TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH by Lauren LayneTo Love and To Cherish by Lauren Layne
Series: Wedding Belles #3
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pocket


The end of the Wedding Belles series? Say it isn’t so! After I started the first book in this series I just knew it was going to be addicting and boy was I right. Lauren Layne brings strong and successful women together who are charming, witty, and know how to get the job done. While their own personal love lives have been anything but successful these Belles show that it just takes the right moment and the right guy to have them humming the wedding march themselves.


In the latest and last book, To Love and to Cherish, I believe Layne saved the best Belle for last. We get an inside look at how Alexis Morgan started her dream business in a bar with a strange man, cheap wine, and good bar food. . Logan Harris had no idea his life was going to change when he sat next to the beautiful woman at the bar, but it’s about time Alex sees him as more than just her silent partner and accountant but as the man who has been in love with her since the day they met. Logan will stop at nothing to finally get her to notice him and after a few kisses Alex is finally looking at him differently so when Alex’s sister’s wedding in Florida comes up, Logan has the perfect plan and if it doesn’t work out he’s headed back to England.


Ever since the first book, To Have and to Hold, I have been dying for this one! Watching Logan pine for Alex was one of the sweetest things and at times I felt bad that his feelings were either ignored or not reciprocated. Logan came off as proper and quite but when he really started to open up and show his feelings he was just wow! I liked that he came from a family of money but took his own path the entire time and made himself successful by making investments or starting his own business adventures. Alex was a harder nut to crack at times. She was always so very well put together so when Logan started to help her unwind I think I enjoyed her a lot more.


When Logan and Alex really got their romance going I felt they had the right amount of sexual tension to balance out the chemistry and pull between them. They might have a lot in common and have been good friends for so many years but the challenges between them and getting to know each other more on a personal and intimidate level was something I really enjoyed. Overall, I just loved these two and they are in the running for favorite couple in this series.


Layne brings a fresh new look into the lives of Wedding Planners in To Love and to Cherish. Her characters are likable and enjoyable and I totally wish this series would go on forever. The romance was balanced well with the pace of the book and while there wasn’t really a huge conflict, this story just really worked. To Love and to Cherish will leave you feeling good and I’m starting a petition to keep this series going. Layne is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and that’s why I not only have to recommend To Love and to Cherish to everyone, but this entire series!

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