MARKING TIME by Marie Force

MARKING TIME by Marie Force

MARKING TIME by Marie Force
Marking Time
by Marie Force

Series: Treading Water Trilogy #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
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Clare Harrington woke up from a coma to discover her life has changed in more ways than she can count. Two of her daughters have grown into adults while she was in the coma. He husband fell in love with another woman and is getting ready to have babies with her. Not only must Clare face the changes but she must also face the tragedy that landed her in her hospital bed. Clare did the honorable thing and let her husband go so he could marry his new love but she doesn’t feel so honorable when she returns to what used to be her family’s home. As one daughter goes off to college and another follows her dreams to Nashville, Clare must find a new path for herself in this new life. The path takes her from Newport, Rhode Island to Stowe, Vermont where she discovers a new life and more people to love. 

Aidan O’Malley is the go-to guy for home redesign in Stowe, Vermont. Aidan takes one look at Clare and the home she’s remodeling and see’s what he’s been missing in his life. He has led a lonely life since a terrible tragedy scarred him. With Clare’s help he sees that happiness may be possible for him after all but will differing life plans keep them from finding their ever after?

Marie Force has worked her magic once again with Marking Time. I don’t know when I have been so engrossed in a novel. Oh wait, I do know! It was when I read the first in this trilogy Treading Water! I am so enamored by Ms. Force’s characters. I feel like part of the family. My heart breaks for Clare as Marking Time begins. She has been through so much and her peace is out of reach. Everything she had is gone and she must fight to find happiness once again. At times it seems impossible but Clare keeps fighting and I love that about her. Wouldn’t you know Clare would find someone that has pain of his own to contend with? 

Clare and Aidan are so sweet and they sizzle together. As much as I love Clare and Aidan, I thoroughly enjoyed Kate’s journey in Nashville as well! For Kate Marking Time is a coming of age story, it’s about the experience of first love and finding what is truly important. At eighteen it would be impossible not to get caught up in everything that is offered to her. I felt her heartbreak and happiness deeply. I loved all the details Ms. Force included about Nashville. Having grown up there it was a nice surprise to read about a city I love. There is one thing that happens toward the end and I totally didn’t see it coming and I about lost my mind. It’s so good I was on pins and needles for the Harrington families. Marking Time is a sensational addition to the Treading Water trilogy it made me laugh and cry and I love it all the more for it. Marking Time is contemporary romance at its best!

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