MOONLIGHT IN THE MORNING by Jude DeverauxMoonlight in the Morning by Jude Deveraux
Series: Edilean Trilogy #1
Published by Pocket on 2011-12-27
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Vanessa

In an all-new trilogy set in blissful Edilean, Virginia, Jude Deveraux weaves together the tales of three young women, best friends since college, and the lives, loves, and dreams that await them. Sparks are flying between Jecca Layton and Dr. Tristan Aldredge. At the urging of her dear friend Kim, Jecca put the ruthless New York City art world on hold to spend the summer pursuing her passion for painting while enjoying Edilean’s tightly knit artistic community. For years, Kim’s cousin Tris—the town’s handsome and dedicated doctor—felt a deep connection to Kim’s college “sister” Jecca, though they had met only once before; now, Jecca is swept off her feet by this strong, sensitive man in a summer of sensual delights. But when long shadows announce Jecca’s return to “real life” and the big city, the lovers must decide: Can they survive the distance? And who will sacrifice the life they’ve created for themselves to be together?


Jecca Layton needed a break from her gallery job and a revitalization of her artistic talents, so she eagerly took her friend up on her invite to Edilean for the summer.  Jecca is thinking the small town may just be the place to help her regenerate and possibly come to terms with what life has in store for her.  It doesn’t hurt that her friend’s brother, Reede, whom she has crushed upon over the years, may be coming home as well.  However, Jecca never counted on Dr. Tristan Aldredge falling over her in the dark and upsetting more than she could have ever dreamed. 

Dr. Tristan Aldredge is tired of being hampered by his looks and good manners. He just wants to settle down, but he can’t find a woman who is willing to look past the surface to his inner self.  Tris knew Jecca was coming to town, and he eagerly looked forward to seeing her again.  He was intrigued by her from years ago, but he never dreamed that she could be his destiny even though he retained a photo of her over the years.  Now Tristan needs to try and convince Jecca, the big city girl, that her life would be better off in Edilean with him, rather than chasing after the dreams that she has set for herself.  Only this could prove to be more difficult that Tris thought because Jecca isn’t open to going with the flow and letting things direct and pick her.  She prefers to force things, to be in control of her destiny.     

Moonlight in the Morning is like coming home after being out on your own lost in the cold, dark night, and finding the lights there waiting for you with the loving embrace of a loved one to make you feel all warm inside.

At first I was a little reluctant to read Moonlight in the Morning, because I thought it wouldn’t be full of angst, anguish, heartache and pain . . . I was right!  Moonlight in the Morning was full of gentle, kind, caring, love, and compassion with lots of tender moments.  Nothing was way over the top in Moonlight in the Morning, but instead rang with embers of realism throughout.

I completely adored Moonlight in the Morning.  It had me in tears in a few parts and warmed me up in others, and I thoroughly enjoyed the flirting that went on between Tristan and Jecca.  I especially loved the part where Tristan went out on a limb, risking everything he knew for Jecca and she had to realize that what she thought she wanted, she didn’t really want at all.  She learned to go with the flow, that she would be placed where she was most needed in the end.  I especially liked that Tris compromised to obtain his goal in Moonlight in the Morning.  He did something that he didn’t really want to do, but the ends justified the means . . . again!

I eagerly await the second offering in the Edilean trilogy so that I can find out what secrets some secondary characters had in Moonlight in the Morning, and to see how Jecca’s friend gets her HEA.

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