CHANCE THE WINDS OF FORTUNE by Laurie McBainChance the Winds of Fortune by Laurie McBain
Series: Dominick Trilogy
Published by Sourcebooks Genres: Historical
Source: Reviewer


Lady Rhea Claire Dominick has been kidnapped by her father’s greatest enemy and is sent to be a bond servant in the colonies. She manages to escape and finds herself hiding on Dante Leighton’s ship. Dante is hunting a treasure and thinks that Rhea is there to steal information on the treasure. He has no intention of letting Rhea leave his ship and he certainly doesn’t believe that she’s the kidnapped daughter of a duke. But the longer Rhea remains on his ship, the more Dante wants her. When the time comes will he let her return to her family?


Rhea and Dante are two of my favorite all time characters. Rhea is a protected young lady who is thrown into a situation totally outside anything she knows. Dante is a man bent on revenge and doesn’t intend to let anything or anybody get in his way but he never expected Rhea to come into his life. Watching them stumble their way into each other’s hearts made Chance the Winds of Fortune a book that I recommend to all historical romance lovers!


Chance the Winds of Fortune is one of very first historical romances that I read and one of the reasons I fell in love with romance books. It’s also one of those books that I have on my keepershelf and re-read every so often. Picking it up again to review was like a walk down memory lane and made me fall in love all over again. I am so excited to see that Laurie McBain’s books are being offered by Sourcebooks so that readers who have never read Chance the Winds of Fortune will have the chance to enjoy it as much as I do!

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