HOW TO DATE A DRAGON by Ashlyn Chase

HOW TO DATE A DRAGON by Ashlyn Chase

HOW TO DATE A DRAGON by Ashlyn ChaseHow to Date a Dragon by Ashlyn Chase
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Sourcebooks

Reviewed by Jo


Bliss Russo is the designer and owner of a greeting card company that she started with her sister, Hallsnark Cards.  Right now, Bliss is a finalist in a competition which could make Hallsnark Cards, if she can just finish her final designs in time and win it.  But it seems like the fates are against Bliss as a fire starts in her apartment and she loses everything.  The only good thing is the hunky fireman who rescued her and then went back in to get her laptop. 

Drake Cameron is a fireman who knows all about hot things and taking risks.  After all he is one of the few dragons left in existence and he is living right along side with humans.  The night that Drake rescued an up and coming greeting card designer, she grabs is total attention.  Her defiance and general feistiness leads Drake to once again break the rules to help her out. 

Bliss can’t get the sexy fireman out of her mind and goes to thank him, only to find out he got in trouble for helping her out.  Drake is torn because his body really wants to get to know Bliss better and see if their instant attraction could go anywhere, but he knows that he really should find a female dragon to mate with.  Heart and head battle until yet another fire brings Drake and Bliss back together.  Bliss can’t believe that yet another fire has threatened her designs and life.  Drake tried doing what his head said with bad results. Now, he is going to follow his heart and go forward with a relationship with Bliss.  Suddenly it seems like bad things happening surround them.  Drake’s bad date has decided to take out the competition and Bliss is on the menu, but is that the only one threatening their future together?   

One hot fire brings an even hotter passion into flame when a dragon meets his mate for the first time in How to Date a Dragon.  First off, I have to state that I absolutely love Bliss and Drake together and their rollercoaster beginning.  The many mishaps that happened to Bliss and Drake, both together and individually, had me laughing in several places.  While I could see why Drake tried to find another dragon to mate with, I could see that Bliss was the one for him.  Bliss gave me a guide on the determination needed to reach a goal as I watched as her worked on finishing her designs and fulfilled the other things necessary to hopefully win the contest, but with the fires, her new boyfriend and her family being anything but a Rockwell family, it wasn’t always an easy task.  I was really surprised by the group that came to Drake and Bliss’s assistance. I found that a total left turn but a wonderful addition to the story.  Once all the danger was over, I was yet again impressed by the last decisions that Drake and Bliss made when offered what seemed like a dream future and who made it.  Bliss and Drake knew what they wanted in their future and how they wanted it for sure.  I really hated when I ran out of pages in the book. 

How to Date a Dragon is full of spunky humor combined with the spice of passion and suspense.  I truly loved Bliss and Drake’s story from start until finish and hope that someday I will have a chance to see how they are doing.  I just had to Joyfully Recommend How to Date a Dragon as a must read and a wonderful addition to a paranormal lover’s library.  

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