NO LIVING SOUL by Julie Moffett

NO LIVING SOUL by Julie Moffett

NO LIVING SOUL by Julie MoffettNo Living Soul by Julie Moffett
Series: Lexi Carmichael #9
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Carina Press



When Elvis Zimmerman and his twin brother, Xavier, received a strange and totally unexpected package from their father, the one who disappeared many, many years ago from their lives, Lexi and her boyfriend Slash agree to go to Egypt with Elvis to find him.  Usually the Zimmerman twins are in total agreement on what they do, but this has divided them.  Xavier is of the opinion  that their father does not deserve any of their time or attention, while Elvis has questions he wants answers to, and the only way to get them is to follow the clues from the package.  Of course, the timing is horrible as Xavier and Basha’s wedding is just around the corner.


After the decision was made to go, Lexi and Elvis and the fourth member of their team are caught off guard when they are almost killed by men who are after the same package that the elder Zimmerman sent.  What a way to start their journey.  Tracking down Elvis’ father isn’t all that hard, but finding him is a bit trickier, especially as the danger is ramping up the closer they come to both solving the mystery that started all of this and finding the Zimmerman twin’s father.  In order to keep mankind safe from an ancient curse, all of the team members will need to use all of their individual skills to defeat the bad guys and get home in time for the wedding.


Lexi, Slash, and Elvis descend into Egypt in order to solve an ancient mystery and located Elvis’ father in No Living Soul.  Usually it’s Lexi who is the lightening rod, but in this case it’s the Zimmerman twins and their father who went his own way long ago.  However, Lexi isn’t about to let one of her best friends go into what has already been determined as a dangerous situation without backup.  I was amazed at how divided Elvis and Xavier were on solving this particular mystery, yet I wasn’t as I learned more on how and why their father went away.  I loved how for Lexi the hardest part was telling her best friend and the person she was about to maid of honor for, that she was going to Egypt with Elvis.  I will say I was very happy that Slash went along, while I’m wondering about the fourth member of their team.  I really enjoyed watching as all four not only tracked down Elvis and Xavier’s father and managed to once again save the world from danger, this time an ancient one, while proving that good will always defeat bad when you have Lexi and her crew on board.


For anyone who has loved the Lexi Carmichael mysteries like I have, No Living Soul is a perfect continuation of the series.  If you have not dipped your toe in, then this is a perfect place to dive in—of course I’m betting you will want to go back and see just how all of the characters came together.  In this latest adventure, I seriously loved how we went back into ancient Egyptian legends and combined them with the modern technology.  No Living Soul had me guessing with every page on what would be discovered next and how they would get over the hurdle thrown at them.  By the end of the book, I had to Joyfully Recommend it because of the mystery and suspense.  And then you have the wonderful characters and how they interact.  Talk about the full deal.

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