DESIRE BY BLOOD by Melissa Schroeder

DESIRE BY BLOOD by Melissa Schroeder

DESIRE BY BLOOD by Melissa SchroederDesire By Blood by Melissa Schroeder
Series: By Blood #1
Genres: Historical, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Author
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Reviewed by Miranda

Five-Hundred year old vampire Nicodemus Blackburn does not care for London’s ton. Unfortunately, he has no choice but to immerse himself within it when a rash of murders looks like the work of a sadistic Made vampire killer. He must find the culprit and put them down before they call too much attention to vampires. However, Nico finds himself distracted by the beautiful Lady Cordelia Collingsworth.

Lady Cordelia Collingsworth has basically been abandoned by her family. She is in London working to pay for her household. She is using her ticket into the ton to research the man everyone is talking about, but she never counted on Nicodemus Blackburn changing her life forever. How will Cordelia respond to the possessive Nico and what will she do when she learns of his true nature? More importantly will either of them survive the villain determined to ruin them both?

Vampires, vampires, vampires they are fierce and they are fantastic in Desire By Blood! I haven’t been this excited about a new vampire series in a long time! I am shocked by the fact that this is a historical and I am still so in love with it. I have always been a fan of my vampires staying in the present or future. I’ve never been one to enjoy the flashbacks to a vampire’s past but Desire By Blood is simply decadent! The thrilling thing about Desire By Blood is Ms. Schroeder’s world-building. The reader gets to enjoy a memorable setting. I literally felt pulled into the era. Next thing you know I will be taking afternoon tea! We learn the basic differences between Born and Made vampires while also learning about the sought after female Carriers. I am totally intrigued by the hierarchy of this vampire world and look forward to learning more in the next book which I hope is coming very soon!

Nico and Cordelia give new meaning to the word desire! I swear I had to fan myself when these two are in the room together. The reader can absolutely feel the powerful lust between them. Nico drips sex appeal while Cordelia is a bit modest but I love how as the story goes on Cordelia becomes stronger and more forceful with her opinions. These two will be fighting and making up for centuries to come!

I cannot wait to see what happens next with the rest of these fascinating characters. Specifically, Malik and Lady Diana; it was pretty obvious these two could be mates but it is also obvious that they may have to travel a much longer and harder road to find happiness. I can’t wait to discover more about the Egyptian vampire and I just know that Lady Diana is keeping secrets of her own.

Melissa Schroeder’s passionate and poignant Desire By Blood is destined to leave a mark on your heart! It’s unforgettable and a Joyfully Recommended Read!

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