DEADLOCK by Moira Rogers

DEADLOCK by Moira Rogers

DEADLOCK by Moira RogersDeadlock by Moira Rogers
Series: Southern Arcana #3
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Author
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Alec Jacobson is an Alpha wolf and the unofficial head honcho of New Orleans even if he won’t claim a title of authority for himself. Anything happens in the Shifter community and everyone turns to Alec or runs away from him as fast as they can. Alec is most commonly referred to as a jerk, but he is a titan among shifters and the man who takes in shifters who have been forcibly changed. He teaches them how to live as wolves. His past is a brutal one, it keeps him from seeking power, but his time has come and his choices removed. He must fight those in power to save the people he loves.


Dr. Carmen Mendoza comes from a powerful shifter family. It’s unfortunate that she was born only part wolf. Carmen is an empath with a human mother. Her father abandoned them when she was a child because he wanted more power. Once again her father wants power only this time he needs Carmen to get it and he is willing to do anything achieve his goals.


When Carmen is kidnapped Alec is on the case. He finds her but that is only the beginning. Alec cannot deny the pull between the two of them and neither can Carmen. Together they will begin a dangerous game of survival. Alec’s only goal is to find out who wants to harm Carmen, why and eliminate them.


The shifter world gets turned upside down in Deadlock. Change has been coming for a long time. Alec has been backed into a corner. He can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch the people he cares about be treated like pawns in a game. The time to act is now or never. Who will be left alive when the dust settles?


I am a huge fan of this series. Moira Rogers has created so many wonderful characters within the series. I must admit that I was a little bit disappointed when I discovered the third book in the series was going to be Alec and Carmen’s book. Like many I have been dying for Andrew and Kat’s book, but let me just say I was definitely not disappointed in Deadlock. I look back now and realize I would have missed out on a truly beautiful story.


Deadlock is a fantastic exciting addition to the series. Alec and Carmen are outstanding! I am so in love with Alec it’s ridiculous. Alec and Carmen are phenomenal together. They will tear the house down with the fiery passion stirring between them. Deadlock captured my attention from page one and I remained riveted throughout. There is a lot going on in Deadlock being the third in the series it may be a little difficult to understand the politics in the shifter world and you miss some details regarding supporting characters. I recommend starting from the beginning of this series but it’s not totally necessary to enjoy Deadlock it just makes it more fulfilling. The Southern Arcana series is one of my all time favorites. Anyone that enjoys novels featuring domineering Alpha wolves and the sassy women determined to show them the error of their ways will love Deadlock.

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