Charmer in Chaps by Julia London

Charmer in Chaps by Julia London

Charmer in Chaps by Julia London
Charmer in Chaps by Julia London
Princes of Texas #1

A Texas Prince Meets His Match...
Cimarron County knows the youngest son of the fabled Prince family as a womanizing hell-raiser, but Luca has changed and he intends to prove it. There's just one problem—a woman with sparkling eyes and more fight than a barnyard cat.
After a childhood of living in foster homes, Ella Kendall has exactly three things to her name: A dog, a pig, and the rundown house she just inherited. Luca may not remember her from high school, but she definitely remembers him. He is as seductive as he was then, but Ella isn't about to fall for his flirting. She recognizes a playboy cowboy when she sees one.
Luca knows Ella has learned the hard way to trust no one but herself. Yet the closer he gets to Ella, the more he wants to be the only one she leans on. Because Ella is the only woman for him, and he wants to be the man who finally gives her the home she truly deserves.

Ella Kendall’s life has been one of hardship. Her mother’s in prison and she bounced from foster home to foster home throughout her youth.  But Ella finally has a place to call her own.  Her grandmother left her a small home in the middle of the vast acreage known to belong to the infamous Prince family. Ella is quite familiar with the Princes’ from the outside.  After all, Luca Prince was her first crush.  She spent her high school years yearning for his attention.

Luca Prince has led a life of privilege.  He’s known as the playboy prince who loves em’ and leaves em.’ However, his life was not without difficulties.  He’s a thirty-year-old man learning to read for the first time while trying to follow his dream.  A dream no one seems to think he can accomplish.

Ella and Luca crashed into each other’s life with intense passion.  Will they be able to fall in love when neither has ever felt it before? 

Julia London’s The Charmer in Chaps is a sweet and sexy southern romance filled with interesting characters, sensitive storylines and a heady love story. I enjoyed taking this journey with such complex characters as Ella and Luca.  Ella has a wall around her heart and Luca has never tried to have a relationship before.  They are both in unsteady waters trying to maneuver without getting hurt. Unfortunately, the thing about love is if it can’t hurt you in some way it’s not worth it.  I feel like these two went to war with self-doubt and many other insecurities.  It was beautiful to watch as these two learned how to love themselves and each other.

The Charmer in Chaps is a heartfelt read that will leave you sighing with happiness and wondering what will happen next with these unique characters. I Joyfully Recommend The Charmer in Chaps!

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