DARKER THAN DESIRE by Shiloh WalkerDarker Than Desire by Shiloh Walker
Series: Secrets & Shadows #3
Genres: Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press


Sybil Chalmers is the lover of Caine Yoder and has been for quite a few years.  She has always hoped that he would one day accept all that she offered him, but she has known it would be a huge gamble to have the man that was Caine forever.  Sybil knows one of Caine’s biggest secrets—that of whom he really is. Sybil feel in love with the man, and she is more than willing to fight for that man.  The question is, when the truth is more well-known in the town, will he be willing to stay and accept all that Sybil will give?


David Sutter, for all purposes, died one night many years before when he was a teenager, and Caine Yoder was born.  Caine was a hard working Amish man who could be cranky at times, but was respected by the town of Madison.  David had to disappear after the night he tried to break free from a personal nightmare. Things went drastically wrong.  Many lives were changed that night and, finally, after so many years, the truth is coming out.  But it seems like someone doesn’t just want the truth to come out, but for the members of a twisted group to pay for their crimes in the ultimate way.


David knew when he admitted to the police who he really was, that he would be the center of attention for the citizens of Madison.  But what he didn’t expect was to find that people close to him for one reason or another to also be turning up dead once he left his identity as Caine.  Sybil knew that helping David adjust to life in town wouldn’t be easy and that there would be a lot of talk, but she also didn’t expect him to become the person at the center of another round of deaths that seems to be connected to him somehow.  Not only is the truth coming out about the sick group who sexually abused boys—both in the past and the present—but by the time the answers are all revealed, the truth about the newest murders will also be resolved.  Madison had many deep and dark secrets, but now the majority of the truth is known, and it is finally Sybil and David’s time to love in the sunlight instead of just in the darkness.


A man thought long dead suddenly comes clean and, with the help of a woman who has loved him as both men, gets the justice so long in coming.  Darker Than Desire brings David and Sybil closer together and tears them apart only to have love win-out when all is said and done.  David has been hiding in plain sight for years now, and one of his only highlights in life has been his time with Sybil.  I couldn’t believe how hard it must have been for Sybil to first keep quiet when she knew about the dual identities that David had. I also felt for David as he tried to keep Sybil safe by turning away from her.  I have to say that I’m not so sure I would have forgiven him as fast as Sybil did, but I could see why he did it and just how hard he worked to make it right at the end.  I was amazed as many of the threads were pulled and knotted in this book about the many secrets that Madison had. I was also amazed by the many internal relationships that were exposed as David and Sybil’s story unrolled.  I am so very happy that so many of the destroyed lives in Madison have finally found love and happiness.  Darker Than Desire is one heck of a ride from the beginning to the end—

bringing David and Sybil together and tying up almost all of the loose ends in this series. I have loved this series, with all its many twists and turns, from the first novellas until now when David finally has his shot at happiness.


I just had to Joyfully Recommend Darker Than Desire as a must-read. In fact, I highly recommend the entire series as a must-read. I do believe that this series must be read in order to understand all of the tiny clues along the way. Remember to start with the novellas so that you understand this strange town of Madison and its mysteries.

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