BOUND TO THE WARRIOR KING by Maisey YatesBound to the Warrior King by Maisey Yates
Genres: Contemporary
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Published by Harlequin


Tarek al-Khalij has inherited the title of King—a title he had no wish to hold, and one that the warrior is ill equipped to handle.  He has lived his life as a sword, and he doesn’t really do emotions.  Tarek is blunt and to the point; he can’t fully handle the position of title on his own.


Pale innocent-looking Dowager Queen Olivia longs to be of some use to her in-laws’ family as she has nowhere to go.  Hating to be alone, she presents herself for a possible political alliance with Tarek.  She believes she can smooth the sharp edges of the weapon known as Tarek.  However, she never dreamed the hold that Tarek has on himself, let alone the past that shaped him into the warrior he has become.  Will these two unravel that which hinders them in their growth, or will they tear one another apart?


Maisey Yates has written a sizzling, chemistry-laden tale of romance that starts your pulse racing and your heart aching!


Bound to the Warrior King explores depths and character traits that all heroes should have ingrained within them.  Tarek was all that and that proverbial bag of chips!  I found myself slightly jealous of Olivia, even though I have to admit she was perfectly matched to the warrior.  Olivia was the only one that could temper him, and round Tarek as she did in Bound to the Warrior.


Tarek and Olivia both suffered from similar pasts, but in different ways.   Olivia had settled for so much less in her first marriage in order to keep that one piece safe, but with Tarek, she would open up more in Bound to the Warrior King.  She was willing to risk herself for him because of the way he looked at her in Bound to the Warrior King.


Tarek was a refreshing change from the everyday HP playboy who has become somewhat of a doorknob—everyone gets a turn! He has control of himself in Bound to the Warrior King, but Olivia tests his control, and he finds that being with her isn’t really a duty at all.  Olivia brings this warrior to his knees, and that is something to show the depth of this man’s emotions, emotions that he didn’t think he was capable of in Bound to the Warrior King.


I found Tarek and Olivia’s love story incredibly romantic, moving, and just plain fun to read, so I therefore Joyfully Recommend Bound to the Warrior King.

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