ARCTIC BOUND by Tigris Eden

ARCTIC BOUND by Tigris Eden

ARCTIC BOUND by Tigris Eden
Arctic Bound
by Tigris Eden

Series: Arctic Wolves #1
Published by Self Published Genres: BDSM, Interracial, Paranormal
Source: Author


Scarred both mentally and physically from a fire that killed her parents, Nerina Simpson is on the run from her deceased father’s well-known crime family.  For the past six months, she has found solitude on the outskirts of a small Alaskan town.  On the eve of a winter storm, she meets and instantly butts head with Victor Canidae.


Victor Canidae is the Alpha heir and come spring, he will officially become the leader.  He takes his responsibility seriously and will do whatever it takes to protect the pack.  So, when a human takes up residence in his town, Victor lets Nerina Simpson know that she is not welcomed.  However, there is something about her that instantly draws him to her.  It is not long before they are caught up in a hot romance adventure.


With Victor betrothed to mate with a pure-breed werewolf and Nerina hiding from her very dangerous criminal family, what will become of their newly found love affair?


Wow!  Readers, hold tightly because once you dive into Arctic Bound you will be taken on a wild rollercoaster of a ride.  Tigris Eden has successfully crafted an awesome page-turner filled with suspenseful twists and turns.  I was dangling on the edge of my seat eager to discover just how the storyline would unfold.  I am totally spellbound by Arctic Bound and am fervently awaiting the next thrilling installment.


There is never a dull moment to be found in Ms. Eden’s penmanship.  The chemistry between Nerina and Victor sparks hot and bright.  They are an equally matched couple both in and out of bed.  As an Alpha, Victor needs a mate that will stand toe-to-toe with him and he found that in Nerina as she is a kick-ass heroine with mad fighting skills.  This made for some exciting, dangerous, spine-tingling, passionate, and action-packed scenes.  This is one book not to be missed.


I Joyfully Recommend Arctic Bound as a must read!

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