BACKWOODS by Jill Sorenson

BACKWOODS by Jill Sorenson

BACKWOODS by Jill SorensonBackwoods by Jill Sorenson
Series: Aftershock #4
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Harlequin

Reviewed by Vanessa

The more you trust, the more you risk… When plans for a wilderness retreat with her teenage daughter Brooke go awry, Abby Hammond reluctantly pairs up with Brooke's stepbrother and his dad, Nathan Strom, for the weeklong trek. The only thing Abby has in common with the bad-boy former pro athlete is that their exes cheated with each other. That…and a visceral attraction that's growing more complicated with every step through the picturesque woods. Nathan's wild-card reputation lost him his career and his family. After years of regret, he's ready to fight for what truly matters—and that includes Abby's hard-won trust. When Brooke goes missing, Nathan knows he's her best and only hope of rescue. But the deeper into the rugged mountains they go, the more dangerous the territory will prove—for their safety and for their hearts.


Abby Hammond is always picking up the pieces from her negligent ex, and now she finds herself on a camping trip with her teenage daughter, Brooke.  Abby doesn’t do roughing it, but she will do whatever possible to make her daughter happy.  Soon, Nathan Strom shows up with his son, Brooke’s stepbrother, and the fireworks begin to ignite.


Nathan Strom is trying to right the many wrongs of his life.  The main one on his radar is growing closer to his hard-headed teenage son, Leo.  He joins the camping expedition to begin the process, but soon finds that his growing attraction to the woman, whose ex cheated with his then wife, may just be the cherry on top of his new start on correcting his mistakes of the past.  As the four embark on a trek through the wilderness, learning about life and letting go of some pain, Brooke is taken, and Nathan must step up to be the hero.


Backwoods was a thrilling endeavor that showed some complexities of the characters as they made realizations about one another and learned to look past mistakes from their past.  I was rooting for Nathan from the beginning, because he was a man who set aside that all-important pride to get back what was so much more important in life in Backwoods.  I also enjoyed the fact that Jill Sorenson didn’t attempt to ram a cheater down the readers’ throats as someone that changed their spots because, in the end, that character stayed true to their selfish selves in Backwoods.


The chemistry between Nathan and Abby was combustible, and I completely agreed with Brooke in what they should do.  However, I’m glad that they weren’t looking to make it all about someone else, but reacted more to what was best for themselves in their situation in Backwoods.


Abby showed that she was the complete package parent in Backwoods, willing to do whatever she could to see a positive outcome.  However, she did have me teetering on the edge of my seat when she started to go the route of “child first” before endeavoring on seeking her own happiness in Backwoods.


Backwoods showed the flaws in the main characters as the author delved into their personas, making them more identifiable to the readers.  Nathan and Abby weren’t larger-than-life characters, but every day run-of-the-mill people who made mistakes and were looking to right the wrongs of their pasts as they set aside their pride and selfish desires by placing others before them in Backwoods.  I Joyfully Recommend Backwoods because a second chance at happiness was found amongst the rubble of destroyed relationships brought about by other forces, and I just completely loved Nathan Strom!


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