ECHOES OF US by Teegan Loy

ECHOES OF US by Teegan Loy

ECHOES OF US by Teegan Loy
Echoes of Us
by Teegan Loy

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Most people think falling in love is a wonderful thing. For Rylan Blake, love only complicates his life. After a disastrous trip home, Rylan and his best friend, Maggie, head back to Chicago to meet their new roommate, Jade Marin, and prepare for their final year of college. Love is the last thing Rylan expects when he meets Jade. But as the two men get to know each other and discover their mutual love of music, friendship becomes more. They compose songs and, at Maggie's urging, post their work on YouTube-where the videos go viral and a music producer discovers them. But hitting it big isn't always a good thing, especially when it comes with a price. When Rylan and Jade sign a deal with a big music company, they're ordered to hide their relationship from the public and take fake girlfriends. At first, it's a game, but as their fame grows, Rylan feels forced to choose: Does he stay and live a lie, or does he walk away from a life of fame-and from Jade?



Never once did Rylan Blake feel as though he fit into the small farming community where he was born.  The moment his college acceptance letter arrived Rylan began mapping out his life in Chicago and never looked back.  He was also lucky enough to gain a roommate who would become his best friend, Maggie Mae Stewart.

When their third roommate leaves and a new one join the students Rylan is instantly smitten and the feeling is apparently mutual.  Jade Marin happily turns in his ‘straight’ card for time in Rylan’s arms.  They also share a love of music, using lyrics written by Rylan, and Jade’s skills with a guitar to entertain Maggie in their basement.  She talks them into putting their music on YouTube where they become an unexpected hit.

The lovers gain a following and begin playing clubs in the city.  Soon after a music producer from Hollywood comes calling.  The record deal they’re offered is lucrative and heady.  The only negative stipulation – they hide their relationship.  At first it’s not a problem because they are busy in the studio, but once they hit the road it begins to wear on them, especially Rylan who’s never before hidden his sexual preferences. Jade loves the spotlight and he’s willing to do just about anything to stay on top and in the closet.  At the breaking point will Rylan choose to keep the love of his life in the shadows for fame and fortune or walk away from the opportunity of a lifetime?

Emotions run high in Echoes of Us and reads like a dream.  Rylan, Jade, and Maggie embark on a wild journey that hits every button and more.  The lover’s explosive relationship fans flames hotter and higher in every consecutive chapter.   Some issues slip into place somewhat easily, but Echoes of Us is honestly heartfelt and heartwarming.  I Joyfully recommend Echoes of Us for all the excellent highs and lows these lovers experience.

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