Spotlight Interview with Author JoAnne Meyers

Spotlight Interview with Author JoAnne Meyers

Wicked Intentions

Author JoAnne Myers has stopped by to talk about Wicked Intentions


Hi JoAnn why don’t you tell us a little about your anthology Wicked Intentions and what inspired you to write it:

The stories just came to me over a five month period. This book was easy to write it is available by Melange Books.


When you start writing, do you already have the story plotted out or do you let the characters dictate what will happen?

I mostly have the story plotted in my head.


What inspired you to write in your genre?  Is this the genre you started writing in or have you morphed to this one?

This is a new genre for me. I started out with true crime. Wicked Intentions was a fun book for me to write.


Who was the toughest character for you to “get right” that you have written so far?

My hero in Murder Most Foul, F.B.I. Agent Walker Harmon. It took me several years to write that book.


Do you draw inspiration for your characters from real life? Any fun stories you could share?

Yes many of my characters come from real life persons. Nothing I want to mention in print though.


What do you find the hardest part of writing?

When to end the story.


Name one thing that your readers would be surprised to know about you.

That I over eat.


Do you have a guilty pleasure?



What TV Show/s are you addicted to?

True crime


JoAnn Tucker

And for the silly side –

What is your favorite type of ice cream? 


Chocolate almond


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