ON BROKEN WINGS by Chanel Cleeton

ON BROKEN WINGS by Chanel Cleeton

ON BROKEN WINGS by Chanel CleetonOn Broken Wings by Chanel Cleeton
Series: Wild Aces #3
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group


On Broken Wings is the third book in the Wild Aces series by Chanel Cleeton and to say I have been waiting for this one since the first book, Fly With Me, is putting it mildly. To get the full effect of their story I recommend reading this series in order because Easy and Dani’s story starts in book one even though things don’t happen until book three and heads up ladies you will need a box of tissues next to you when reading On Broken Wings.


It’s been a year since Dani Peterson lost her husband and after taking some time to grieve she is ready to make a fresh start and the beginning of that is to get the house they shared for a decade in selling order. While at the paint store picking out colors, Dani realizes she knows nothing about what to do or what to get so it’s a good thing when Alex “Easy” Rogers comes to her rescue and offers to paint before he is deployed again. While spending more time together Dani is starting to feel things she thought had been lost and buried with her late husband but is she ready to move on or will she let what might be a good thing pass her by?


Easy has been in love with Dani from the first moment he saw her only to find out she was married to his squadron commander, Joker. In hopes to get over Dani he has participated in many one night stands, but getting over her isn’t as easy as he thinks. After Joker passes away he wants to help Dani with anything she needs but hiding his true feelings for her is getting harder and harder and he knows she will never see him the same way. With his deployment nearing its time to see if maybe she could feel the same and after a few heated kisses, Easy knows that she has always been the woman for him, but will she be there in three months when he returns?


Once I started this story I couldn’t put it down, I had to know what was going to happen with Dani and Easy. From the beginning they came off as best friends and Easy was always there for her no matter what the situation. Ms. Cleeton delivers an emotion packed story that had me in tears the entire time and On Broken Wings was worth every drop.


Both Dani and Easy are both working on their grief in different ways and my heart really broke for these two. I really wanted them, no needed them, to find happiness once again and heal together. On Broken Wings is a dual pov story that captures not only every emotion and feeling these two characters are going through but also highlights their bond and their building relationship. I felt Ms. Cleeton did a really good job in showing the stages of grief and how painful it could be especially when they reach the stage of wanting to move on with their lives. They both were hurt by losing Joker and Easy wished it was him instead and Dani never thought this would happen to her since her and Joker were trying to start a family. really felt for Dani and how conflicted she was in wanting to move on yet not being there just yet. Easy was such a great guy and I felt bad he was just waiting in wings and not really living his life while holding on to this ever loving flame for Dani.


In all the ways I imagined On Broken Wings turning out it was this way that I hoped for and I can honestly say Ms. Cleeton kept the surprises coming over the course of the story. Is this the end of the Wild Aces series? I’m really hoping it’s not since there are a few new characters that are introduced and they sound interesting enough that I want to know more about them. If you’re looking for a romantic story full of emotions I highly recommend getting lost in On Broken Wings.

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