ILLUSION TOWN by Jayne Castle

ILLUSION TOWN by Jayne Castle

ILLUSION TOWN by Jayne Castle
Illusion Town
by Jayne Castle

Series: Harmony World
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Hannah West is a native of Illusion Town and a shop owner.  She also has an online business as a finder of lost items due to her very unusual talent.  Hannah has worked hard for all she has, and now she is on the hunt to discover her past, because her parents were killed when she was very young.  Hannah normally never meets her clients in real life, much less go out on a date with them, however, one client has gained her interest, and she finds herself giving in and agreeing to a date.


Elias Coppersmith is in charge of his family’s R & D department.  He also has an unusual talent to find hot stones and discover their properties.  First, Elias found Hannah and hired her to locate a ring that has been missing from his family for many, many years.  Not long after she found and returned his ring to him, Elias started working her to accept a date from him.  After all, he wasn’t a client anymore.


The night of their date changed their lives, both in the near future and maybe even long term.  They woke up after their date in a hotel, married, and with little memory of what happened the night before.  Following the clues, they slowly begin to piece together the events and attack that unfolded, which led to their hasty marriage.  Not sure which of them was the focus of the attack, Elias and Hannah hurry to take care of an emergency which originally changed their date into a work event, during which they learned just how good of a team they really are.  Their teamship will be important as they return to Illusion Town only to discover that Hannah was the focus of the original attack, and she is still in danger.  Elias isn’t about to let anything happen to Hannah and they once again work together to discover just what and who is behind the attacks on Hannah.  While hunting those answers, Elias and Hannah are quickly learning that the curious interest that led to the date is fast becoming a passion as hot as the stones that can be found in Harmony.  Answers are coming fast and furious now, but will they find the last one in time to save Hannah from a killer from her past?


Harmony is a wondrous world anyway, but even natural wonders must step aside for the human need to play and gamble hard.  That is exactly what Illusion Town is on Harmony (think Las Vegas).  It is in this surrounding that Elias and Hannah discover each other, unmask a killer, and find a passion that leads to a deep love.  I had to giggle as I watched Hannah and Elias wake up to find themselves married and with no memory about the night before.  Then again, when you are in a place known for playing hard and fast easy marriages, it could happen.  I really enjoyed watching as they learned exactly what had them entering into their marriage.  I also loved following along as they defeated not one or even two groups out to stop them, but also a mastermind that was behind more than just the danger to Hannah.  Of course, I fell for Hannah’s dust bunny friend—because, Hello! It is Harmony.


Illusion Town is a fast-paced story filled with suspense and danger with equal parts of humor and passion.  I have loved all of the stories based on Harmony and this new sub-series in the world was no exception.  I can’t wait to learn even more about this fantastical area of Harmony and those who live there.  The intriguing plot and characters and this new part of a well-loved world is why I’m Joyfully Recommending Illusion Town as a must-read.

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