FLAMEBOUND by Tessa Adams

FLAMEBOUND by Tessa Adams

FLAMEBOUND by Tessa AdamsFlamebound by Tessa Adams
Series: Lone Star Witch #2
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Signet Eclipse

Reviewed by Jo

After Xandra’s nasty run in with the Arcadian Council of Witches—where she was almost killed and her boyfriend, Declan, was almost framed for it—her plan is to lay low and figure out why its members would torment the people they are supposed to protect. Declan, temperamental and protective warlock that he is, doesn’t feel so reticent. And when violence erupts again, there’s no stopping him from pursuing revenge... When a council member is murdered in a fashion that screams dark magic, Declan claims someone else beat him to it. Xandra doesn’t want to believe he could commit such a brutal act, but she knows he has a dark side—one that his former love interest Tsura understands better than she ever will. With Tsura back in town, Xandra doesn’t know whom to trust. And a killer targeting witches and wizards is still at large...


Xandra Morgan might be a witch from a royal family, but she recently found out that she has had a target on her back since birth from the Arcadian Council of Witches and they are fighting with deadly aim.  Having survived the last attempt, Xandra was hoping for some down time to just be a business owner and to come to terms with her gift, which just opened up and to find a balance with her new boyfriend, Declan, a really fierce and dark warlock.  But it seems like that just isn’t in the cards.


Declan Chumomisto wasn’t happy at first about being soulbound with Xandra, but now that they are a couple and Declan has seen just who and what she really is, he can’t imagine not being with her.  In fact, he wants nothing more than to kill each and every one of the Council which tied them together, without thought or warning, when they were so young.  The only thing really stopping him is Xandra herself, who doesn’t want an out and out war with the Council.  However, it seems someone else might have beaten Declan to the punch.


Xandra is drawn in to a search for a missing little girl who it turns out might have close to the same powers she does.  At the same time her powers are drawing her to the dead bodies of several Council members.  The question is, who is getting past the Council members’ security and killing them in such horrible manner?  Xandra can’t believe that Declan is doing this, even if it seems like he is the only one who could bypass all the levels of security to get to them.  Xandra and Declan team up to solve the murders, even if Xandra can tell that Declan isn’t telling her something.  If that isn’t enough, Xandra gets an emergency call from home about a serious illness that has attacked one of her family members.  It soon becomes clear that everything Xandra and Declan have been working on all have a single person behind them, and that Xandra and her family might be next on the hit list.  Can Declan and Xandra find out who is behind this before they lose anyone else? Or have the spells been cast and all anyone can do is hope to defend?


Xandra and Declan found love as they defeated a Council plot to kill them, now can they keep that love as someone kills the Council, one by one, and targets Xandra and her family?  Flamebound takes Xandra and Declan on their next path to defeat those that are determined to end their relationship before it gets a chance to take hold.  After reading how Xandra and Declan came together and having a firm hate towards the Council for how they meddled, I was still a bit shocked to see how several of them died.  The very viciousness was more than I think even Declan would do, he just wants them punished for what they did.  I really loved watching as Xandra tried to use her powers to save a young girl who was being used for evil purposes.  When it turned out that those purposes actually focused on Xandra and her family with deadly accuracy, I wanted Declan and Xandra to not only find that person but to make them suffer.  When that person behind it all came to be known, I was a bit shocked and would have never picked that person or the reason behind it all.  On top of an excellent plot, I loved watching as Xandra and Declan fell even deeper in love and seemed to understand each other, their individual powers and knew that while their continued path won’t be easy, it will be a passion filled one.


Flamebound is full of deadly suspense and red hot passions with a great twist of clues that kept me guessing until the very last page was turned.  I didn’t want to stop reading from the first chapter until the back cover was closed.  For all that I have said here, and so much that I wanted to say but couldn’t, I Joyfully Recommend Flamebound as a must read and a keeper series.  This is one series that I believe should be read in order because so much happens in each book and it builds upon each book.

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