CHANNELING MORPHEUS FOR SCARY MARY: Payback; Vertigo; Manikin; Tainted; Rebirthby Jordan Castillo Price

Payback; Vertigo; Manikin; Tainted; Rebirth
by Jordan Castillo Price

CHANNELING MORPHEUS FOR SCARY MARY: Payback; Vertigo; Manikin; Tainted; Rebirthby Jordan Castillo PriceChanneling Morpheus for Scary Mary by Jordan Castillo Price
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Michael is out looking for revenge for his best friend’s, Scary Mary, murder.  It has taken two years but Michael has finally tracked down the murderous vampire and he will stop at nothing to stop this inhuman killer.  However, even though Michael is very prepared to take on this vampire – stakes, roofies, mallet, holy water and all other trappings he can think of that he will need – he is very nervous.  And to top it all off, he can’t seem to get rid of this “Wild Bill” character that has latched on to him and seems bent on sticking close to Michael whether he wants it or not – to the point of horning into Michael and the vampire he is determined to kill as they set off to “entertain” each other in Michael hotel room…


“Payback” is a wonderfully dark tale that is all about Michael and his need for revenge and even though “Payback” is not strictly a romance it does leave the door open to the possibility for it.  Especially with the surprise he got from Wild Bill and Michael’s determination to find out more.  This story is told entirely from Michael’s point of view.




Michael is on the hunt again, except this time his prey is Wild Bill and Michael has no interest in killing him.  Once Wild Bill figures out that Michael is stalking the little vamp pack that Wild Bill has joined he decides that he needs to save Michael from himself and obviously from all the other vamps that wouldn’t be kind to him.  But Michael knows exactly what he wants and how to get it and Wild Bill doesn’t stand a chance and the question becomes – just who is vamping whom?


In this installment of Channeling Morpheus Michael and Wild Bill come together again in an even more explosive way than before – especially when you mix in the surprises that Michael has in store for Wild Bill and how far he is willing to go to snare the man.  “Vertigo” is a delightfully entertaining vampire tale that takes you into some fun dark places that prove just how smart Michael can be.  This time, Michael manages to turn the tables on Wild Bill quite neatly, while dealing a hefty dose of explosive sex between both men leaving you eagerly reaching for the next book in the series.  This story is told entirely from Wild Bill’s point of view.




Michael is in trouble – he finally found the vampire he has been hunting and has lured her to take him as one of her toys, but his usual weapon of roofies isn’t working quite as well as he expected.  And once Michael finds himself bound, with a passed out vampire behind him he begins to understand that what he does is much more dangerous that he ever thought.  But quite unexpectedly Wild Bill shows up to save the day – but will he stick around this time or will Michael end up alone again?


“Manikin” is a read that takes us into Michael’s mind and also gives an eye-opening view into Michael’s stuttering relationship with Wild Bill and how he thinks of vampires in general.  This time Michael is revolted by what he does, yet believes that he is on a mission that must be completed – but how does Wild Bill fit into it, being a vampire himself.  This story is told entirely from Michael’s point of view and reveals quite a lot about Michael himself and his uncertainty about Wild Bill.




Michael is once again on the hunt, but this time not for a bad vampire.  The bonus is that he has managed to have Wild Bill stick around for several months, which seems to be working out fine for both of them, until now.  This time Michael wants to visit a Doctor that counts himself as a vampire expert to ask some questions.  And while Wild Bill isn’t really wild about the idea he will trail along with Michael because, really, how could he let such sweet piece of vampire candy go?


“Tainted” will take you for a ride that will leave everything you have come to take for granted about Wild Bill and vampires as so much smoke and mirrors and turn it upside down.  As in previous installments the point of view of the narrator switches back to Wild Bill and we get a deeper glance into the way he thinks about himself and Michael.  We also get quite a revelation about Michael that turns both men’s view of their relationship to a place that couldn’t have been expected.




Wild Bill has finally convinced Michael he should at least let his family know he is alive after disappearing two and a half years ago.  However, the reception Michael gets when he showed up on his mother’s doorstep wasn’t what he was expecting – not that Michael had a clue what to expect.  So heart-bruised Michael walks away and Wild Bill tries to soothe him – until Michael finds a vampire community that just might be the hodgepodge family they need…


“Rebirth” is not really the end of the journey of Wild Bill and Michael, but it does offer a satisfying conclusion to this dark romance that has had more twist and turns that anyone could have expected these two men to endure together.


Channeling Morpheus is a series that truly demonstrates the talent of Jordan Castillo Price as she takes both Michael and Wild Bill into uncharted territories of darkness within themselves and each other, yet she still manages to shine a light on their humanity and vulnerabilities.  As usual Jordan Castillo Price deftly utilizes sarcasm, dark wit and self-deprecating humor to bring to the surface the truth of her characters foibles, vulnerabilities and struggles to come to terms with who they are.  Channeling Morpheus is a wonderful series that I recommend that be read in order and closely together in order to keep the “feel” that Jordan Castillo Price slowly builds in order to understand how Michael and Wild Bill really work together and to keep the heat on high that the men generate every time they come together. Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary is an excellent read with plenty of hot sex, blood play and dark vampire vibes that will entrance you from the first page until the last.  Pick up the Channeling Morpheus series when you are in the mood for subtle humor, sharp wit with a hint of sarcasm and hot man-love!


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