NICO’S FIRE by Sui Lynn

NICO’S FIRE by Sui Lynn

NICO’S FIRE by Sui Lynn
Nico's Fire
by Sui Lynn

Series: Elements of Love #2
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Fantasy, Gay
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa


As a secret Jesuit Inquisitor for the Pope in Rome it is Peter Judas ‘Jude’ Jamison’s duty to quietly seek out any wrongdoings by the clergy.  The recent discovery of clergy members delving into the black arts and demon summoning proves that the situation is much worse than first suspected.


Someone in power must have some idea as to Jude’s identity after a fight with demons almost kills him.  If not for the help of gargoyles Skye and Finton, assigned to Jude by the Earth Elemental Evan Halvard, the Inquisitor would’ve certainly died.


Badly injured Jude is found in the rubble of a building by a centuries old nature spirit or Daemon, Nicholas ‘Nico’ Daemarkus.  The moment Nico scents the human he knows that he has found his mate at long last.  Granted one mate in a lifetime, the immortal Daemon has no intention of letting his mate get hurt ever again.  Regardless of Nico’s wishes someone still wants to end the life of the Inquisitor who seems to be evolving into something more than human.  Keeping Jude safe may not be an option.


An amazing, well written blend of action, drama, and passion!  Book two in the Elements of Love series introduces readers to Nico’s Fire where suspense and sensuality go hand in hand with trust and love.  Nico and Jude are complex, intense characters open to mistakes, jealousy, and acceptance.  Author Sui Lynn constructs a new world where the Church is all powerful and creatures of lore ultimately offer redemption.  Nico’s Fire features heart pounding escapism in a storyline that never cools off.  An exciting, scary alter reality, I Joyfully recommend Nico’s Fire. Dive in and pray.

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