MAKE ME LOSE CONTROL by Christie Ridgeway

MAKE ME LOSE CONTROL by Christie Ridgeway

MAKE ME LOSE CONTROL by Christie RidgewayMake Me Lose Control by Christie Ridgeway
Series: Cabin Fever #2
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Harlequin

Reviewed by Vanessa


Shay Walker likes to hold herself apart from others, never fully opening herself to anyone or anything.  She even manages to not completely reveal herself to her many students that she tutors.  However, a chance encounter with a stranger at a bar, who becomes more than a one-night stand, soon has her dealing with things from her past and desperately trying to fill the cracks her walls are revealing.

Jason “Jace” Jennings doesn’t know how to connect to anyone, especially his teenage daughter who has only him to depend upon after the death of her mother, Jace’s ex-wife.  Maintaining his control over his feelings, he is shocked to discover the identity of his one-night stand, and so he scrambles to remedy the situation of both his daughter’s attractive tutor as well as the care of his daughter. Will Shay and Jace realize that making one another lose control is just what they need to find their HEA, or will they stick with the easy route and walk away?

Make Me Lose Control is a baggage filled, heartwarming read, that completely touched me as Shay and Jace navigated their way through their tale.  I found several scenes that somehow reached out and grabbed me, showing that some innocuous events from the past have a lasting effect on an individual’s future.  Make Me Lose Control even proved the point that an individual tends to remember the bad more than the good of situations.


The author’s voice in Make Me Lose Control was light and fun loving as each character was thoroughly fleshed out.  Jace and Shay seemed well rounded and approachable, as though they were everyday people with their own problems trying to navigate this wide big world in Make Me Lose Control.  On the surface, it seemed that Jace and Shay weren’t so different, but I completely enjoyed the fact that their circumstances, though not the same, managed to shape some of their perspectives and protective natures the way that they did.  It was as though there was different ways to end up with the same results in Make Me Lose Control.  I also felt that there were similarities between Shay and Jace’s daughter that enabled her to connect with her the way that she did in this story.


Make Me Lose Control is a story that came across as completely realistic in its characters, and the shaping of them with their baggage from the past, that it managed to tug several tears from this reader.  Because of the heart-tugging believability of Make Me Lose Control, I Joyfully Recommend this tale!

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