AN HEIRESS FOR HIS EMPIRE by Lucy MonroeAn Heiress for His Empire by Lucy Monroe
Series: Ruthless Russians
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Harlequin

Reviewed by Melissa

The story: Innocent debutante Madison Archer has hit the headlines for a scandal not of her making. Now, marriage to the unscrupulous Viktor Beck is the only way to save what's left of her reputation! The contract: Maddie has always featured in Viktor's plans to take over her father's company and expand his empire. The intense attraction between them only sweetens the deal he's offered…. The secret: Though love doesn't beat in Viktor's heart, he'll show Maddie just how hot their chemistry can be. But even this corporate shark is in for a shock—his wild socialite is still a virgin!

Madison Archer has loved Viktor Beck for years. She tried long ago to make him see her as a desirable woman but he rebuffed her. Now Maddie is faced with a terrible scandal in the tabloids because of a so called friend who spread lies about her for money. Her father is infuriated and insists that Maggie chose between several men he has selected to lead his company, among them is Viktor. She must marry the man she chooses immediately to counter the scandal. It’s always been Viktor for Maddie so she allows him to convince her to go along with her father’s plan and choose him. Viktor has always wanted Maddie but was sure she was too young before, now her father has played right into his plans. He desires Maddie not only as a woman but also for business reasons. Can Maddie turn desire into love? Or is she destined to love a man who will never love her?



Can I just say this maybe my favorite Lucy Monroe book in years?! I always love to read her books but with An Heiress for His Empire she has hooked me again. Maddie and Viktor are both blinded to how the other really feels. Add to that the devious friend and Maddie’s less than functional relationship with her father and you have a book that keeps you turning the pages. Joyfully Recommended for all readers who are looking for an addictive read!!!

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