HER LONE WOLF by Paige Tyler

HER LONE WOLF by Paige Tyler

HER LONE WOLF by Paige Tyler
Her Lone Wolf
by Paige Tyler

Series: X-Ops #2
Published by Sourcebooks Genres: Paranormal, Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

JoyfullyRecommendedFBI Special Agent Danica Beckett walked away from the man she loved years ago to save his life.  She comforts herself in her work but has been unable to move on.  When grisly murders land in her territory she must reach out for help from her old boss.  Danica’s history with shifters tells her the killer is a shifter and more dangerous than her and her new partner can handle.  She asked for help but she never expected to see the man who holds her heart to walk back into her life.


The absolute last thing shifter Clayne Buchanan wants is to work with the woman who broke his heart into a million pieces.  However, orders are orders and if a shifter murderer needs to be put down he is the man for the job.  Clayne just didn’t counted on the difficult time he would have being so close to the woman that got away.


A killer wants to play a game of cat and mouse with the feds.  He stalks his prey lasciviously taunting Danica and Clayne.  Once again, Danica and Clayne must work together or find themselves on the wrong end of a shifter’s claws.  Will their passion reignite or will a killer get to them first?


Paige Tyler gets an A+ for Her Lone Wolf and the X-Ops series.  Tyler infuses sexy romance with an outstanding plot and characters that leave you wanting more in Her Lone Wolf.  I could not wait to find out about the woman that Clayne was meant to be with.  Clayne definitely stood out in the first X-Ops series book, Her Perfect Mate.  He is a very passionate and wild character and that side of him came out a lot in Her Lone Wolf.


The second Clayne and Danica are on the pages together the reader can feel the intensity between them.  It is electric and I couldn’t help but smile with anticipation. There are some ghastly scenes in the novel but they bring the suspense and keep the reader guessing.  Clayne and Danica really are the perfect team.  They have such chemistry, it’s as if they would not be complete without each other.


Her Lone Wolf’s murder mystery is first rate but it’s the emotion that Tyler weaves into the story that makes it unforgettable.  I found myself swept up not only in the relationship between Clayne and Danica but the other characters as well.  With characters like these it’s impossible not to fall in love with them all and keep coming back for more.


Her Lone Wolf is must read romance!

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