NIGHT’S HONOR by Thea Harrison

NIGHT’S HONOR by Thea Harrison

NIGHT’S HONOR by Thea Harrison
Night's Honor
by Thea Harrison

Series: The Elder Races #7
Published by Berkley Publishing Group, Sensation Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo


Tess Graham is running for her life praying she can keep away from her ex-boss who is an entity that most people fear.  Tess is now down to her last chance to survive and that is to become a vampyre’s human attendant.  While she believes that most vampyres are the worst type of monster, Tess knows that if she is accepted by one that they will protect her no matter what.  So on New Year’s Eve, Tess lines up with the rest of the hopefuls to audition at the annual Vampyre Ball.


Xavier del Torro was a Spanish nobleman who became a vampyre to right the wrong done to his family long ago.  He is at the ball as part of his position as Vampyre King’s right hand man.  He wasn’t really looking for a new attendant but something about Tess’ straight forward audition had him selecting her to interview.  Xavier knows that Tess is holding something huge from him and that she isn’t exactly excited to become a blood donor but he still decides to give her a chance to fit into this household.  Maybe by the time her training is over, Tess will tell Xavier exactly why she wants to be in his household and what she is running from.


Tess never imagined the type of intense training that she is given to prove herself and to prepare her for whatever Xavier might request of her.  Xavier is gone through the majority of her early training but when he comes back home, both of them are shocked by the intense feelings that spark between them.  Xavier decides to take control of some of Tess’ training himself in a chance to break down her walls.  Tess finds herself beginning to have feelings for the man she first thought was a monster.  When Tess decides to quit and leave in order to protect Xavier and his household, what she gets is a fierce protector that will use every card he holds in order to not just protect Tess but to give them a chance at the loving future that seems right at their fingertips.  Just when it appears that the future is bright and all theirs for the taking, a betrayal brings a deadly danger which might just end Tess and Xavier before they get the chance to explore their feelings and the love that sprang from it.


A desperate woman and a man who knows all about what hides in the dark discover that total opposites can become the perfect mates in Night’s Honor.  Tess and Xavier journey from mistrust and grudging acceptance to passion to love all while Tess is trying to learn how to be one of Xavier’s human attendants.  I discovered pretty quickly that life both as a vampyre or as one of their household is not all happiness, but more like each household is a special unit of some secret agency.  So many secrets to be discovered or to be kept where one wrong word or action could be your last.  And yet with all this underhandedness, Tess and Xavier not only found love but also the trust that allowed them to fight off the worst danger instinctively as a team.  I loved watching Tess change her attitude from when Xavier first interviewed her until she fought and would have died in order to save him.


I have always loved The Elder Races novels, I have to say the intensity of Tess and Xavier’s journey shot their story to the top of my list of favorites in this series.  I found that Night’s Honor had it all, deep friendships, danger, suspense, betrayal, toe curling passion and best of all a cliff hanger that leads into the next book.  Tess and Xavier’s book will never leave my reader and it’s a must read, over and over again, in my opinion.  It’s also a book that I Joyfully Recommend as one you won’t want to miss.

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