FIRST STAR I SEE TONIGHT by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

FIRST STAR I SEE TONIGHT by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
First Star I See Tonight
by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Series: Chicago Stars #8
Published by Avon Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Dani

I am really excited that Susan Elizabeth Phillips decided to add First Star I See Tonight to the Chicago Stars series. Not only was it the perfect addition to the series but it held all the same humor and the most stubborn characters I have ever read. Since it’s been a while since the last book was released I couldn’t remember if Cooper was even mentioned at some point but the more I read about him the more I enjoyed him.


Piper has bought her father’s business, Dove Investigations, from her stepmother and is doing her best to make a living from it. Her first job is to follow Cooper to make sure her client isn’t getting in over their heads with him, but after being made she can’t keep it up. When Cooper wants to hire her for his own reason she didn’t think that falling for this former Chicago Star would happen and it might be a little more work then she originally expected.


Cooper had a few injuries in his time in the NFL and they might bother him but they don’t get to him as much as Piper does. While owning one of the hottest clubs in Chicago is what he wanted when he retired, he is also looking to expand and to do that he needs some investors. When he first met Piper he knew she was a little bit crazy but she knows what she’s doing and he’s coming to not only respect her work ethic but also understand her like no one else ever has.


First Star I See Tonight is filled with humor, love and heart. Phillips characters draw you in and keep you laughing until the end. Piper and Cooper were so competitive from the very beginning and landed in so many different situations that I found very unexpected but lots of fun. They had funny banter and it just kept on going. I thought the characters played off one another really well and enjoyed that the journey to their happily ever after wasn’t an easy one, especially with someone who is out to get Cooper.


These characters were truly a joy to read about and while Piper came off as a little on the wacky side at the beginning I could tell she had a good heart and was willing to go the distance for those she cared about. She had spunk and I loved how she was just as quick with her mouth as she was on her feet. Cooper was a great hero and I enjoyed the slow journey he went on from not being able to stand Piper to starting to care for her. Everything Piper gave him, he gave back and that made their relationship not only fun and entertaining to read but showed that he needed her in his life as much as she needed him.


Once I started First Star I See Tonight, I had trouble getting anything else done I just couldn’t wait to get back to it. The only real problem I had was with the ending. While they did overcome some of their issues I didn’t feel that they were in it to win it but the epilogue did help smooth that over a bit. Cooper had some patience and fully won over Piper and not the way I expected but for this couple it just worked.


I also really enjoyed seeing some familiar characters that also helped the story of Piper and Cooper move along effortlessly. While First Star I See Tonight could be read as a standalone one might miss little past references that give you a little more insight to some previous characters. Regardless, I really enjoyed it and hope that in the future Phillips will add more to this series.

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