, create stories, and characters that readers can connect with and remember.

-How many books do you own and what does your bookshelf look like?

I live in a really old house that was started in the 1840’s and it has a library. My husband has tried to turn into a sports themed room but since there are floor to ceiling shelves on two walls, ha ha, books win! I have books in the library, upstairs by my bed, in every room. In my purse, I carry my Kindle and at work, I have a secret drawer that has paperbacks stashed. I have thousands of books, paper, hard and e. I love books.

-What advice do you have for people that are trying indie publishing right out of the gate?

Hello- that is me. I am learning as I go along. Decide what you want out of your writing career and how much time you will need to devote to achieve your goal. Seek out people who indie publish and ask questions, listen to their answers-take notes and then follow up with more questions. (I pepper Jayne Rylon)  At conventions/meetings, attend the panels that can help, the panels take place in rooms- not in the bar. Find an awesome editor and work WITH them. Always have a back-up plan. I lost my first choice of cover artist and formatter at the last minute. I had to scramble but with help, we got the book in on time. Listen to the advice that makes sense to you, there is a lot of info out there but in the end, you are in charge of your product. Good Luck! It is an exciting ride.

-What do you find inspiring?

When I was really little, I watched a foal take her first steps after being born. I still remember the awe of watching the little legs straighten and hold her weight. When I need a lift, I listen to music – Girl power music, Gwen Stefani and Pink work for me. If I am really troubled, I try to sit on my screened-in porch or look out the window and watch nature- that centers me.

-Do you have a favorite charity?

I support many. My local library in Shelbyville, Indiana, Paws for a Cause, I try to take part in the Komen Race for the Cure in Indy every year, to name a few.

-Your family is safe and sound. You have 24 hours to live and have been given the ability to do anything in the world, what do you do?

Have a cookout at my house, gather my friends, family and friends of my friends. We eat good food, talk and laugh, the kids and dogs can play. At dusk, we can chase lightening bugs, maybe light sparklers. Somebody whips out a guitar and we sing camp songs. There will be ice cream and s’mores. We make a wonderful memory.



Melanie Jayne Headshot

I live on a grain farm southeast of Indianapolis, Indiana with my very patient husband of twenty-five years and our two English Mastiffs, Buster Brown and Ginger. I graduated from Indiana University when it was the #1 party school in the country and I took great pride in helping the school achieve that ranking.

I haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up. I change careers every decade. I have worked in retail, a federal courtroom, travelled across the state closing loans, and behind the scenes in a casino.

I’ve always had an active imagination so when a good friend suggested that I try writing a book, I thought why not, it should be fun. It has, but I have had to work very hard to learn how to do it. I am so lucky for the outpouring of advice and education from so many in the industry, plus the hand-holding and cheerleading from My Gurls. I also have an incredible Ad-man-istrative Assistant, who tries to keep me under control. He rolls his eyes so much that I worry about a permanent condition.

When I ‘m not working or writing type stuff, I sleep, watch courtroom TV shows, and sports. I was a competitive pro-am ballroom dancer for ten years and I read as many books as I can.

​I love to attend Author-Reader Conventions and look forward to meeting you.












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