THE DEAL by Elle Kennedy

THE DEAL by Elle Kennedy

THE DEAL by Elle KennedyThe Deal by Elle Kennedy
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After reading The Score and The Goal by Elle Kennedy I knew that someday soon I would start from the beginning in the Off- Campus series and I am so glad the time came sooner rather than later. To be honest this is my first series by Ms. Kennedy and hands down I am already in love with it. Normally I shy away from New Adult but The Deal was just adorable and had me grinning from ear to ear.


Hannah Wells has a crush on the new transfer student Justin who just so happens to be in her ethics class but there is just one problem; Justin doesn’t know she exists. When the majority of her ethics class receives a c or lower her professor requires those students to retake the test, but Hannah isn’t one of them. After class she drops her books and no one other than the captain of the hockey team, Garrett Graham, helps her pick them up, sneaking a look at her grade. When he asks Hannah to tutor him, she says no because she doesn’t have the time but what she is about to find out is that Garrett is stubborn and won’t give up until she gives in.


Garrett Graham might be the captain of the hockey team and he generally makes good grades but after his recent F on his ethics test he knows not only will he be benched but his GPA will be in jeopardy. After finding out Hannah has gotten an A he sets out to convince her to tutor him for one week just to start. After finding out about her crush on Justin, Garrett has a plan. He proposes that they date so Justin will notice her but Garrett’s plan starts to back fire on him. Before he knows it he’s falling for Hannah, he just hopes he doesn’t mess it up.


The Deal is funny, cute, entertaining and sexy. I liked these two characters in The Score right away but in The Deal I actually fell in love with them. Garrett was smart, funny and relentless in pursing Hannah to tutor him. Hannah had a good head on her shoulders and had a sarcastic side that I really enjoyed. One thing that stood out was that Hannah and Garrett are friends for most of the book before they move into the relationship part. They talk, joke around and really do hit it off. When they both start to have lustful feelings for one another I was like yes finally they are going to be a couple but it isn’t an easy road for them. Both Garrett and Hannah have some dark pasts that they will have to overcome but if they stick together they will make it through it.


I really did love The Deal and was glad I decided to take the time to start from the very beginning. Ms Kennedy is no longer a new author to me but an author I will be keeping my eyes out for. Her stories are funny, romantic and contain characters I couldn’t help but love. I highly recommend picking up The Deal if you haven’t done so yet, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

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