BEYOND THE DARKNESS by Jaime RushBeyond the Darkness by Jaime Rush
Series: Offspring #5
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by HarperCollins

Reviewed by Miranda

They live ordinary lives,but they are extraordinary.They are the Offspring,children of a mysterious experiment gone awry—and they are in terrible danger. Cheveyo: a name that stirs Petra like no other, reviving deep feelings of pleasure . . . and pain. Despite her rare psychic gifts,the beautiful half-human Offspring doesn’t know why the magnificent shapeshifter walked out of her life when the bond they shared was powerful . . . and intensely passionate.But Cheveyo is not gone. From the shadows, he watches over his beloved, determined that the malevolent enemies he hunts with fang and claw will not invade her world. But now, suddenly, the stakes are getting higher—as an insidious evil plots the destruction of Petra’s race. Cheveyo can remain hidden no longer from the lover who completes him but could destroy him . . . if his own inner darkness doesn’t destroy her first.

Petra Aruda is feeling rather lonely lately. Everything should be peachy considering it appears her and her family of Offspring are finally safe from the evil that has been stalking them. When Petra looks around she sees her friends and family paired off; each couple more romantic and happy than the rest. They all have what Petra wants love and a family of her own. There is only one person that Petra has ever had those feelings for and he disappeared from her life after saving it. 

Cheveyo follows Petra from afar. He’s been a part of her forever but knows that his life is too dangerous for her. Cheveyo is a hunter. He has trained his whole life to hunt down the bad things that skulk around in the dark harming humans. It is what he was born to do just like his father before him. The last thing he needs is to put a target on the back of the woman he loves. It takes every disciplined cell in his body to stay away from Petra and she doesn’t make it easy.

Pope has helped the Offspring in the past, but now that he has landed in trouble himself he comes to Petra for help. Well, he needs protection and the only one that can give him that is Cheveyo. Petra gets Pope and Cheveyo together but unfortunately doesn’t get out of this without putting that target Cheveyo’s feared on her back. With Pope and Petra in need of his protection there is only one thing Cheveyo can do; take out the enemy before it gets anywhere near Petra. Can Cheveyo get them all out of this unscathed? More importantly can he get through this and keep his hands off Petra?

Every series has that one couple that you absolutely cannot wait to read about and in this series, for me that couple is Petra and Cheveyo. Beyond the Darkness is a pulse-pounding, heart wrenching, jump out of your seat novel. I’m an Offspring fan but this is my favorite so far. Jaime Rush kicks ass with Beyond the Darkness!! The action is top-notch! I felt as though I’d been running on a treadmill the way my heart was racing while reading. The action is not the only thing that got my heart going. The amount of emotion that lies between Petra and Cheveyo is massive. For a couple destined to be together they have such a hard time getting there. I really felt Petra’s loneliness at the beginning while seeing all her friends and family so happy in coupledom. She knows that her perfect person is out there but she can’t be with him. It’s torturous for both of them. Beyond the Darkness is a killer journey that pairs one scorching couple with dastardly danger. Petra and Cheveyo sizzle, Beyond the Darkness should not be missed!!

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