THE MISTAKE by Elle Kennedy

THE MISTAKE by Elle Kennedy

THE MISTAKE by Elle KennedyThe Mistake by Elle Kennedy
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Elle Kennedy returns readers back to Briar University in the second installment in the Off- Campus series with The Mistake. I can’t say this enough but I am head over heels in love with this series. As soon as I finished reading The Deal, I jumped right into The Mistake and never looked back.


John Logan has it bad for his best friend’s girl, Hannah. Since Garrett and her have been together John has thrown himself into endless hookups. This is junior year at Briar University and it’s almost time for him to step into the role that has been planned out since he was in high school even though he doesn’t want to. One night he decides to go and visit a friend in the dorms only to knock on the wrong door and meet freshman Grace Ivers. After spending some time with her he knows she is cool to hang out with but he doesn’t want a relationship but she was the distraction he needed to get over Hannah. After he makes that careless remark Grace pushes him away. Logan spends the summer calling and texting but when they still go unanswered it’s time to step up the plan of winning Grace back only it’s not going to be as easy as it seems.


After being humiliated with the encounter with Logan, Grace is determined not to make the same mistakes this year. While she is still attracted to him she knows nothing will come from it. But when Logan starts planning to win her back she decides she isn’t going to make it easy and gives him a list to complete for a date. Will Logan complete the list and win Grace over or will he lose her forever?


The Mistake is a funny, sexy and a little emotional read that kept me wanting more. With The Mistake being a New Adult romance I was expecting un-relatable characters that were filled with drama, but I was pleasantly surprised how real the characters felt and while there is some drama it’s not overly done and broken up with humor. Ms. Kennedy is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors with each book I read. Ms. Kennedy’s writing is smooth and she has a talent for writing characters that seem so well put together on the surface but underneath are more complex.


After reading about John Logan in The Deal I couldn’t wait to find out what his story was and I have to say I was a little shocked. He comes off as sexy, funny and of course talented yet his family situation is holding him back from what he really wants but it’s his turn to put his dreams on hold for his family. Grace was sweet and on the shy side but I loved the growth of her character. After the summer that she was apart from Logan I could see the change in her to having more confidence and her calling all the shots for once.


The Mistake has a slowly building romance with lots of laugh out loud moments and great sexual tension. One of the things I loved most about The Mistake was the list that Grace put together. Not only was I surprised that Logan took the time to do them but really put his heart into them even though his friends were gladly giving him a hard time.


While I did enjoy reading The Mistake I didn’t fall head over heels as I did with the other installments in this series but I still liked it all the same. Once again I have to highly not only recommend The Mistake but the entire Off- Campus series. The characters are fun, sexy and witty and Ms. Kennedy did an excellent job on telling each and every story. Already I am looking forward to reading more by Ms. Kennedy in the future and hoping there is more Off- Campus stories to come.

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