A MAN TO HOLD by Marilyn Pappano

A MAN TO HOLD by Marilyn Pappano

A MAN TO HOLD by Marilyn Pappano
A Man to Hold on To
by Marilyn Pappano

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Reviewed by Vanessa

A Tallgrass Novel A MAN TO HOLD ON TO Therese Matheson doesn't know if she'll ever get over losing her husband in Afghanistan. Surviving Paul's death has been hard, but raising his sullen son and his thirteen-going-on-thirty daughter alone has been even harder. All they need is a fresh start, and Tallgrass, Oklahoma, could be the perfect new beginning . . . especially when Therese meets Sergeant Keegan Logan. The sexy combat medic and single dad soon awakens a desire she'd thought long buried.Keegan always wanted to be a father . . . someday. So when his ex-girlfriend disappears, leaving her daughter in his care, Keegan's hands are tied. He has to find the girl's father. His search leads him to Tallgrass and to a beautiful brunette widow who has no idea her husband was ever unfaithful. What begins as a friendship soon ignites into something far more and gives him the courage to be the kind of man-and father-he always dreamt he could be. But his secret still stands between them. Can Keegan reveal the truth and convince Therese they share something too special to lose-a love that can bring two families together?


Therese Matheson doesn’t know if she will ever be able to move on from losing her husband, Paul, in the war.  It doesn’t help that she is struggling to bring up his two children that his selfish ex-wife has virtually abandoned.  Therese believes that if she can just be on her own, all will be well with her world.  Yet, she is struggling with that decision and continuing to live in a stalemate situation, until she meets a handsome single father medic who claims to have known her deceased husband.  Will she be able to feel whole again with Keegan, or will his secret destroy her in the end? 

Keifer “Keegan” Logan is on a mission to find the father of the little girl he has been saddled with.  However, he never expected that man to be deceased, or that he had a wife he’d left behind!  Keegan finds that he is drawn to the beautiful widow, but he harbors a secret that could destroy her. Will he be able to fulfill his dreams in a different way, or will they both walk away?

A Man to Hold on To was a heartbreaking story with all the complexities of life and the uncertainties of tomorrow creeping in.  A Man to Hold on To brought out the frailties of the human existence and the decisions that are made in order to protect vulnerabilities without completely leaving oneself open to more suffering and rejection.  All the answers weren’t to be found in A Man to Hold on To but, in the end, they no longer mattered because those paths led to a HEA for so many more. 

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Keegan and Therese in A Man to Hold on To.  I found their actions and choices to be consistent with people in that situation looking for the easier path.  However, I applaud them for realizing that way wouldn’t be as fulfilling as the rougher way they ultimately chose.  It was hard reading at times when the kids were considered in the situations that they were dealt in A Man to Hold on To, but I liked the message that ultimately came out of A Man to Hold on To

Neither Therese nor Keegan were without fault in A Man to Hold on To in dealing with the children, but they came to realize and own their faults in the story, and moved to correct them.  Keegan and Therese grew through their journey and ultimately enhanced one another in A Man to Hold on To.  I did find that there was some questionable timing issues in A Man to Hold on To, but the overall tale of love seemed more realistic and less fairytale-ish than other novels.  I walked away believing that Therese loved Keegan more than her deceased husband, as his betrayal didn’t seem to break her heart, but she knew she couldn’t live without Keegan.  A Man to Hold on To was completely engrossing and heartfelt, and I therefore Joyfully Recommend it! 

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