DEEPER THAN NEED by Shiloh Walker

DEEPER THAN NEED by Shiloh Walker

DEEPER THAN NEED by Shiloh WalkerDeeper Than Need by Shiloh Walker
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Macmillan, St. Martin's Press

Reviewed by Jo

Time heals all wounds.Eager to put a dark, troubled past behind her, Trinity Ewing buys an old house that will make the perfect refuge for her and her young son once renovations are complete. The last thing on her mind is finding someone new…but the contractor she’s hired is an irresistible distraction—and Trinity can’t help but fantasize about all the business they could be doing behind closed doors.So does one man’s touch.Noah Benningfield thought he’d put his demons behind him. But the moment he lays eyes on Trinity, the temptation he feels is too powerful to deny. Soon the attraction between them explodes into something neither of them could have imagined. But their desire will be put to the test when a shocking local murder has them dodging danger at every turn. Can the beautiful and damaged Trinity trust someone like Noah, whose own past is as haunted as her own? The only thing she knows for sure is that she can’t live without a man who makes her feel this good—over and over again…in Deeper Than Need by Shiloh Walker.


Trinity Ewing is just looking to begin a new life for her and her young son after ending a relationship that all but destroyed her family business.  Taking a leap of faith, Trinity bought a large old house off the internet, sight unseen.  Now she and her son are in the small town of Madison and she has found that the lovely old house is really a big old white elephant, but Trinity is determined to make it a home where she can raise her son and begin that new life.


Noah Benningfield has lived in Madison for his entire life and has done a few things, including being a youth pastor, always trying to get rid of the lasting doubts that have plagued him since the night something happened in an old house in town and blood was found.  Now Noah is a contractor and his latest job is to restore the same house that tore apart his high school years.  Being a contractor is a series of ups and downs and trying to stay on schedule and Noah enjoys the game – that is until he and Trinity discover a truly gruesome thing.


Noah and Trinity have been fighting their mutual attraction from the moment they laid eyes on each other and the daily contact while working on the house has made it very difficult not to give in.  However, when they are suddenly in a cold case murder investigation, the heat between them is suddenly the least of their problems. Noah always knew that his small town held many secrets and it seems that one of the secrets that has haunted Noah for years has reopened again.  Trinity can’t believe that her house is now the crime scene for an old murder but Noah’s arms and her son’s love is getting her through the rough spots.  Things turn from bad to worse when Trinity’s past comes out just when another horrible secret is about to break in Madison.  Noah and Trinity are fighting to find the true answers about that mysterious night so long ago at the same time as their passion erupts into the open.  When the answers finally come into the open, the outcome will rock the very foundations of Madison and many of those in important places.  Noah is rocked as hard as his town is but he isn’t about to let anything destroy the happiness he has found with Trinity and her son. The question is can Noah convince Trinity that Madison really is a good place to raise her son and that their love is the forever type.


A woman needing a new start and a man trying to get overcome his past discover love while surrounded by a small town about to be torn apart with deadly and hurtful secrets.  Trinity and Noah get more than they bargained for when they revamp an old house in Deeper Than Need.  I couldn’t believe the deep internal sadness that Noah had been carrying inside of him for so long as his story rolled out.  I couldn’t help cheering Trinity on with her determination to give her son a better life and how she put her own safety on the line to give it to him.  I loved how hot Noah and Trinity came and how fast it happened and then sat back to watch them try and slow the pace down.  The suspense and serious under currents in their town kept everything on edge and me on the edge of my seat as I turned each page.  There was so much going on and more than one important story line point and yet I was outraged and wanted to give several people hugs by the time I discovered all the answers along with Noah and Trinity.  So many lives were changed forever with this book, in both good and bad ways, and yet I didn’t want it to end.  Noah and Trinity not only found the beginning of the answer that Noah searched for for so long, but they also tripped onto a huge secret that will need to be torn out by the very roots of Madison.


I want to say so much more about what those answers are but instead I will just say that if this is the start of a new series, I can only imagine what the next few books will bring.  Deeper Than Need is a kick ass book that will grab you from the first page and won’t want to let you go even when the last page is turned.  The intense suspense and blooming passion are only two of the wonderful things to be found between the cover.  I have to Joyfully Recommend Deeper Than Need as a must read and I know it will earn a place on your keeper shelf too.

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