IN HIS KEEPING by Maya Banks

IN HIS KEEPING by Maya Banks

IN HIS KEEPING by Maya BanksIn His Keeping by Maya Banks
Series: Slow Burn #2
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Avon


Arial Rochester has known she was different since she was a small child and has tried her entire life to keep her differences a closely-held secret.  Arial is one of the people who was born with extremely strong psychic abilities.  As the only child of a very wealthy couple, Arial knows that she has a bigger chance than normal of being a target if her abilities come out.  Now grown up and at her first job and living on her own for the first time, Arial is loving her first experiences of freedom.  However, after an attack which made Arial use her abilities to save herself goes viral online, Arial turns to her rocks—her parents.  That viral video will turn Arial’s life inside out and upside down before it’s all over.


Beau Devereaux is one of the Devereaux children and one of the heads of Devereaux Security.  Beau and his siblings have done everything they can to put their parents’ reputation and business associates behind them and have a thriving and well regarded business now.  Beau was unusually drawn to a video showing an attack on a young woman, and he can’t figure out why exactly. With so many demands on his time with a new and busy business, Beau puts the video behind him until he discovers the same young woman in his lobby requesting a meeting with him or his brother.  Intrigued, Beau invites the woman into his office.


Arial promised her father a while ago that if she ever needed help and he wasn’t available, that she had to go to the Devereaux. Arial has no idea why her father made her promise or how he knows them.  But after a major security breach in her family’s protection, Arial is on the run and scared. Beau isn’t sure if he should accept Arial as a client, but something about her story and her body language has him agreeing to her requests. When the danger hits them immediately, Beau knows that someone is after Arial, and it seems that they have excellent sources. This is the first of many attempts to get Arial and to get rid of Beau. Beau and his team work with Arial to find out who got to her family and who wants Arial so badly. On the run, Arial is about to learn about her abilities and everyone within her scope will be affected by them, for good or bad, because Arial is ready to make people pay for what has happened in the last week or so.


Take one strong and protective man and one shy but powerful and determined woman and stir, not shake for goodness shake, and you have a story that will keep you reading until way too late into the night.  Arial and Beau not only find the answers to what is going on immediately, while dodging the danger directed at them all while finding a love that no abilities will be able to harm in In His Keeping. I will state right off that do not start this book if you have to get up early in the morning, because you won’t want to put it down, even to sleep.  I fell in love with Arial and Beau immediately, even with the footsy work going on as they first meet.  I loved watching as Arial and Beau discovered that their attraction was so much more than a minute thing and how fast they clicked. I also enjoyed watching as Arial found that she could stand up to anything, including murderous hitmen and Beau’s obnoxious older brother. The suspense kept me turning the pages as fast as could to see what was going to happen next. Actually, there was very little I didn’t enjoy as I went along with Beau and Arial on their journey.


In His Keeping has the perfect combo of suspense and passion with so many more elements thrown in to keep you enthralled.  If you haven’t guessed yet, I absolutely had to Joyfully Recommend this book as not only a must-read but a keeper that you will read over and over again. You do not have to read this series in order, I admit I didn’t, however I am going straight to my favorite book seller to buy book one because I just have to see what happened there.  I really cannot wait until the next book comes out, because I’m truly loving this series so far.

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