LOGAN’S ACADIAN WOLVES by Kym GrossoLogan's Acadian Wolves by Kym Grosso
Genres: Menage, Paranormal
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Dr. Wynter Ryan never would have thought her work as a virologist would lead to a life of torment.  For the past two months she has been beaten and bled by vicious vampires.  By sheer luck, Wynter manages to escape her torturers and is saved by a handsome alpha wolf.


Logan Reynaud was happy being the beta of his pack until two months ago when he found his friend near death begging him to become the new Alpha of the Acadian Wolves.  After countless Alpha challenges from within the Acadian pack, Logan declared the next challenge would end in death.  After this declaration, the pack accepts him as Alpha.  But, peace for the pack is shorted lived when Logan discovers malicious enemies determined to destroy the wolf-kind as he knows it.  And, to make matters worse, the nemeses plan to use Wynter to achieve their goal.


Logan’s Acadian Wolves is the fourth installment in Kym Grosso’s Immortals of New Orleans series and I hate to sound like a broken record; however, with each new read, this series just keep getting better and better.  Ms. Grosso has definitely hit this one out of the park!  The thrilling plot kept me guessing and my heart was pounding with anticipation until the very end.  I never would have predicted the villain to turn out to be who it was.  Wow!  As a secondary character, I always had a soft spot for Logan.  I was so excited for his featured story and let me tell you, Ms. Grosso did not disappoint!  The plot is fantastic, the suspense is awesome, and the romantic chemistry between Logan and Wynter is explosive beyond my wildest dreams.  I simply could not get enough of this novel.  I loved Logan as an Alpha.  He commands respect.  He is powerful, yet tender-hearted.  Wynter proves to be the perfect mate for Logan.  She showcases fierceness, courage, toughness, and compassion.  The love story between Logan and Wynter is spectacular and their sexual encounters are mega H-O-T!  All in all, a good, well-rounded read!  I joyfully recommend Logan’s Acadian Wolves!

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