Archangel's Shadows
by Nalini Singh

Series: Guild Hunters #7
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo


New York is finally able to take a deep breath after the Archangel war that just happened.  Ashwini (“Ash”) is also able to take the time to heal from the severe wounds she received as part of a deep shadow team that went behind enemy lines to help defeat them.  Now Ash is healed but not released yet and the inaction is driving her up the wall, well that and a certain sexy Cajun vampire who took such good care of her.  But Ash is beyond ready to show the Guild that she is ready to be back on active duty.


Janvier is a street savvy Cajun vampire who was an independent contractor until recently when he agreed to become one of Raphael’s people.  Part of that was because he respects the Archangel who controls New York and how he treats his people and part of it is so that he can stay very close to his lovely smartass Hunter.  A Hunter that Janvier would give almost anything to call his own and to live the rest of his almost immortal life with.


What should have been a cake walk assignment for Ash becomes something much deadlier as loose threads prove that a new threat has come to New York and the Guild and Tower will need to work together to discover exactly who is behind this new threat and how to destroy it.  Ash and Janvier team up once again on this new hunt with a little assistance from their third team member, Naasir.  While this hunt is going on, Ash is having more trouble not accepting all that Janvier wants to give her.  But Ash has a deep secret she has been hiding from everyone – one that has affected everything Ash has done since she was a teenager.  As the danger mounts, Ash finally gives into the passion that has shimmered between her and Janvier for so long and she tells him everything about her past and future.  Janvier finally has his Ash but is he willing to accept the future laid out or can he find a way to have Ash forever?


A Hunter and a vampire are one kick ass team together and it looks like fate has given them the chance to be a kick ass personal team too, if they are willing to take a chance in Archangel’s Shadows. After so many glimpses of Ash and Janiver coming right up to the line but never grabbing the passion that was waiting for them, I was very excited to finally read their book.  For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why Ash always cooled off their encounters, but I soon learned her reason and what she has been fighting for so long.  I was so happy when Ash and Janiver became a team personally as well as professionally.  I also loved how Janiver not only never gave up on Ash but fought for finding her an answer so that their forever really could be forever.  This new team that Raphael and Elena have is going to be very formidable for a long time coming.

I loved Archangel’s Shadows so much that I ended up reading it twice before I even tried to write this review.  And let me tell you that the second time was just as wonderful as the first time.  Besides Ash and Janiver’s story, I also enjoyed seeing how the others were doing after the battle and getting a glimpse of what the future will bring.  Archangel’s Shadows is an action packed story full of romance and suspense, places that will make you smile and ones that will make you sad.  From the first page until the last you will not want to put this book down until Ash and Janiver have reached their endless forever and for this reason and so many more, I have Joyfully Recommended Archangel’s Shadows as a must read.

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