CATACLYSMIC SHIFT by Tara LainGenres: LGBT, Paranormal
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Aloysius, the cat, has been a powerful witch’s familiar for centuries and has faced and overcome many foes, but his biggest adventure is about to come when he suddenly becomes human.  A human with no memory, no history and found by the sexiest vet around.  While Aloysius, now known as Alain, works on trying to find out who he is, he knows that there is something very important that he has to do but he can’t remember it. But he somehow knows what the animals are thinking and what they want.

Luke Elliott is a vet with a mysterious past who is astonished at finding a beautiful naked man in his back room surrounded by the various animals.  Even stranger is the instant pull to his heart that the man has when he can’t answer the simplest questions.  Luke knows that the usual response would be to call the cops to come and get the man and that would be that; however, Luke knows that he has to help Alain find his answers and instead takes him home.  While all this is going on, Luke is trying to find the cat the mysteriously disappeared out of his clinic.

Luke and Alain search for just who Alain is and where he came from while trying to ignore the feelings between them that are fast and intense.  Of course, the feelings take over and the passion is hotter than either imagined.  When Luke introduces Alain to a professor friend, Blaine Genneau, and his husband, Killian Barth, Alain can’t believe the need to protect Killian.  Luke’s past becomes highlighted after a night out with Alain, Blaine and Killian.  Now there is a circle of danger surrounding the four, because Killian is not just a professor and Luke had a shady job while studying for his degree.  The night that all the answers come to the forefront, Luke learns not only about Alain but also about the world he never imagined existed and the dangers of that world.  The question is will the love that Alain and Luke found survive after all the answers are over and what about Aloysius – is he gone forever and with him the strength to help Killian as the witch master?

A witch’s familiar and a sexy vet learn that even with a world full of surprises, betrayals and obligations – love will always overcome it all when it comes from the heart.  That is a lesson the Luke and Alain learn in Cataclysmic Shift.  I have wondered about Aloysius since the series began- where he came from and how he became so powerful.  I learned not only those answers but I also got to see him find his ultimate love.  My heart went out to Luke as I learned just what he had to do in order to gain his education and actually loved him more for surviving that and still able to love Alain as deeply as he did.  When Killian, Barth and others had to make the decision on releasing Aloysius or not, my heart broke with them but I should have known not to doubt Aloysius in the end.  After all, he is the most powerful witch’s familiar and it is his job to protect Killian and his coven. I absolutely loved how it all turned out so that everyone received a happy ending.  There was so much with the emotions, friendships, danger, suspense and, of course, the many kinds of love that I found between the pages of Cataclysmic Shift that I had to Joyfully Recommend this story as a must read.

My advice is to start at the beginning and read the series books in a row.  As I write this, I have no idea if I will ever see any more books in Aloysius’s world but I hope that I do.  However, I can be content, if not, knowing that Aloysius not only found his happy ending but that he found a way to continue to protect those he was given to protect.  Talk about a happy ending!

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