A DEVIL IN DISGUISE by Caitlin Crews

A DEVIL IN DISGUISE by Caitlin Crews

A DEVIL IN DISGUISE by Caitlin CrewsA Devil in Disguise by Caitlin Crews
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Harlequin Mills & Boon, Limited

Reviewed by Vanessa


Drusilla “Dru” Bennett worked for the competitive Cayo Vila for five years to pay off some debts.  Once those were finally cleared, and she knew how he really felt about her, she hands in her resignation for her PA position.  Cayo is reluctant to let the very efficient Drusilla go.  He is also very surprised to see her without her professional, icy mask that she had employed over the years.  Cayo means to hang on to Dru by any means necessary, and so he attempts to employ some questionable methods to realize that goal.  Soon Dru realizes exactly what she has released in prodding this devil in disguise, because he just can’t accept no as an answer.

A Devil in Disguise was priceless and extremely amusing, while still evoking a sort of emotional connection between the characters and the readers.  A Devil in Disguise had me rooting for Dru to show Cayo up, while at the same time feeling a little drawn to him as well.  The lengths that Dru went to in order to avoid Cayo in the beginning were gratifying.  I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that while Cayo attempted to go the route of the typical HP hero in the end, he was unable to because he really couldn’t. The fact that Dru stood up to Cayo several times in A Devil in Disguise was quite refreshing as well.     

It was very satisfying that Cayo admits to himself that Dru throws him off balance in A Devil in Disguise, and early on to boot.  He soon realizes that because of a past incident, his roosters have finally come home to roost and Cayo needs to deal with them in A Devil in Disguise.  Cayo lies to himself about so many things, and Dru can’t stand the fact that she has this weakness, but watching these two come together in A Devil in Disguise is enthralling! A Devil in Disguise had me from the very first line and didn’t let go until the last.  I enjoyed all the byplay between Cayo and Dru, their growth and understanding of the deeper aspects of their characters, their realization that what they had hidden away was finally seeping out and making them take notice of things in A Devil in Disguise.  I liked that Cayo called it what it was with Dru’s character flaws, and showed her that things aren’t always what they seem.  I have to comment that while on the surface Cayo seems like the devil in A Devil in Disguise, I found myself wondering if Dru could fit that role as well.  That made the story even better for me, because I never felt like she would lie there and take things once her disguise had been kicked to the curb.  Everything about A Devil in Disguise was just so gratifying that I HAVE to Joyfully Recommend A Devil in Disguise.

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