THE DARK VAMPIRE by Kate BaxterThe Dark Vampire by Kate Baxter
Series: Last True Vampire #3
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press


Jenner is a newly turned vampire so it comes as quite a shock when he walks into his King’s house and finds his mate staying there. Bria has been sheltered by her uncle all her life so when their coven is attacked and she is mortally injured, she is stunned to find herself turned by the King and then as soon as she recovers, faced with a possessive mate. Bria maybe surprised by the sudden changes in her life but she is more than willing to give it her all. But as much as Jenner wants to give in to his desire for Bria, he’s afraid of the darkness inside of him. Darkness that could consume him and destroy Bria. Can Bria convince him to give into her and prove he can control the darkness? Or will Jenner continue to run from his past?


It’s been a long time since I’ve read a vampire romance that enthralled me as much as The Dark Vampire. Kate Baxter has skillfully drawn me in and not only made me invest in Jenner and Bria’s story but left me jonesing for what I know will be stories for the secondary characters. How can I wait? I’ll be stalking the new releases for the next addition of this series!!

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