CRIMSON DEATH by Laurell K. Hamilton

CRIMSON DEATH by Laurell K. Hamilton

CRIMSON DEATH by Laurell K. Hamilton
Crimson Death
by Laurell K. Hamilton

Series: Anita Blake #25
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher

U.S. Marshall Anita Blake discovered her gift as a necromancer very early on in life.  As a young child she mourned the recent death of her pet dog, went to bed one night and woke the next morning to find the dead and buried animal curled up at the foot of her bed.  Anita is considered by many to be the most powerful necromancer of all.


The vampires call her The Executioner and recently added the title War to her reputation.  Complicating matters between the human and paranormal population is her relationship with Jean Claude, the vampire Master of the City of St. Louis and now the vampire King of America.  And Jean Claude isn’t the only man in her bed.  There is also Nathaniel a wereleopard, Micah the wereleopard leader or Nimir-Raj, and Nicky a werelion, and several others.  Lastly, there is Damian, her vampire Servant which is completely unheard of.  Anita is well aware that her working life and romantic relationships could fry the brain.  Literally her cup runneth over and her plate is way too full with men and monsters and more.


Anita and her lovers are trying to figure out an issue with Damian when she receives a call from the man vampires call Death, good ole boy Ted Forrester, aka Edward.  He needs Anita in Ireland right away, a country thought to be without vampires.  Apparently there’s one on the rampage indiscriminately killing and making newborn vampires every night.


Arguing with authorities who have a problem with her kill count while trying to figure out who is decimating the population in Dublin has Anita and her people stretched thin.  With no rhyme or reason behind the acts Anita is scrambling for answers.  Mysterious deaths, bureaucrats, and a bat sh*t crazy vampire called M’Lady are giving Anita a seriously bad day.


Author Laurell K. Hamilton’s deliciously dark and dangerous vampire hunter Anita Blake excels with a fresh bone chilling tale.  A potent brew of sensual exploration and pulse pounding drama results in Crimson Death.  As with previous books in this series Crimson Death has an edgy intensity that permeates the character driven storyline.  Anita Blake is hands down a force to be reckoned with.  Fans of the series have watched her stumble and grow into an exceptional character, her strengths and weaknesses fascinating to witness.  Crimson Death presents a riveting tale of Anita’s relationships with Jean Claude, Nathaniel, Damian, and the rest while at the same time a suspenseful mystery slowly unfolds before the kick ass finish.  I Joyfully recommend Crimson Death. Anita Blake is simply unable to disappoint readers.

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